Innovative Content Marketing Ideas For Restaurants

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Try searching for just a ‘Pizza’ on the internet and you will find hundreds of places in your city offering delicious Pizza.

Competition in the restaurant business is intense and the restaurant owners need to find some unique restaurant promotion ideas to attract the customers.

A good content marketing for restaurants can be the key to differentiation. Restaurants can use this strategy to build brand awareness and convey the specialities and valuable information to the customers.

Let’s have a look at amazing some content marketing ideas that are proven to be effective in restaurant marketing.

1. Start a Blog

Start a Blog

If your website does not have a blog, then you are missing a great opportunity! User generated content in the blog can be shared on various social media platforms and this will increase the visibility of your brand. You can even share the blog content through regular email newsletters.

The coffeehouse chain Starbucks has a platform called ‘Starbucks Stories and News’ and here you can find all the exclusive content related to this brand.

Right from the information related to the launch of the new shop to the stories shared by employees, you can find everything on this blog.

This is the reason why the content writing for restaurants has to be done in a planned manner and for this you can definitely hire Script Consultants as we have a team of highly experienced content creators who knows what to write and for what audience and age group.

Some points to consider:

  • Don’t forget to prepare a content calendar.
  • Publish only high-quality content.
  • Content for restaurant website should be relevant to your industry. You must select topics that are related to the food industry only.
  • Show how you are different from others through your piece of content.
  • A blog post must have at least 1000 words.

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2. Storytelling Is An Engaging Form of Content

Storytelling Is An Engaging Form of Content

In storytelling, the restaurant business owners can communicate their message in narrative form. Different brands use storytelling to develop a connection with their loyal customers and other potential customers as well.

Before creating the content, keep the following points in mind:

  • Analyse what your competitors have done.
  • Be genuine and honest with the information you provide through the story.
  • Remember that the content reflects your values.
  • Write a storyline that stays in mind for long and creates characters that become memorable.
  • Use storytelling to show the uniqueness of your restaurant by posting food photos.
  • Create videos of your restuarant and food items and publish them on your social media handles in the story section to give a live view of what you are and what you deliver.
  • Your website can have a different section where both text and visuals can be used to explain the story of the restaurant.
  • Important people like founder and employees can be included in the storytelling video.

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3. Use Social Media Platforms

Different social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram are proven to be helpful in restaurant marketing. Social media strategy is based on trial and error method. You need to analyse what works good for you and what not. You always have to experiment in order to find the right time of posting on social media and create most engaging type of content.

Your social media content should be according to your restaurant’s style. Try to be unique with the images you use. On Instagram, we find almost thousands of images while scrolling down, but we click on the ones that attract us the most. Luckily, you can find some really colourful and mouth-watering pics on the internet of food.

Also, be consistent in posting the content on social media. It is important to keep the followers engaged with your brand. Once you find high-performing social media channel for your website, and then put maximum focus on such channels.

What can you post about?

  • Latest restaurant promotion messages.
  • Any latest cooking or eating event.
  • Newly introduced dish.

Some tips related to social media:

  • Find some influencers on social media. They must be food lovers or have great knowledge about food. You can talk to an influencer for your brand promotion as they have many followers and can make the work easy for you.
  • Publish the menu on social media as it helps people understand what you serve.
  • People loves to see funny memes. They are trendy and creative so, use them for your benefit.
  • Don’t underestimate the value of Tumblr, Slideshare and Pinterest.

4. Post Educational Video

You can film some short and interesting videos of your restaurants. Video content always attracts people and if you can make it useful for the followers, then it can be a great marketing tool. You can tell people how the food is prepared, the decoration is done and everything is organised in a busy schedule. You can show how happy workers create a nice ambience for food lovers and provide a quality dining experience.

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5. Make Connect With People

Make your followers feel special. If you want them to convert into your customers, then you have to make a connection.

It is interesting for people to see the behind-the-scene footages. People like it when the restaurant shares the recipes on bestselling dishes. It is about making people a part of the process. You can ask people to come to your restaurant and share some selfies with their favourite food.

After this, you can share their pics and thank them for participating.

Final Words

If you want your restaurant to become the most favourite eating place in the town, then you must plan a great content marketing strategy. Different type of content can be created for different purposes.

Social media is amazing for interacting with the followers, whereas blog is more informative and insightful.

Content marketing is important to increase the brand value of your restaurant.

If you want people to come and enjoy food at your place, then start building the online reputation through quality and engaging content.

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