Can You Do SEO Yourself

Can You Do SEO Yourself? DIY SEO Tips For All

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SEO is a term that is thrown around a lot in digital marketing. It is an essential component for website ranking as well as for generating online organic engagements. Still, many people don’t properly utilize SEO to its fullest potential.

Given that it’s not easy to get into SEO, but if proper attempts are made, learning SEO and effectively utilizing it is not a daunting task.

So, if you are creating a website or blog for personal use of for any small business then you don’t necessarily need to hire an SEO expert if you are low on budget because SEO is a costly and time taking process but it gives you organic results which are far more better than spending thousands of dollars in ads.

By learning the basics of SEO, fundamental knowledge and practice, you can do SEO yourself.

So if a question arises in your mind “Can I Do SEO Myself?”, well the answer is YES.

The learning curve for SEO is not complicated. You just need to learn and master some basics of SEO and with subsequent experience, you will have no issues in laying down the best SEO strategy for your website.

Today we will be specifically discussing on how you can do SEO yourself.

In this article, we will provide an elaborative guide and suggest some amazing SEO tools and tips which will eventually aid you in getting acquainted with SEO.

Continue reading as we put light on this magnificent aspect of digital marketing which is highly capable of giving inexhaustible boost to your website’s growth by ranking it on search engines.

What Is SEO?

Before getting started let’s discuss about SEO in brief.

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques which when implemented in a correct manner can help you in ranking your website high on search engines and grow your business without you spending tons of money on running ads.

If you are running a business website then using SEO you can rank your products or service pages high on search engines which will bring quality leads and sales for your business.

If you are having a blogging website then SEO will make sure that your blog posts are getting ranked on 1st page of search engines and are getting good organic traffic.

The Overall job of SEO is to enhance the position as well as the performance of your website & keywords.

How To Do SEO Yourself?

“How to do SEO”, is a question which does not have a definite answer.

However, there are some steps which you can follow to enhance the performance of your website’s SEO.

Can you do SEO yourself?

Yes, it is 100% possible to DIY SEO.

All you have to do is ensure that you are ticking all the boxes mentioned below.

Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind before starting Search Engine Optimization.

1. Research

Before starting SEO, you should research about your business niche, competitors, what all do you need apart from doing SEO, for ex: Content writers, graphics designer, website developer, etc. A proper research is a must because without doing research you will be facing issues.

Research includes:

  1. Business Niche Research.
  2. Keyword Research.
  3. Competitors Research.

2. Keywords, Keyword Research & Content

Keywords without any doubt are the most vital part of any SEO strategies. In simple words, keywords are those words which are frequently searched by your visitors on search engines.

For example, take the keyword “how to do SEO on your own”.

If someone is looking for information on how to do SEO on your own and your article does not have this keyword in your content, title, heading tags, or in description then it will become highly difficult for you to rank your article on search results through this keyword.

This is the power of using proper keywords and doing a proper keyword research as it can direct the traffic to your product or website easily.

If you are posting something on your website then make sure that the content is properly optimized with keywords in it. Also, you must have have adequate knowledge of whatever is being posted on your website because without you have a proper knowledge about the topic, you cannot do a proper keyword research for that topic.

3. Optimization

Apart from doing a proper resaerch, finding keywords, writing content, there is one more important thing which is known as Optimization.

Usually, optimization is divided into two parts:

  1. On Page Optimization.
  2. Off Page Optimization.

On Page optimization involves optimization of content, title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags, alt text, internal linking, and keywords.

On the other hand, Off Page optimization deals with how strong the backlinking process is optimized for your site.

These are a few things related to SEO that you must check before getting your hands into it. Once you have got the fundamentals of SEO correctly, using SEO for your website will not be a complex job then.

Different Components of Search Engine Optimization

SEO comprises of various elements and componenets which you need to work on to get best results. The primary element of SEO is keywords as mentioned above.

However there is more to it.

Apart from keywords, there are many other components like meta tags, meta descriptions, social media signals, images which plays an important part in optimizing your site’s SEO.

So you shoushould pay equal attention on each and every component.

We have already told you about keywords in this article.

Here are all other elements which will give you a good idea of How To Do SEO Yourself.

1. Meta Title [For Users & Search Engines]

Meta title are titles of your published pages, articles, categories, products and posts. Title tags has a huge emphasis in SEO because search engines uses them as a ranking factor in their algorithm.

For example, if someone searches for a topic and that topic correlates with your meta title tag then there will be high chances of the search engine showing your website high in the search results to that user.

So you need to pay attention, especially when writing the meta title tag of any page or post of your site to enhance your site’s On Page SEO and improve the organic CTR of your website.

Again, just like keywords, adequate research is required to create an effective meta title. You need to put extra efforts into this because very limited amount of words can be used in writing the meta title.

A good meta title ranges between 55 – 60 characters.

2. Meta Description

A meta description is a brief of your website or page that appears below the title of your post in search results. It works as a summary of your content for your user to see and understand.

Often dubbed as a first impression, meta description sometimes decides whether your user is going to click on your site or not.

In order to leave an extra ordinary impression on the user you need to make the meta description highly impressive and attractive.

A good meta description ranges between 150 – 160 characters.

3. Backlinks & Link Building

Backlinks are links pointing from 1 website to another website.

There are 2 types of backlinks:

  1. DoFollow Backlinks
  2. NoFollow Backlinks

There are a few more types but the most important ones are these.

It is said that without a proper link building strategy you can never rank your website on 1st page of Google which is somewhat true.

