Best Ways To Increase Organic Traffic for B2B Online Business

4 Best Ways To Increase Organic Traffic for B2B Online Business

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Managing marketing strategies for B2B and B2C business is different, so does increasing the organic traffic for your online business. You need a different approach on how to increase and maintain it.


It could take a few months for the B2B customers to reach a decision-making stage, unlike B2C customers who are typically more impulsive and able to do a quick purchase. To reach a decision-making stage, they would do more research, dig more information, and they have to get through some approvals from different departments.

That’s why the strategy to increase organic traffic for your B2B online business has to be different from those that can appeal to individual customers.

If you’ve recently started your B2B company of online business, you may have wondered how to increase organic traffic for your B2B online business. According to statistics, one of the biggest challenges for B2B online businesses is to produce high-quality traffic and over 90% of web pages get zero organic search traffic from Google.

Organic traffic implies to people who stumble across your website without clicking on ads. While investing in advertisements is also a great tactic, but it’s going to be hard for businesses who have just recently begun their journey, they might not have enough budget to invest in ads.  

How To Increase Organic Traffic For B2B Websites?

There are also a lot of other factors that search engines consider when they’re considering where to rank a page. In this guide, we’ll guide you on how you can implement these steps so you don’t fall into the 90% category!

1. Publish High Quality Content and Articles

These days, people will find solutions online. Before you create high-quality content for your blog post, you can research what your ideal buyers usually look for on social media and jump into online forums to gather more information before creating relevant content for them.

You can write a helpful article that answers their questions and include a comments section where you can engage with them to build relationships and trust.

The key to increasing organic traffic for your business is to post keyword optimized articles consistently. This also helps to brand your B2B business as an expert in the market.

If you have no idea how to start doing content marketing, just start by making a blog. Create your blog at a content management system (CMS) website, such as Squarespace or WordPress.

Keep your blog content informative and limitless and repurpose your content to different formats, such as videos or infographic to appeal more to the audience.

2. Boost Your Organic Traffic With SEO

Another important step is to boost your search engine optimization. An average person conducts 3-4 searches in one day. This is an opportunity for your business to be noticed and convert your potential customers in high paying leads.

Create good pieces of contents that are search optimized. SEO, well defined content marketing strategies and marketers play a big role for businesses who want to increase organic traffic, it helps your website rank higher on Google results page.

Here are a few tips that you can focus on:

  • Ensure to utilize relevant keywords to your brand and industry.
  • Cover all types of content which are related to your niche.
  • Always insert relevant authority external links to your industry.
  • Have detailed meta descriptions.
  • Define a customized link building strategy for your website.
  • Start doing guest blog posts on other websites with higher domain authority and insert links to your website in the posts.

Once things are on track, you can start monitoring the SEO performance to get a better understanding of what you need to improve by checking all the search queries from Google Webmaster.

3. Experiment With Photos and Videos

Jeff Bullas stated that posts with photos achieve 94% more views. This is why you need to experiment with different formats to increase organic traffic for your online business. You can post a photo to support your article.

Here are a few tips that you can try:

  • Start by including search phrases as the photo names.
  • Divide the words using hyphens.
  • Add relevant keywords to describe the photo.

Aside from photos, you can also use videos to attract more audience. You can try using YouTube since Google owns YouTube, Google is more prone to suggesting relevant videos for the audience in the organic search results based on a query.

You can also try other platforms like Facebook and Twitter to generate organic traffic. Just remember to be consistent in creating and publishing helpful videos that people can relate to.

4. Word-of-Mouth Marketing

You can make an incentive program for existing customers who can refer people to try your product or service. People tend to trust the people they know once they’ve tried the product or service. They will also seek more information about you on search engines which will bring you more organic traffic.

How To Maintain Organic Traffic On Your B2B Website?

We’ve discussed how to increase organic traffic, but how can we maintain organic traffic?

1. You Need To Ensure Your Website’s Speed

Ensure your pages can load as fast as possible, at least it has to load less than three seconds. If it takes too long to load, it’ll only increase your bounce rate where people will only stay at your site for a few seconds and then leave.

2. Create A Mobile Friendly Site

Creating a mobile-friendly site that’s compatible with smartphones is vital. A lot of people are looking for information while they’re on the go, commuting, and waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

You could lose a lot of visitors if your website isn’t optimized for smartphones. Smartphones account contributes to half of all B2B queries, it’s why Google’s algorithm uses mobile-first indexing, which means your website is ranked based on the mobile version rather than the desktop one.


These steps and considerations can help you increase organic traffic whether you’re just starting an online business or not and it’s totally free! It can also increase your business sales if you hit the right target audience.

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