3 tips to grow web traffic with business blog

How to use your business blog to improve SEO

We share 3 tips to use your business blog to improve SEO of your website and to generate more leads.

If you are a small business looking for increasing your sales, we suggest you start investing in a good business blog.  If used strategically, a blog can become extremely useful in promoting your business online.

It will help consumers to understand your business better, drive traffic to your website and rank higher in search engines. Add a call-to-action after every blog post and you can easily convert your traffic to leads.

  • Business blogs increase the credibility of your website

When you publish business blogs regularly, the activity helps improve the authority of your website. With every post, the update is captured and indexed by search engines.

Over time, older and much established blogs gain  a position of authority from the search engines. The more outbound links your website manages to create through your blog, the higher will be your SEO ranking.

Blogs act like free PR for your company.   You can easily promote events, ideas or product updates to your readers.

  • Use your business blogs to post useful content that attracts customers

A good business blog is a great marketing tool. It is also a good way to grow your network from your blog’s readers and subscribers.

If you use your business blog to answer product queries of your customers, it will surely help in increasing the web traffic to your website. It also increases your chances of getting more shares and likes on social media.

With voice search gaining importance, your website may also be used to show information to potential customers.

  • Increase sales leads

Blogs are simple to create and use with a variety of blogging platforms such as Blogger and WordPress. You can personalize its theme to suit your business, and can allow for greater interactions between your consumers and company.

Always include a relevant call-to-action to your website like a free ebook. This will help in capturing leads and increasing sales.

Here is another list of blogging statistics that further convince you on the importance of a blog, and show you how to blog better to attract more readers.

So, have you created a blog for your company yet? Script Consultants provides content management and blog writing services for our clients. Feel free to visit our website for examples of our work!


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