Importance of Meta Description In SEO

What Is Meta Description? Importance of Meta Description In SEO

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What Is Meta Description?

Every time a user searches for something, a number of results are displayed. There is a short text present right beneath the blue link which tells the searchers about the content on that particular website.

This text is known as meta description and plays a great role in catching any user’s attention. Every SEO and webmaster knows that a Good meta description ensure improved click-through rates in the SERPs.

The length of description may vary as there is no fixed length of a meta description.

According to google, it shows a description of 155-160 characters or 192 pixels on the result page.

Also, there is no particular way to write a meta description. Site and page owners write the description as per their own ways for example, some write short descriptions while some even write 250+ characters in their html tag of meta description.

Although, several site owners have faced that even though they mention a meta description in the source code, Google does not always use that and displays other text of the content available. This usually happens when the meta descriptions are of poor quality and are not up to the mark.

To avoid this, ensure that your site has a catchy and accurate meta descriptions.

Here is how a SEO meta description tag looks like in the source code of your website:

name=”descriptioncontent=”YOUR META DESCRIPTION COMES HERE” />

Reasons Why Meta Description Is Important

If you are still not using a meta description in your site or page, then you are surely missing out a major SEO ranking factor. Some users may think that meta descriptions do not count in the ranking process so what is the point of including them!

Script Consultants are giving you some solid reasons that will tell you the importance of meta description and how meta descriptions can bring a world of change to your site’s ranking.

1. Keywords in Meta Description

Using relevant keywords in your meta description will highlight your results in Google’s Search Engine Result Page. Whenever users search for a particular search query on the search engine, that particular keyword will be highlighted in the meta description in the search results.

Keywords used in the meta descriptions are highlighted in bold font whenever a user searches using that exact keyword on Google.

When users see bold keywords in the search results, they are automatically attracted to that site as it contains what they are looking for.

For example, if a user searches for the keyword “WHAT IS META DESCRIPTION” and a certain website has this keyword highlighted in the meta description then the chances of user clicking on that particular link increases drastically.

2. Visibility On Social Media Platforms

When you or anyone else shares your site’s page or articles on social media platforms, then the meta descriptions are visible in their entirety.

However, when you do not have meta descriptions for your website, the social media platforms will fetch out the first or the first two lines from the available content and display it under the meta title.

Disadvantage of this is, the first two lines of your website or article might not be able to sum up your entire content. If any user reads it and does not find it appealing then they will definitely not click on the link.

This is why it is advisable to create a strong meta description so that when someone shares it, visitors will be encouraged to visit your site by reading that appealing meta description.

3. Meta Description Is A Ranking Factor

Meta descriptions do affect the rank of your keywords on search engine.

Also, if you optimize your website and build a good meta description, it will naturally increase the click-through rates.

This will result in increased organic traffic which will in turn will affect the rankings of your keywords.

This is how using meta description tag content on the page you can increase your conversions by turning the potential customers into loyal visitors of your website.

Therefore, find out what are the keywords that are working for your site. Follow the meta description google guidelines, implement them and test it on your website.

There is no sure shot method to increase your traffic so trying and testing is the key to it.

Here Is How You Can Make Meta Description Eye-Catching For Users

1. Meta Description Length

The best character length for a meta description is said to be 160 characters which include spaces, special characters too. So, if you want your entire meta description to be visible in Google SERP to your users then make sure to keep it between 150 – 160 characters.

However, last year Google changed the limit of meta description from 160 characters to 300 characters.

Yet it is advised to keep the length of meta description short and to the point as it describe the summary of your webpage.

2. Use Call To Actions Words

We recommend including call to action words in the meta descriptions of your post and webpages to give the searchers a unique description about your page. This will make the users to click on your link and see what’s more in your content.

Click Here“, “Buy Now” and “Learn More” are some of the best examples of call to action words which can surely invite the visitors to your website and make your site appear unique among all other search results on the search engines.

3. Content of Your Meta Description

The content or text which appears to the searchers in the search engine result pages is the most important part of the meta description of your post and web pages.

Including the main keywords in the description improves the on page seo of your website which in turn improves the chances of getting ranked high on search engine.

Also, make sure to write relevant content online which describes your article or website perfectly or else a misleading text in your meta description will lower the ranking as well as the click-through rate and it is possible that search engines might not even show your page or site in SERP.

SEO of Meta Description For Search Engine

Gone are the times when website owners and content creators used to stuff meta description tags with keywords for better on page seo.

Google changed its algorithm to stop such practices.

If the content of your meta description is not of good quality or not related to your article then there are high chances of Google not showing the content written inside the meta tag and instead will show some other related part from your content only.

It is important to note that even duplicate meta descriptions can harm the rank of your website and keywords on search engines.

In case of no meta description, Google itself takes the most appropriate part of your content which describe your topic and displays a short version of that content in the SERP.

Maintaining the relevancy of your brand and creating a compelling meta description for the homepage of your website is very important but make sure to do a proper keyword research before writing or optimizing the meta description part.

Knowing your targeted audience in a better way can surely help you in crafting a great meta description which in turn will increase the CTR of your pages. Sometimes even you don’t know what strategy might work for you and this is why a webmaster keeps on optimizing the meta description copy until the featured snippet position is achieved.

Note: There are many other things as well apart from a good meta description which should be done to achieve the google featured snippet position.

As we have already said that meta descriptions should never be random characters. It should be crafted by keeping in mind about the characters length and including important keywords to improve your page’s rank in SERPS.

Always show a little creativity and uniqueness when writing the SEO meta description of your page. Also, do not forget to look out for the techniques that your competitors are using to write the description.

As we have mentioned above, it is all about trying out different strategies, playing with the length of description, including the meta title in your description, using html in description, including questions and query in description, etc to leave a deep and direct impact on searchers.

Although, The more you test and try, the more insights you will gain about your audience.

Therefore a well crafted, SEO optimised, meta description can surely drive clicks, organic search traffic and conversions to your business page.

Apart from the title, meta descriptions are the first thing that the visitors notice before deciding whether they want to click on the link given on google search page or not.

Final Words

We hope that you now have understood the importance of meta descriptions and why you should always include the meta description and other HTML tags in your page.

Be accurate and relevant to create an impact on your audience and see how the CTR of your page will go up.

All meta tags are quite important from SEO point of view and directly affects your page’s ranking and performance on google search.

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  1. Thiago
    Thiago says:

    I used to think that meta description has no importance and is only used to give users a brief about the page but after reading this article I am sure that I was missing an important ranking factor in my SEO strategy.
    Thanks for giving this amazing copy on importance of meta description in SEO.

  2. Wendell
    Wendell says:

    I used to think that meta description is not important and not a ranking factor but after reading this article I think i’ll have to update all my pages and articles now.

  3. Ray
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    Hi there, I check your blogs like every week. The topics you cover in your blogs are very much useful just like this article about the importance of meta description in SEO.
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  4. Lorrie
    Lorrie says:

    Although many SEOs says that meta description is not helpful these days in ranking but I still believe that having an optimized meta description helps a bit in ranking.

  5. Amelia Murphy
    Amelia Murphy says:

    Thanks for explaining how to create meta description and importance of meta description in a single guide.
    Highly informative and much helpful.


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