How To Build a Social Media Marketing Strategy For New Businesses in 6 Steps

Team Script shares effective ways to create a Social Media Marketing Strategy for new businesses in 6 simple steps.

Social Media Marketing is a tremendous tool for new businesses as well as existing business. The reason behind the acceptance of social media marketing for business is the supplement in sales, knowing your customers and many more. So, shaping a proper Social Media Marketing Strategy will help to rack up the maximum engagement. 

If are seeking to create a Social Media Marketing Plan that actually drives better results, then here you go! Ace your strategies and become a step closer to your social media success.  Just follow these simple steps for curating content on different social media platforms.

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy Step #1: Choose the best social media platform for your business

Social Media Marketing Strategy


First things first: Where is your audience? Analyze the preferred platform used by your potential customers. It will never make an impact if you are throwing your content on random social media channels. Because it is completely synonymous to shouting in an empty room. Your content demands to be reached at relevant readers.

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy Step #2: Research the preferences of your audience 

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Posting about the content that your viewers love to see in their feed will generate maximum organic engagement. You can also dig into what your competitors are posting on their social media. We never encourage you to steal their ideas but you will be able to create a new idea for looking at their strategies.

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy Step #3: Create an audit report of the social media platform

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Take a quick tour from the insights of your social media page. From the age of your audience to their location, you will get to know more about your existing audience. It will present an analyzed report of the most liked and most disliked content by your followers. It will assist you in depicting the time that drives maximum engagement from the active users. 

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy Step #4: Curate the relevant content for your audience

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Start this step by creating a social media calendar for the particular business. It is one of the important steps in perfecting the social media marketing plan. It will help you to decide what to post on different days.

Try to formulate your content in different formats such as videos, blog posts, infographics and many more. It will give a variety to your customers and they will be never run out from an interesting piece of content.

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy Step #5: Have a content posting strategy for each of the  social media accounts

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Now that you have created your content, it’s time to look forward to posting at the right time. You can try and test by uploading content at a different time. But always make sure to post your content when your audiences are more likely active on the targeted platforms.

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy Step #6: Analyze your progress and execute the required changes

Social Media Marketing Strategy

What works for other’s might not work for you, well it’s entirely true! The trial and error method is one of the most followed social media marketing strategies by every social media marketer. It is important to re-evaluate and track your content after a particular period of time. Decode your own successful strategy for your business by improving and changing your content to be better than before.


Creating a Social Media Marketing plan will bear fruitful results for your business. Not only you will be consistent with posting regular updates on social media but also you will be saving a lot more hours on deciding ‘what to post’ next. You can also make a daily social media to-do list which helps to break your task into doable goals.

Just remember, it’s not a single day process, once you have built the plan, then start to optimize your content on social media. Gradually, you will know more about your business and your audience.

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