Tips For Launching A Video Marketing Campaign

8 Best Tips For Launching A Video Marketing Campaign

Video marketing is trending! It is quite effective in engaging the audiences and has become an integral part of the marketing strategy of any organisation. The global internet is experiencing huge traffic from video downloads and streaming. This is the reason why companies are nowadays hiring video marketing agencies who can handle their video marketing campaign easily.

Both large and small businesses are using this amazing marketing strategy to communicate information about their products and services to people.

It is worth investing in the video marketing campaign as it shows measurable results. Companies are using video marketing strategy for connecting with the consumers. Even Facebook believes that videos with higher watch time get preference in the news feed.

Looking at the increasing demand for video content, Instagram also launched Reels. Video content is engaging, entertaining and can easily get popular among the audience.

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Below Mentioned Are The Tips For Launching A Video Marketing Campaign

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1. Purpose of Video Creation And Resource Allocation:

Every video marketing campaign is launched with the expectation of getting a high ROI.

So, before you set up the video marketing campaign strategy ask yourself some questions:

What Is Your Target Audience?

There are many social media analytics tools available for free that help in analysing the behaviour of the audiences. You can easily get the idea of the interests of the target audiences and plan the content accordingly.

What Can Be The Right Type Of Content As Per The Nature Of Your Business?

There are different types of content such as hypothetical, entertaining, educational and so on.

What Is Your Budget?

Every organisation wants more value and less expenditure. If the company does not have enough resources to have a video team and a lavish studio, then it has to allocate the budget in a way that maximum creativity is achieved at a low price.

Who Will Create The Video Content?

Depending on the budget, time and requirement, you can decide whether to hire a freelancer video developer or create the video in-house. Nowadays videos can be developed at budget-friendly prices. There are many platforms available where the videos can be promoted without any hassles.

2. Decide a Storyline

Decide a Storyline for Video Marketing campaign

The theme of your video is based on what you want to communicate to the audience. Right from product demo video to interesting brand humanisation, you can choose the theme according to the purpose of the organisation.

There are different types of themes such as storylines, DIY videos, customer testimonials, demos, documentaries, how-to video and leadership talks.

The content of the video has to be interesting. You can leave a video with an incomplete ending and ask them to wait for the next one. No one has the time to share your video, so try to provide them with some benefit for doing so. Ultimately you can beat the competition with awesome and unique content.

3. Include Humans in Video

Include Humans in Video

People develop a sense of trust and connection when they see product or service success stories from other customers. Using a human face in a video is a great tip for the businesses.

4. Video Should be Short

With so many videos available on social media, it is important to create a short yet attention-catching video. Here editing plays a major role. One minute videos should be able to communicate your message effectively.

5. Don’t Forget To Include A Call To Actions

It is a great trick to add some call to action at the end of the video. The action can take the viewer to another related video or some case studies. You can also provide contact information, details of any upcoming webinar and much more. It is not necessary to add such call to actions at the end; you can add them in the middle of the video as well.

6. Choosing The Right Platform For Video

If you are running a video marketing campaign, then you can use both YouTube and Facebook as the right platform to show the video. YouTube does not give you all the control, it may send the viewer to some unrelated content which may affect your strategy.

7. Time For Optimization

Time for Video Optimization

There are some best times and days when people are most active on social media platforms. It is upon you to analyse the demographics and behaviour of the audience and schedule the video content at right time.

This increases the reach of the content.

There are many publishing tools available at low or no cost that makes scheduling easy.

8. Measure And Analyze The Results

After launching the marketing campaign, the next major step to analyse the performance. There are many parameters such as watch time, drop-off rates, and repeat views that can be measured.

Some Other Tips For Video Marketing Campaign

  • Videos should be made with the perspective of educating and communicating with the audiences rather than just a medium of advertising.
  • Facebook live videos are also grabbing attention in the marketing strategy.
  • Insert right keywords in the title of the video and trending hashtags if you are looking for the wide reach of the content.
  • It is not important that you must add music or some narrative only to make the video more impactful. Whatever is your message, it should be conveyed visually as well.


Video marketing has earned a special place in the marketing strategy of the companies. Follow this comprehensive guide on ‘how to launch a video marketing campaign’ and see the difference in your video marketing campaign ROI.

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