A Quick Guide To Great Digital Copywriting

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Digital Copywriting is a way of writing content which almost every brand is doing nowadays, but only very few are able to do it in a correct manner and get results from it. It takes a good planning and strategies to deliver a impactful and a content copy which will bring results to your business.

Digital Copywriting is quite important for every business and brand, especially in this age of digital information where users are always looking for product or service description and information about the same before proceeding further.

But don’t take our words for it. Let’s take a look at the statistics, shall we?

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The sixth edition of DOMO’s report has found that more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated online every single day. And, it’d continue to rise in tandem with the growing number of internet users, which currently sits at 3.7 billion. The report has also found that more people rely on search engines to look for information at 5 billion searches a day, with 77% being conducted on Google.

As such, it is not surprising that every business wants to create content online with a resonating impact. Employing a successful digital marketing strategy enables you to not only communicate your values and offerings to far-reaching demographics. But also, influence their purchasing behaviors in your favor. Therefore, having a strong online presence is no longer the separating factor between the good and the best, but rather those who make it and those who falter by the wayside.

Moreover, one of the great things about digital copywriting is that the data is highly accessible. So, it is easy to monitor and extract insights from your interactions with customers online and project your business growth.

Nonetheless, there’s still some misconception floating around that digital marketing simply means churning out contents as many as possible and hopes one would stick. Fortunately, however, we know a few things that could amplify the impact of your online copywriting.

Here are 4 Best Digital Copywriting Tips:

1. Digital Copywriting Tip 1: What Are The Goals, What Is The Endgame?

This may sound obvious, but you’ll be surprised to learn that many businesses are still clueless about what copywriting entails. From our experience, when it comes to copywriting, certain companies only focus on short term, small wins, such as driving traffic to their websites and blogs.

While that is indeed one of the objectives of great copywriting. The final result of your copywriting strategy needs to align directly with your business goals. Seeing an increase in your web traffic may translate to higher conversion rates. But, that is not necessarily a guarantee that you can sustain that growth after a certain period has passed.

A great digital copywriting strategy is one that helps you not only deliver short-term business goals. But also, further tighten the foothold of your brand in your industry. Great copywriting empowers your business to become the thought leader and figure of authority in your area of expertise.

However, accomplishing this is difficult if the businesses are unable to look at their brands from an outside perspective. This is because the more you are familiar with a project. The higher the chances that you leave out important details that need to be included in your copy.

With that being said, we recommend you to outsource the task to a party who is able to prioritize which critical messages in the project. If it is going to be a one-time project, a freelance writer could do the trick. However, projects that last a few months might require more elaborate strategizing on the writer’s part. So, it is highly recommended that you work with agencies for longer projects.

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2. Digital Copywriting Tip 2: Possessing The Technical How-To of SEO

Possessing The Technical How-To of SEO

Digital copywriting is not only about stringing up eloquent words together. There are other things that should be considered, such as the demographics of your brand, the platform the copy will be posted, and last but not least, whether the copy is SEO-optimized. This process can be cumbersome but highly necessary to produce an engaging copy with a high level of discoverability online.

A copywriter with experience in digital marketing knows more than just creating content for you. They also understand how to tailor the copy to the web crawlers on search engines. And, sketch out the material ahead of time to match its format with the online platform. Also, if you have a few keywords that can represent your brand, we highly advise you to share those with the copywriter to help you integrate them into the copy.

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3. Digital Copywriting Tip 3: Developing a Brand Personality

As the digital landscape becomes increasingly saturated, your brand needs to have an authentic voice. It will assist your brand to set itself apart from your competitors. If your brand image is there to help the customers recognize you visually, then your digital copywriting strategy should be about how you communicate with them.

Having a voice enables the brand not only to deliver engaging and relatable content to the audience. But, also to stay consistent with the key messages it tries to convey across multiple digital touchpoints. To develop its voice, a brand needs to establish three things.

First, it needs to understand the demographics of its consumers. This can be done in a multitude of ways, from breaking the audience down to its basic categories, like age and gender. You can also group them in much more complex classifications, such as their preferences, economic status, and online activities.

The next important step is to set a clear editorial style guide that is underpinned by your overall brand strategy. It can help your targeted audience to understand your brand’s style and personality. So, maintaining a consistent tone of the content is mandatory to stand out.

Last step is to serve your customer’s requirements through digital copywriting. If your content is audience-centric then your customers will be spellbounded and you will have the upperhand among your competitors.

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4. Digital Copywriting Tip 4: Tailoring the Copy To The Right Marketing Strategy

A well-written content would only generate an impact with the right marketing strategy. Thus, if you want to deliver a truly powerful copy that resonates in the minds of your audience. Then, you need to appoint a project manager who truly understands the scope and aims of the project. This is because the project manager acts as the grand architect of the content direction.

Due to such an important role, your project manager must establish good open communication with the copywriters.  They will ensure the content is well-aligned with the project’s requirements. 

This is why hiring the best copywriting agency is ideal. Because, they have the expertise to deliver high-quality, market-focused copy, which has also undergone a rigorous editing process without muffling your voice in the end product.

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How To Improve Your Digital Copywriting Skills:

How To Improve Your Digital Copywriting Skills

Achieving proficiency in digital copywriting is feasible as long as you are willing to harness all the tools at your disposal to meet all the factors. Once you have done so, the next step to your copywriting campaign is to monitor the results consistently. Use the insights to improve upon your future copywriting strategies.

However, that companies oftentimes are constrained by time and logistics to see through the process all the way. If you are one of these companies, then don’t worry because we can be at your service!

Script Consultants is the best copywriting and content marketing agency you can ever hire for your business and brand. We have produced a vast array of white label content across all media platforms. Our service offerings encompass SEO-optimized blog posts, thought leadership articles and marketing collaterals. We are capable of helping you deliver marketing campaigns through end-to-end copywriting solutions.

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