WWW or Non WWW - Which Is Best For SEO

WWW or Non WWW – Which Is Best For SEO?

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World Wide Web was developed by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989. In 1991, it became open to the public. From the time of its invention, there have been two types of URLs. Some URLs contain www and some do not contain www. on Google.

We have listed out the points that can help you in understanding the benefits and disadvantages of both types of preferred domains.

The selection of www vs non-www can have an impact on SEO if you are using WordPress or any other platform for your websites.

So, read the pros and cons of both types of URLs and get maximum organic traffic for your website.

Have a look at the technical difference between www and non www to know the benefit of one over another:

The URL structures of sites with www looks like http://www.sitename.com and https://www.sitename.com.

The URL structures of sites with non www looks like https://sitename.com and http://sitename.com.

A non-www domain is commonly known as “Naked Domain” name while the www prefix acts as the hostname.

It also helps in adjusting the HTTPS site name to the name system on search engine like Google. It is also helpful in restricting the cookies for people.

If you are operating on a larger website for example on WordPress, then it will grab benefit to have a URL with www. The format of the URL may not have a significant difference on smaller websites.

You must always specify Google to index the URL so that the search engine is able to recognise the website properly. The search engine considers a website as two different websites if it has both www and non www URL.

Specifying the URL structure can solve the issue of duplicate content.


WWW is majorly not used in subdomains and almost 97% of subdomains are with non www only.

Pros and Cons of WWW URL

There are various advantages and disadvantages of choosing www in URL. You must understand them to know the impact on SEO.


  1. Using www as a prefix with the website name has been a standard URL structure for many years. They look more genuine than the non-www URLs. Users always find it convenient to type www in their searches.
  2. The www URL helps you to set the cookies of specific www subdomains. Suppose you have a name www.xyz.com and you set the cookies for this root domain name, then these cookies can be passed to the subdomain like a.www.xyz.com. In this case, the cookies get restricted to the root domain.
  3. It is more compatible with DNS. Content Delivery Networks can also be used easily. This is the reason why WordPress favours www over without www.


  1. URL with www prefix is mostly favoured by Google. The length of the URL increases because of additional www.
  2. Eventually the use of www will become obsolete.

Pros and Cons of Non-WWW URL

Websites without www in URL are also preferred by people. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of such domains


  1. You can easily type and search for without-www preferred domain. They are also very easy to remember. This makes it easy to get more traffic to the website.
  2. Because you can search for a website without typing www, there are chances that address with no www will become more prominent and links the extra attention on the static content.
  3. It is beneficial to use non-www because it has a shorter length. You can save 4 bytes of data, bandwidth and 4 character spaces by using the non www version.
  4. If you are not interested in restricting the cookies, then you can choose one with no www but then work more on the static content.


  1. The traffic cannot be redirected from one server to another as the address without www do not CNAME records. Redirection sometimes becomes important when the server gets overloaded. So, in such case, the non-www domain cannot be of any help.
  2. Internal linking will be affected if some of your internal links are pointed to www and some are pointed to non www URLs.

Should I use WWW or Not!

Now that you have got a fair idea of the benefits and drawbacks of both www and without www address, we can understand which one is better in terms of SEO.

Though there are some additional benefits that links with www in URL, you can use one without www as it has no significant effect if seen from SEO perspective as well as no major effect on search console.

When it comes to SEO, the performance of your website and good user experience can have a great impact on SEO and search console. If you are able to provide this to the users, you can opt for any of the domains.

You can overcome the limitations of non-www domains with some techniques. You can replicate the benefits of www in the non-www and vice versa.

There is no substantial difference between www vs non-www SEO. You can opt for any one of them depending on your brand, links, usability and taste.


If your website works with both www and non www then search engines will treat your website as 2 separate websites and Google Webmaster and webmasters of other search engines will index both of them which in turn will create duplicate content issues and other confusion for you as well as for your users.


The www domain has an edge over non-www if you have a large website. In case you operate on a smaller website, then it is not essential to use www domain.

In terms of SEO, there is not any major point that can make any difference. While choosing between www and non www, you can consider the size of the preferred domain for your website.

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