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Script Consultants is the best social media marketing agency in Singapore which provides all social media marketing services to businesses and help them in growing their business and brand name on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Grow Your Business With Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing and Business Growth goes hand in hand. If your brand or business do not have its presence on social media even in 2021 then you are loosing many potential clients and customers.

We help businesses and brands to grow on Social Media by creating, optimizing and managing high performing social media campaigns for them. Being the best social media marketing agency in Singapore, we handle social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn for businesses and brands.

Social Media as we all know has become a very powerful marketing platform which allows every brand and business to reach their users and customers and listen to their queries and take their feedbacks. This also helps in improving the brand image of a business among its users.

Is Social Media Marketing Really Effective?

Our answer in a single word is YES.

Social Media Marketing is quite effective is seen from business and branding point of view. Your customers gets to know a lot about your business through your social media postings, gets to know about your new launches, products and services.

Customer reviews on your social media handles plays a very vital role.

Also, a social media handles allows your potential customer to see if your business is still active or not, how you intereact with your customer’s queries and how frequently you answer to the questions asked by your customers.

If you are posting original content on your social media handles then there are high chances of your user interecting with your content and this is how you convert your customer into a lead.

Social Media is quite effective to B2C businesses (nearly around 59% leads are generated from Social Media) and to B2B businesses (around 45% leads are generated from Social Media).

Here are the top 5 social media platforms on which you should definitely develop your business presence:

  1. Facebook (It covers almost 90% of all social media marketing campaigns).
  2. LinkedIn (It covers 84% of all social media leads for your business).
  3. YouTube (It is the best video publishing platform from where you can show your products in real to your customers. 80% of businesses generates quality leads from YouTube).
  4. Twitter (78% of businesses are present on Twitter and it is widely used to give your business a Brand by trending your Brand Name Hashtag on Twitter).
  5. Instagram (56% of business are present on Instagram and this social media platform is mostly used by social media influencers, photography related niche businesses, clothing and food related businesses).

Why Social Media Marketing Is Important For Your Business?

In today’s world, over 3.6 billion people are using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora and many other. This is the main reason why social media platforms have become the best and the most important place to market businesses and products.

Social media platforms helps businesses to connect with customers and users, increase awareness about their brand, services and products, increase their leads and products sales. The best part about social media is that you can start it anytime without much hassle.

Also, if you are thinking that your brand will get millions of followers and subscribers in few months only and than only your brand is successful on social media then you are wrong. It takes time to build your brand’s image and reputation on social media, get followers, likes, subscribers on your social handles.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing will help you in growing your business online on Facebook. We will help you in growing your facebook page by creating high quality content and graphics for the post. You can even grow your business by running facebook ads for your target audience.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing is done to make a good brand image of your business in front of professionals and other business as LinkedIn is mostly used by business professionals and individuals. With proper LinkedIn Marketing you can get many high quality leads and clients for your business.

Twitter Marketing

With proper Twitter Marketing you can even get your brand name and hashtag in the trending section of Twitter. Twitter is used by over 192 million of users. Running twitter ad campaigns can let you generate many high quality leads and clients for your business.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing is one of the most widely used social media platform. Here you can post images, videos, short videos, reels and much more. You can generate heavy traffic for your website through Instagram ads. You can even go for instagram influencer marketing for good results and reach.

Why Should You Hire Us To Do Social Media Marketing For Your Business?

If you are thinking that doing social media marketing is quite easy and all you need to do is just post on your social media handles and run a few ads then you are wrong. It requires a lot to do an effective social media marketing which will increase the leads and sales of your business and along with that make a good reputation and image of your brand on social media channels.

This is where Script Consultants comes at your rescue.

Being the best digital marketing agency in Singapore, we are highly experienced in creating and managing social media campaigns for many businesses.

Coming on social media is not difficult but maintaining your presence on social media handles is quite difficult as there will be many competitors of your business on social media, already doing social media marketing for their businesses and to make a unique image of your business in front of your users and customers you will have to adapt a unique social media strategy.

Trends on social media keeps on changing on regular basis and our social media team is quite alert about every trend and makes sure to prepare social media content by keeping those trends in mind.

Our Social Media Marketing Process

1. Strategy Development

Our social media marketing process begins with the development of a full proof strategy for your brand. We do not work on same strategy for every brand and this is why our strategies are always unique. Our Social Media team spends a quality time in understanding your brand and doing competitor analysis to check the behavior of the audience of your niche.

Based on the report, our team then prepares a plan and list down all the factors which are going to play an important role in the strategy.

2. Create Unique Content and Publish

Once our strategy is ready, our creative and content team starts with the development of content and images for the social media posts. When created, we get the creatives and content verified from the clients and once approved we start with the publishing process.

We publish the content on the desired social media handles and then monitor it constantly to view the user interections, views, organic and paid reach of the posts.

3. Analyze and Optimize

Each post is deeply analyzed by our social media marketing team. Points like number of likes, followers, comments, subscribers, organic reach, paid reach, etc are evaluated. Once the analysis is completed our team then works on optimizing the upcoming posts according to the metrics and reports of previous published posts in order to make the posts reach to more targetted audience.

For paid campaigns we analyze the metrics of campaign which is atleast 2-3 months old and then optimize it to bring down the cost per click (CPC).

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FAQs - Social Media Marketing Services

How Much Do You Charge For Social Media Marketing Services?

Our charges and pricing is based on the number of graphics and contents you are looking for. Also, we charge on per social media platform basis.

Which Social Media Platforms Can You Market On?

Our social media marketing team is highly specialized in marketing and promoting your business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Will Social Media Marketing Help In SEO?

There are no proven points or factors for the same but as per the experts of Script Consultants, having the social media presence of your business helps in supporting the SEO of your website is a few factors are successfully accomplished.

Which Social Media Platform Should I Start With?

This totally depends on the niche of your business and this is why all we want you to is contact us and our social media marketing experts will be helping you in deciding the best social media platform to start with.

You can also create a better brand presence for your company and brand on all social media platforms using our social media marketing services. If you would like to find out more about our social media marketing strategies, reach out to us today at


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