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Transform Your Social Media Marketing Strategy with These New Instagram Features

Since its first release in 2010, Instagram has evolved from a personal platform for curating images to a nifty branding tool that helps businesses maximize their online presence. But, Instagram is just getting started. The company has rolled out a couple of features that can elevate your social media strategy. What are those features and […]

Here’s How to Maximize Your Content Marketing Budget

Team Script shares a few tips on how to maximize your content marketing budget strategy! Content marketing budget plays an increasingly larger role in determining the success of your digital branding strategy. In an era where customers are bombarded with intrusive and irrelevant advertisements every day, digital advertising has become less effective to generate conversions. […]

How Google’s New Cookie Policy Will Impact Your Digital Marketing

Google’s New Cookie Policy plans to disable third-party cookies from collecting user data. Experts believe this will disrupt digital advertising. What can you do to be ready for the future? Read on to find out more. The ecosystem for digital marketing and advertising may soon be undergoing a major transformation. For nearly a quarter of […]

Growth Marketing: How to Expand Your Business with Data-driven Strategies

Learn how to expand your business with Growth Marketing below! Market plateaus are part and parcel of the corporate world. After enjoying a certain period of business growth, eventually, a company reaches a certain point where its progress begins to stagnate. To break free from the market sluggishness and regain its momentum again, a company […]

Persuasive Writing: The Psychology behind Great Copywriting

Team Script explores how persuasive writing can help you create better prospects for conversions and, ultimately, better sales. The greatest thing about copywriting is that it is part-art and part-science. Skilled marketers know that there is so much going on behind making high-quality copy besides being a wordsmith. Underneath neatly structured, eloquent words in every […]

Content Marketing Trends You Should Look Out For in 2020

Team Script shares four content marketing trends that will become the mainstay of the marketing industry next year. There is no denying that content marketing has played an important role in today’s marketing strategy. And it will continue to remain that way as more businesses begin to adopt content creation as their consistent marketing strategy. […]

Create Stunning Visual Content for Social Media with these FREE Mobile Apps

Creating a stunning visual content for social media is among the most popular social media strategies for business. It is also one of the easiest marketing tools you can use to draw in a significant amount of audience to your content. As per research by Hubspot,  around 51% of the marketers are prioritizing visual content […]

Mastering the Art of SEO Copywriting

Team Script shares some tips on how to employ an effective SEO copywriting strategy. In our previous blog posts, we discussed at length the importance of copywriting to your business, and why outsourcing content to a team of content creation professionals can help you quickly scale your business growth. Now, we from Team Script would […]

Three Reasons Why Outsourcing Content to a Copywriting Agency is Good for Business

Team Script shares why outsourcing content creation is crucial for businesses in the digital era. What is Copywriting and What Does a Copywriting Agency Do? Copywriting is the art and science of writing content for the purpose of selling products and services. All the creative products we see in the advertisements and media, from billboards […]

How can SME Improve Google SEO Ranking?

 Team Script Consultants shares tips to help SME improve Google SEO ranking with these key strategies  Improving the SME Google SEO ranking is the key factor because securing the number one rank in Google search is important if you want to grow organically. It matters more if you are a small or medium business (SME) […]