How To Conduct A Social Media Audit

How To Conduct A Social Media Audit In 2021

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To create a bold presence of your business on all major social media platforms you should know how to conduct a social media audit for your business and then create a social media strategy which will boost your business on social media.

The best part about these social media audits is that it helps in giving you the actual scenario of what users on social media are looking for and what your competitors are doing.

Through a good social media audit any business can assess its growth opportunities and see what effective measures should be taken to enhance the progress.

But first let us tell you what social media audit acutally is.

What Is A Social Media Audit?

Social Media Audit is a step by step process using which you can predict the growth of your business on all major social media platforms and what all steps can be taken to improve the graph of your growth.

There are many free social media audit template available online using which you can see what all are the important steps which you should include in your audit. Along with the free template, there are many analytics tools available which you can use to check the status of your social media handles.

Apart from free analytics tools, most social media platforms has their own analytics dashboard from where you can see the current status of your account like checking the status of your business facebook page in facebook page insights section, checking the status of your instagram account under instagram business dashboard, etc.

If you don’t feel like using any template while conducting a social media audit then here are a few points which you should consider while preparing your audit report:

  1. Social Profile Basic Information.
  2. Followers Metrics (Age & Demographic Location).
  3. Interaction Metrics (Likes, Followers, Comments, Shares, etc).
  4. Traffic On Your Website From Social Media Handles.

Since, now you have understood the basic definition of what a social media audit is and what all things you should consider while doing a social media audit, let us tell you how to do a social media audit LIKE A PRO!!!

Here Are The Steps To Conduct A Social Media Audit In An Effective Manner:

1. Prepare A List of All Your Social Media Profiles

The first and the very basic step is to prepare a list of all the social accounts of your company. This will help you in finding out which accounts are active and which are either deactivated or are under review. If you are not able to find all the social accounts then you can search your company’s name on every social networks and see if your company’s page exists or not. 

Note: It is also essential to find out all fake accounts created by your competitors and destroy them as they might harm the reputation of your brand. 

2. Information On All Social Channels Should Be Updated

Here are a few things that should be updated on each social network account.

  • Profile photo and cover image should be relevant to your brand and should fall under the desired image size requirements.
  • Profile text or bio information should be impressive and filled with correct information.
  • It will be convenient for you as well as for your customers if you use the same custom nameon all social media channels. In case you are using different names, then it is better to mention the purpose of creating that handle in name. For example, one handle can be @name and another can be @name-help.
  • Don’t forget to insert the link of your website on your social media accounts.
  • Only the important, latest or top performing content should be pinned (if the option is available).
  • Try to get your company’s account verified as it will increase the authenticity of your brand.

3. Create A Social Media Audit Template

A template is highly important as it helps in creating a checklist of all important points which you have to cover in your audit.

If you don’t know how to create a social media audit template then just download an audit spreadsheet template by searching on Google. It is a spreadsheet on which you can maintain all the data of points which you need to cover in your social audit. In this way, you can keep a track of variation in the number of follower count and engagement as well.

4. Set Specific Goals For Each Network

A good idea will be setting specific goals for each social network is crucial otherwise you might not be able to know the exact status of top posts, number of followers you are getting on each platform, engagement ratio between the posts, etc. Also, setting up specific goals helps you in defining what exactly you are trying to achieve by doing an audit.

The goal can be anything, in can be related to increasing brand awareness, leads, engagement or traffic. This helps in evaluating the performance of each metric on different platforms.

5. Use Social Media Analytics Tools

To measure the performance and see the areas of improvement in your strategy, you must analyze your social handles on social media analytics tools like Sprout Social, HubSpot and BuzzSumo.

With the help of a analytics tool, you can analyze the engagement, clicks, shares, impressions, referral traffic, and much more for every single post.

After analyzing, take a keen look at the results obtained and these results will help you in deciding whether you should stick to your current strategy or define a new one.

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6. Determine The Top Performing Posts of Your Social Media Account

Identifying the best performing posts of each account will help you in understanding the what type of content your audience is liking the most and which type of content is driving sales and results to your business. The top post is determined on the basis of engagement ratio like share, likes, comments, followers, impressions and reach.

7. Create A Funnel For Your Social Media Traffic

If you are getting lots of social traffic on your site then why waste that traffic when you can create a funnel and convert that social traffic in sales.

Google Analytics for your websites allows you to determine the traffic coming from various social media platforms.

Take note and create a list of all the major landing pages where most of your users are landing and optimize those pages with CTA buttons and lead generation forms to convert that social traffic into sales. Create engaging content and keep track of your users by checking the mouse flow or heatmaps as these tools helps in determining where your user is clicking the most or hovering the mouse the most.

8. Identify The Demographics of Your Audience

Identifying the age, gender, interestm occupation and location of your audience helps in creating targetted ads for each social media platform.

Creating lookalike or custom audience is a good idea as it helps in defining which audience should see your ads and which not. Yes, it is a great part of your social strategy.

The analytics tools helps in pulling out the information about the demographics. Since this factor helps in preparing the posts which may attract your target audience, make sure that you include this in your social media management strategy.

9. Always Look For Opportunities From New Social Profiles and Platforms

Finding new social media platforms can really give a boost to your social media marketing strategy and can change your insights in a positive direction. This is why it is always said that do not restrict to just one or two platforms. Improve your social media presence by making account on new platforms as well.

Create a posting schedule and along with your current social accounts, make sure that you post content on new platforms as well. Check the performance of these posts through any analytics tool.

Tik Tok, Clubhouse, Instagram Reels and Twitter Space are some of the trending social media platforms that marketers are using in 2021.

10. Make New Objectives After Reviewing Your Previous Performance

After implementing the above steps, you will have sufficient data to perform a social media audit and create new strategies for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social platforms.

Make sure to evaluate your current strategies by doing a proper SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). This will help you in setting up new objectives and creating new action items for each platform.

Now that you know how to do a social media audit, you must start creating a spreadsheet for your audit and plan your social media marketing strategy accordingly.

Final Words

Social audit is not a one-time process. It has to be done continuously and repeatedly in order to improve the social media presence of your business and make right decisions by eliminating the loopholes.

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