If your site has a great on page seo and is ranking on 1st position of Google, but then there are other sites with same type of on page seo but they even have a great off page seo for their website i.e high quality backlinks then the chances of those sites outranking yours will be quite high.

Important Tip: If possible, establish contacts with other website owners by doing email outreach and try to put your website link in their website by publishing a post and placing your site’s link in that article in contextual manner.

4. Images

You might be thinking what difference will an Image make in your SEO strategy. Well, A LOT.

Using high quality images on your website can give your SEO an immense boost. If you can upload images in your blog post which is totally related to the content, it will increase the chances of users spending more time on your site which is good from SEO point of view

Also, using high quality images and using related alt text in the images makes it easier for Google to see how enhanced your site’s SEO is and it boosts your organic rankings in search results.

Read this amazing guide about Image SEO and How Image SEO helps you in improving your website’s SEO.

5. Content

What you write in your blog post and website pages reflects the reaction of your audience and Google crawlers.

If your content is well structured, informative, has internal links and is liked by your audience then no one can stop your content from getting the first position on Google SERP. SEO optimized content is what crawlers looks for in every website to decide weather the website is good enough to be ranked in search engines or not.

Whatever you are writing, you must ensure that it complies with what you are trying to deliver. Use keywords in proper places and structure your content in the most efficient manner to optimize your SEO.

Read this guide on how to do a content audit in an easy and effective manner.

Getting Started With DIY SEO

Once you are done with the basics of SEO and feels like you are ready to start the practical implementation of what you have learnt, we will advice you to either start with a wordpress site or a blogger site.

WordPress is a CMS platform which is easy to use and learn and it has so many plugins which makes SEO easy for you. But again, you should have the knowledge of which plugins does what.

As discussed above in this post, you need to start your SEO process by finalizing a industry, doing proper competitor analysis and keywords research.

Try to put more time and emphasis on these three things as they’re valuable for SEO.

Once you have decided about your niche and have found your targeted keywords, now comes the part of content.

For this we will advice you to hire a content writing agency because writing an SEO optimized content is not everyone’s cup of tea. The amount of value your content puts in your SEO is incomparable. At the same time you can even create the meta title and meta description for the piece of content which is getting prepared.

Once everything is in your hand, you need to publish the content with all the meta tags in it to optimize your page to its best.

After the page is published and indexed in search engines, in the beginning, you may find it difficult to find your keywords even in the top 100 of search engine (if your site is new).

Yes, it takes time for crawlers to crawl your page, index it, compare it with competitors content and then rank it.

In the mean time you should start working on your off page SEO i.e creating backlinks.

Important Tip: Keep publishing articles, try mingling keywords, and analyze different results. It will provide you invaluable experience which will prevent you from committing the same mistakes again.

Note: SEO is an art that no one can master overnight. It takes years of experience and skills to produce consistent and best results. So if you don’t achieve the desired results even in 1 or 2 months of working at the beginning, don’t get upset, it happens to everyone. Just make sure that you are working on your fundamentals and doing everything in a correct manner. Eventually, you will get the taste of success and produce the best results for your site in organic manner.

SEO is a time taking process. Btw do read our guide on How Long Does SEO Take To Show Results and Ranking In 2021.

Tools You Can Use While Doing SEO Yourself

There are many important tools and software which you should know how to use in order to achieve great success in the field of online marketing i.e SEO.

Here are a few important tools that will give you an edge in terms of SEO.

1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is one of the most important tool in SEO and without using this tool you cannot get your site indexed in Google. It is more of a website reviewer tool which gives you a view of which page of your website is indexed, what query or keyword is getting searched the most for your website, if there are any errors in your site, how many internal links & external links are present on your site and much more.

It lets you see how your websites or blogs are getting discovered by people on Google and through which keyword are they landing on your site.

Google Search Console is a free tool which is easy to connect and understand.

2. Google Analytics

Just like the search console, Google Analytics is also an important tool which gives you an insight about your audience visiting your website. It tells you which page of your website is getting visited the most, from which country, at which time, from which device and much more which helps you in preparing your product strategy.

Google Analytics is a free to use tool.

3. Google Keyword Planner

SEOs use Google Keyword Planner Tool to identity keywords for the website’s content. It is a very reliable tool for keyword research as it lets you know the volume range of keywords which helps you in choosing your target keyword. You can get many keyword ideas through this tool.

This tool is also free to use.

4. Google My Business

Google My Business, also known as GMB is one of the best tool used for local SEO. You can just sign up and claim your company local business listing by filling up all the desired information and verifying it to Google. With GMB you can rank your local store high on Google which can bring you a lot of customers to your shop and increase your business sales.

You Can Always Hire An SEO Expert

Now you have already known how much it takes to rank your website and we are sure that you do not have so much time to spend in ranking your website as you have other business related things to do to grow your business.

This is the reason businesses and people hire best SEO agency in Singapore for their website so that the agency can work to rank the website on search engine while you can spend your time on other quality stuff.

There are many SEO agencies available over internet but to be honest, only a few knows how to rank your website on 1st page of search engine and Script Consultants is one such SEO agency.

You can contact us for all your SEO needs and we will be helping you by ranking your website on top page of search engines.

Final Words

So if you still have a question “Can I do SEO myself?” then we hope that this article has given you the answer which you were looking for.

SEO is not rocket science and with the correct tools, guidance and fundamentals, you can get the art of SEO.

If you still feel you can’t do it on your own, feel free to contact us as we can assure you that you will be working with experts.

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