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If you are looking for information about What is Google Discover and how to optimize your website for Google Discover then you are reading the right article.

Script Consultants has provided every information which you may require to know about Google Discover here in this article.

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What is Google Discover, and What Distinguishes It From The Traditional Google Feed?

On September 2020 Google decided to upgrade its existing feed.

This, as Google mentioned will be done by a three-staged shift.

One of those is that the users can now get information without even searching for it.

So even if the user doesn’t have a particular question in mind, Google will automatically surface relevant information.

Before we get into how Google Discover on desktop is going to be different from its predecessor, it’s noteworthy that the underlying mechanism by which Google suggests new content will remain the same for the most part.

How this has worked traditionally is this:

Google keeps a tab of your search keywords and using Google’s AI it then suggests content that you might find helpful.

Naturally, as you search more on Google and click on its suggested content, Google will keep getting better at its future suggestions.

Here Are The Key Differences Between Old and New Google Feed:

1. Name

The initial step for reinventing the Google feed was renaming the feature itself. The beloved feed will now be known as Google discover and for me, the new name aligns well with what it intends to do.

2. Redesigned UI

The second aspect that Google decided to reinvent is the visual aesthetics of the feature. Unlike Google feed, Google Discover will now suggest content cards with separate headings.

So if for example, you would like to see more food-related suggestions, you can simply tap on its relevant heading, and voila! It’s a completely different world for users to discover.

Another cool feature that will come in handy then is the follow feature, using which you can simply follow a topic of your liking and Google will suggest related content to you.

3. Updated Content

Earlier, Google feed used to be filled with trending stuff and the user experience was hence less personalized. Now, however, Google will offer content unique to the user. The trending stuff will also be a part of it but now it will be suggested mostly according to your need.

For example, as quoted by Google:

“When you’re planning a trip, Discover might show you an article with the best places to travel to. Even though the article might’ve been published a while back, but it’s certainly relevant and useful to you now”

As an advanced feature, by analyzing your search history and frequency of keywords, Google can even suggest content based on your level of experience with that particular subject.

So, if you’ve just bought a piano keyboard and have been trying to learn some easy songs, Google will surface just that and no advanced stuff. How cool is that!

4. More Control on Suggestion Cards

Another useful feature introduced in Google Discover is greater control over the suggested content.

Just like YouTube, Google Discover will now allow users to indicate whether the suggested content is relevant to the user or not. This will be of great help in keeping your discover feed clean.

5. Google Discover On Mobile Homepage

Until now, Discover was available only on Google’s mobile app but as announced by Google, this feature will now be available on mobile browsers as well.

How To Drive Traffic Using Google Discover

How To Drive Traffic Using Google Discover

Google discover feeds can be generated automatically and based on online activities mobile feeds can be easily customized as per customer needs. (You will also learn how google discover generates user feeds below in this article. So keep reading).

Google discover shows news and data regarding the topics which are in your interest such as golf or SEO. It is mainly like a social network rather than an SEO, but your history and search activity are important for giving a timely and proper feed.

Many people see customized feeds on their chrome browser in their mobile on daily basis. This is Google Discover Feed.

Google Discover is a great source of driving traffic for various websites since the starting of 2018. It is true for media and news outlets, as they get most of their bulk traffic from Google discover feeds only. Even SEO blogs gets around 150k clicks from google discover on weekly basis, still, Google Discover is quite unknown.

How To Get Your Website and Articles Ranked On Google Discover?

At first, website owners and bloggers should not spend much time running after google discover clicks unless their potential users are far along with their SEO efforts.

Many website owners and SEOs prefers to prioritize standard traffic.

Whereas, news outlets are an exception.

Optimizing your website for Google Discover is a matter of SEO that overshadows everything else related to uncertainty. The only information available related to Google Discover is the number of clicks you are getting on a page which is present in Google Search Console.

Users cannot analyse their competitors and therefore research parameters are also very limited.

It is not easy to determine how an article will rank in Google Discover.

Sometimes few of your articles do not appear in the google discover feed, even after doing all the necessary things. According to SEO, users cannot give the guarantee that “X” would do “Y”, it is just that the chances of proper outcomes increases if you are doing proper optimization.

Google Discover now provides more options to integrate it with your SEO. Your website and you should ensure that your content you are publishing on your website passes the Google News Standards. Publishing evergreen content on your website will help you in getting noticed on Google Discover.

Here Are A Few Tips On How To Optimize Your Articles To Get Ranked On Google Discover

How To Optimize Your Articles To Get Ranked On Google Discover

1. Having A Mobile Friendly Website Is A MUST

Discover is available on mobile devices only, it’s important that your website is optimized for a good mobile experience. That includes a responsive, fast-loading website that has limited or no ads or pop-ups.

