Daily Social Media Checklist For Marketers

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If you are a social media marketer then it is quite important for you to maintain a social media checklist using which you can define your social media presence on major social media platforms in an easy manner.

So to help you out we have come out the best daily social media checklist for you to maximise your social media presence in minimal time.

In the busy life of a marketer, it is quite hard to focus on growing a social media presence. With all that flurry of activities surrounding us day in day out, we often overlook maintaining our social media accounts over completing other urgent tasks. Experts have often recommended following a daily social media checklist for marketers who do not want to miss out on important activities.

With almost 2.3 billion active users on the internet, social media networks are veritable gold mines. They play a big role in helping businesses reaching out and understanding their potential consumers, delivering better content experiences that would ultimately generate leads. But, considering the rapid stream of information that passes through people’s feeds everyday, constant effort is needed for brands to stay visible.

Therefore, it is essential to establish a routine for maintaining your social media on daily basis.

Having a daily to-do list reminds and helps us break tasks down into doable goals. At the same time, it also enables us to work efficiently, so that we don’t have to waste time stressing all over the place about our social content strategy at the last minute.

Set aside some time and start organising. Check out our printable, daily checklist for maintaining your businesses’ social media accounts, along with some explanations below!

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Daily Social Media Checklist To Follow in 2020 – (Infographic)

Daily Social Media Checklist

Daily Social Media Checklist

1. Check For Notifications:

First and foremost, attend to any notifications throughout the day. Check if anyone has left comments on various platforms, and if possible, spend time to reply to all. Remember that it’s not just about producing or curating information. Having a chance to communicate with audiences is what social media is all about. That doesn’t mean you have to be logged in all the time, though. Set push notifications to your mobile or email, or use services like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to track interactions.

Also, while positive messages can be encouraging, focus on the negative. They are valuable learning lessons that your brand can improve on, and are opportunities to convert an unhappy customer into a satisfied one.

2. Review Your Content:

Alongside responding to comments, keep track of your social media content performance daily. Observe user interactions to your page (such as likes, shares, clicks or comments) to find out if what you’re posting is impacting your audience. From there, you will be able to pinpoint certain topics or trends that work better, and tweak your future content accordingly. Google Analytics and AgoraPulse are just some of the tools used to provide deeper insights into engagement levels.

3. Monitor Brand Sentiment:

Often, audiences might also be discussing about your brand besides interacting with your published content. Another daily task for marketers is to find out how people feel and are talking about your business. This can be in the form of tracking brand mentions (where users tag a brand account to their tweets, posts or comments) or searching for content that highlights any aspect of your brand (e.g. searching a brand name, slogan, campaigns, hashtags, related keywords on Facebook).

Social monitoring is a great way for marketers to determine user sentiment and explore the needs and wants of a potential audience. Some services like Sproutsocial and Trackur make the process of monitoring faster and easier.

4. Schedule Content:

Like going through this checklist, prepare in advance so as to save yourself from unnecessary trouble later. When it comes to posting on social media, each platform may have different optimal frequencies. For example, it is recommended to post at least once on Facebook, but tweet five times a day. However, living day by day, sitting down and posting on every social media outlet at one go is inefficient as it is mentally straining.

Set aside time daily to schedule social media posts in advance for the next few days. Services like Buffer make it easy to synchronise content and publish on different platforms simultaneously. Like drawing up a content plan, plotting out content ideas clears the mind, and leaves more time for further brainstorming – leading to better quality posts.

Do you know how often should you post on social media?

Here is an amazing guide on How Often Should You Post On Social Media.

5. Interact With Others:

The key to an impactful social media presence is simple – All it takes is an initiative and willingness to communicate. Imagine it like an orientation week in school. The more people you talk to, the more others know and remember you.

Sometimes, there’s just so much exposure a piece of interesting content can bring. Reaching out to people, be it loyal fans or relevant influencers helps to nurture relationships and widen your brand’s social reach. Beyond replying to comments, be the one starting a conversation. Whether it’s sharing their content, adding your two cents in a discussion or just sending some love their way, any interaction is bound to be noticed and appreciated.

6. Keep Track of Competition:

What you’re doing might be great, but what others are doing might be better. Find out who are your fellow peers in the industry, and keep a daily lookout for their posts. If you are running dry on content ideas, this process also serves as a source of inspiration and benchmark for your social accounts. Organise a convenient list of links to their accounts for easy access, or use these available functions on Twitter and Facebook.

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7. Curate Content:

Besides creating posts, sharing other people’s content is a fuss and relatively effort free way of emphasising your own content strategy. Bringing in a mix of original and curated content from around the web adds variety, and helps your brand avoid looking too self promotional.  Likewise, if curated well, audiences would begin to see your brand page as a reliable industry expert where they can get the best information.

Dedicate one or two posts per day to curated content along with your own brand’s content. Find shareable, interesting information relevant to your business or interests from sources such as Pinterest, Flipboard or Pocket.

8. Read Up About Social Media:

The social media landscape is constantly changing. There are always new functions, tricks or platforms out there that may change user behaviours or improve experiences. As marketers, its essential that we keep ourselves in the know, looking out for potential opportunities or restrictions that might affect how users consume our content. Set up a RSS newsfeed about social media, and take a quick read everyday. If there ever comes a time when something game-changing happens, your brand will be able to adapt and adopt quicker.

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9. Follow Someone New:

Last but not least on the checklist, expand your horizons by following someone new, everyday. After all, social platforms exist so that we can connect, learn and nurture relationships with others. Just as people follow to gain access to your brand’s content, following widens your knowledge base, and is an practical source of inspiration.

Similarly, reciprocating a follow can be a heartwarming gesture to show your appreciation and approachability. You don’t necessarily have to follow everyone back at the expense of clogging up your news feed. Start by following a select few, such as your top followers and relevant key influencers, whom have the ability advocate your brand.

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