What are the copywriting rates in Singapore?

What are copywriting rates in Singapore?

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What should be the copywriting rates in Singapore? That would be the first question that comes to your mind when you are looking to outsource your copywriting. Are the cheapest rates always the best? It is easy to think so especially when you are just hiring someone to write. How hard can it be and why should you pay more when you can pay less? Such fallacy is common as it is difficult to see the value of a copywriters’ work.

Copywriting is an art, much like programming. You are hiring the skill of language. Expert copywriters are able to make every word count. They can tweak their content to appeal to audiences whilst being able to stay optimised for search engines if it is online.

Modern-day readers have an extremely short attention span and can be very demanding readers. Professional copywriters have also evolved to match the demands. This is compounded by the need to ‘stuff’ your content with relevant keywords to optimise it for search engine rankings (SEO).

If it were easy, everyone would be a copywriter. So is hiring a copywriter cheap? It depends.

The Rates?

Let’s take a look at how most copywriters charge their rates.

  1. Cost per hour
  2. Cost per word
  3. Cost per post/page

Rates per page usually range from $80 – $100+ depending on the skill of the writer and the scale of the research needed beforehand.

While it may seem straightforward, cheaper is not always the best. There are other factors influencing how a freelancer charges his services.

Amount of time needed and spent

Every write-up needs a brief background idea of the topic. Freelancers often cater to specific topics of writing due to their expertise of experience in it. The more familiar the writer is with the topic, the less time he may need to do additional research. This can mean less time spent on a single project. However, writers with authority on certain topics may charge higher e.g.: technical writers specialising in engineering.

For novice writers, a lot of time could be used on editing and redrafting the content.

Copywriting rates consideration 1: Experience of a writer

This seems obvious, but often a factor ignored in the gig economy. If you are good and an expert, you will definitely charge higher rates for your services. The higher price comes along with a higher quality of content. The difference between an expert and novice is drastic.

This goes to online content as well. Copywriters need to conform to certain rules both legal and imposed by the search engine ranking system to craft good content. So while a novice may fall into the rabbit hole of stuffing keywords, an expert will most likely be able to make the article flow naturally, appealing to readers. Having engaging content to human readers have been shown to improve conversion rates.

After all, the whole point of online marketing and copywriting is to promote and sell something to humans, not robots.

Copywriting rates consideration 2: Scope of the project

While copywriters can be hired on a piece by piece basis, most companies find it more worthwhile to hire on a project basis. This can drive up the rates which writers charge. Taking on a project of huge scope would require more time and dedication as well as expertise in working in the macro-level. Freelancers who fit the bill are veterans in copywriting with years of marketing experience and so the price is quite high.

Companies who need to conduct marketing campaigns, in the long run, may need more than just a single copywriter (it is common for companies to hire marketing agencies instead of individuals).

In Singapore, most freelancer copywriters have years on experience to be able to make the cut as a freelancer. Hence, don’t be surprised by the high rates they charge.

Even though the rates are higher, they have credentials to back it up. Writing effective content is key in online inbound marketing. If your business depends heavily on it, then you should be at least willing to hire the best copywriters. Cheaper does not mean value for money!



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