In May 2021, Core Web Vitals will become a part of the ranking algorithm, so it’s better to prepare for that.

In addition, it’s wise to use AMP. One estimate states that more than 60% of all Discover articles are running on AMP. These might not be actual figures but the importance of AMP in Discovery feeds is undeniable.

2. Use High Quality Images Only

Just like most other online platforms, Google Discovery relied on images for grabbing users’ attention. It’s really important to ensure using high quality images whenever possible.

Google recommends large images to be at least 1200px wide and enabled by the max-image-preview: large robots meta tag or by using AMP. This is a good habit to adopt as image SEO. There are some plugins like Yoast that do this automatically.

3. Optimize Your Content and Metadata

Title tags and meta descriptions should give users a good idea of the page’s content. These can also be designed to attract users’ attention. This however does not mean that you are to use tactics like click-bait.

Those are strictly against Discover guidelines. Another thing that Google Discover takes into account is Open Graph meta tags.

4. Follow E-A-T Strategy

Google says that they push content that demonstrates expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

There are multiple ways to assess your site on this front.

The Discover guidelines state that you should:

Provide dates, details of authors, publication and publisher, company or network behind it, and contact information. This helps in building trust and transparency with users.

It will also be useful to use structured data. Another useful tactic can be to look at Google’s Affinity categories and looking for topics where you can do really well. These can be found in the Affinity Categories report in Google Analytics.

In simple words, you have to do everything you can to emerge as a leader in your niche.

5. Publish About Trending Topics

As mentioned, Google Discover’s new working mechanisms allows content to resurface time after time as per need. It shows content that is not just new to the user and but also new on the internet. This is why the google discover feed is full of news websites.

Thus, it’s only logical to create content that is evergreen, trending, and useful for users.

For instance, let’s say you want to learn SEO.

This being a relatively new field requires some research. By studying your search inputs, Google Discover will then suggest your articles related to SEO, How To Do SEO, What is SEO, what is the future of SEO, etc.

These contents will be not only be newly published but also contains the most latest information related to SEO.

6. Insert YouTube Videos In Your Articles

YouTube videos are one of the favorite content types in Discover feeds.

Thus embedding these into your content increases the chances of it being pushed into the feed. In some cases, it can do even better than the content itself.

Thus covering some of your content in both video and written form is a good tactic. Just keep in mind that the video clicks from the Discover feed go to YouTube and not to your site.

7. Update Your Content Regularly

Even if your page hasn’t yet surfaced on Google Discover, it doesn’t mean it never will. In such cases, republishing the content with required changes can improve the searchability of your content.

You can update your content to improve its rankings and organic traffic on SERPs.

Refreshing the evergreen content from time to time can also boost your article’s visibility.

8. Find What Your Users Reads The Most

Once your articles starts ranking in Google Discover, make a note of what type of articles are getting ranked and what category do they belongs to.

Start creating content which belongs to that particular category and make sure that your content is related to what your users are interested in.

Doing so will increase your chances of making a place in Google Discover Feed more.

9. Be Consistent

It is always advised to be consistent in publishing your articles as giving new and updated information to your users of their interests will make them read more from your articles via Google Discover.

This will improve the chances of your articles getting discovered in Google discover’s feed because according to google’s algorithm, users are finding your articles and the information given in your article more relevant for them.

10. Publish Your Content On Social Media

The organic reach and engagement of your articles on social media affects the chances of your article getting ranked in google discover too.

Higher engagement means more people are reading and liking your content which indirectly will boost the chances of your article to be placed in discover feed.

So to perform well in Discover feed, you should consider posting your content on different social media platforms and for this you will have to do a social media audit also.

Proper content distribution is absolutely crucial.

On What Basis Does Google Discover Generate Its Feeds?

To be a good SEO, one has to understand how Google’s algorithm works and how does google discover works.

As per Google, they make use of the following information for generating google discover feeds:

  • User Search History
  • User Location.
  • Topics That User Mostly Read and Follow.
  • All the activities done by user on Google’s products like most watched videos on YouTube, your search activities, and even engagement with the results of Google discover.

Frequently Asked Questions About Google Discover

Is There Any Particular App For Google Discover?

NO. There is no particular app where you can get google discover feed and articles. Google Discover is integrated with the existing Google App for mobile devices. The Discover feed will also be available on Google’s homepage in your mobile's browser.

Is Google Discover Available On The Desktop?

As of now, we are unaware of any such plans of Google. The Google Discover feed is exclusively available on mobile devices only.

Do We Have To Pay To Get Google Discover On Our Mobile?

NO. Google Discover is totally free for all and anyone having the Google Browsing App can get google discover feed on his/her mobile.

Does Google Discover Shows Updated News?

YES. Google Discover is meant to show latest, relevant, trending and the most updated information to its users as per their search history and interests.

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