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5 reasons to start blogging for your business

If as a business owner you haven’t yet considered business blogging to boost sales, then it is the right time to do so. For all businesses, sales numbers can always serve as a good way to judge performance. When we market our ideas, we need to find a way to reach out to our potential customers. Business blogging is a unique way What better way to achieve that aim than other people actually “buying” that ideas of ours. Therefore, when we are not making sales as much as we expect, it becomes imperative to apply certain techniques to boost things up.

Business Blogging Sale Generation


Indeed there are many ways to boost business sales; Read on to find out why business blogging can actually result in a higher ranking for your website. These better SEO rankings result in better profits. Business blogging to boost sales is you with one of such ways – Business blogging.  

A business blog can help drive up web traffic

Business blogging is an inbound marketing technique that brings about greater website traffic. The trick here is simple. The more you provide contents that are relevant to your customers on the blog and incorporate keywords, the more traffic you drive to your site.

But, it is also your responsibility to ensure that new, genuine content is provided on a regular basis to keep customers interested. Content is still key and if you cannot (by yourself) guarantee good content, outsourcing is a perfect alternative (employ the services of an employee or a freelancer). Adding your focus keywords and links to your blog and incorporating the blog into your website guarantees SEO improvement, aiding your search engine ranking. For Google, every blog post is viewed as a new page and this, apart from increasing the possibility of being found, leads more people to your website as your blog posts would be everywhere good content can be found. Well, we all know the importance of such traffic.

You can gain credibility with a business blog

I think we can all agree on something here; that’s the fact that you get better patronage from people who trust you. Putting out great writing on your blog gives your product marketing a personal voice. When your writing addresses the issues and questions readers may have, you will gain credibility and this undoubtedly increases your chances of doing business with these people. This ensures that by the time they are contacted by your sales representative, they are already aware of you. The sales cycle is shortened when customers acquiring useful information provided by your blog, which starts the buying process without you employing the services of a persistent sales representative.

Your business blog is a platform to promote your merchandise

Business blogging also provides the opportunity to showcase your products and services. Using your blog, you address issues such as:

  • How to use the product
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Providing general product information
  • Product availability especially as regards new products and/or service

Doing all these with the aid of good blog contents, high-quality photography and videos helps the publicity, eventually converting into sales.

Blogging is an organic way to connect and socialise with your audience

When blogging for business sake, the following points are guaranteed:

  • Enable you to establish a constant connection with your customers
  • Helps you build your clientele
  • Prospecting for new customers
  • Helps you improve

By interacting constantly with customers and prospective customers and getting their comments, you are in constant connection with them; they share their thoughts, help you improve on your delivery and this, in turn, improves their experience.

Getting your readers to subscribe for a biweekly newsletter is a good method of connecting with them. It will allow you to get their emails as well as provide updates directly to your clientele.

Reduce dependence on paid advertising

Paid advertising is expensive especially if your business is just starting off. However, through business blogging, a cheaper alternative and more organic means of generating traffic is devised. This gives smaller businesses the ability to advertise without expanding much capital. Whilst paid advertising is more traditional, the age of digital media has given rise to much better alternatives.

So if you find yourself needing to justify the use of business blogging to yourself or anyone, I hope this blog would be of great help to you. To be honest, in this age of digital media and savvy consuming, people are drifting away from outbound marketing strategies such as paid ads. Unsurprisingly, inbound marketing has become the new sales generation tactic boasting a better ROI, mostly due to the perceived sincerity of these tactics.

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  1. Dragisa Gligorijevic
    Dragisa Gligorijevic says:

    Couldn’t agree more with you – blogging is a great way to showcase services that you offer but also an effective tool for attracting more potential customers to your site.


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