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5 Common SEO Mistakes Startups Frequently Make In 2021

Our SEO team at Script Consultants has compiled a list of the most common SEO mistakes we see startups make frequently while optimizing their website. This is understandable as optimizing your digital presence can be challenging, especially when you are a startup. As Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gets complex with multiple elements, we have compiled […]

Google Link Spam Update (Everything You Need To Know)

On July 26th, 2021, Google announced about its search link spam update. Google will be employing this update in its algorithm for the next couple of weeks. It was bound to happen since many people were reportedly spamming backlinks on their websites to get better organic ranking on search engines. However, with this update, several […]

How To Write A Good Testimonial To Boost Sales?

Here in this article we are sharing some tips on how to write a good testimonial in order to improve your website performance and sales. A good testimonial can help promote your company or product without sounding contrived or pushy. A testimonial, after all, is an instance where a neutral party (usually a client) endorses […]

Why Your Website Should Have Testimonials

“If you are looking for the Best Copywriting Agency in Singapore then you can surely hire Script Consultants. They have a team of experienced copywriters who can provide you with a great copy for your ads as well as for your website.” “Hire script consultants for copywriting and content marketing” Out of the two sentences […]