5 Reasons Why Brands Should Make Use Of Instagram

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Instagram, it’s about making use of the universal language of imagery to attract viewers and build a community. And now that the iron-fisted reign of the square photo is over, it gives you greater flexibility to illustrate your brand philosophy one snapshot at a time.

Here at Script Consultants, we’ll show you 5 reasons to adopt Instagram as part of your content marketing strategy.

1. The Power Of Photographs:

The Power Of Photographs in Instagram

Photo credit: gnrmedia

One of the reasons why people love photography is the way it captures cherished memories. Every photo tells a unique tale of adventure or it could capture the very essence of a person, all in simply one frame. From the embarrassing stories your mum can’t stop talking about as she whips out her scrapbook filled with your candid childhood film photos to the photo-sharing platform of Instagram with over 400 million monthly active users sharing an average of 80 million photos per day, people are eager to document and share their visual stories.

So it’s high-time to be part of a community of visual sharers and let your target audience know about your brand story through alluring imagery.

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2. Creating a Style Of Your Own:

By strategically making use of unique Instagram filters or external photo-editing apps such as VSCO®, companies could create an aesthetic appeal that supports their brand message. Or you could simply #nofilter. Ultimately, Instagram facilitates audience engagement and you could still freely curate content that encapsulates the essence of your brand.

Creating a Style Of Your Own

Photo credit: Nikerunning

With over 3.6 million followers, Nike has effectively created a global community of runners sharing their running journey with one another. By establishing a sense of solidarity among runners, Nike’s Instagram page allows consumers to find greater value within a pair of Nike trainers.

3. Digital Influencers:

Consumers are more likely to trust recommendations from friends as compared to brand ads. It’s about having someone you know vouch for a product or service rather than being bombarded with hard selling tactics.

Moreover, true influence is no longer about celebrity endorsements but more about having the stamp of approval from digital influencers, ordinary people who have established an authentic and personable relationship with your target audience.

Digital Influencers

Photo Credit: loki_the_wolfdog

Over 932k followers go on epic adventures together with Loki, a charming 2 year old low-content wolfdog. By partnering up with influencers who has a sense of adventure, GoPro has effectively showcased how any adventurer (even our furry friends) could capture incredible travel photos that was once exclusive to the professions.

It’s a mutually beneficial partnership for GoPro and Loki_The_Wolfdog to grow their audience by cross-promoting content. This effectively expands your content reach beyond your own Instagram profile.

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Capturing an aspirational lifestyle from a different perspective, GoPro has uniquely shown what it’s like going on endless adventures with the world’s most versatile camera.

4. Launch Campaigns With The Perks of #hashtag:

Launch Campaigns With The Perks of #hashtag

Photo credit: sproutsocial

Want brand loyalty? Then it’s time to get people to talk about you by creating social engagement. Kick start a digital conversation where followers could show their support for your brand.

start a digital conversation

By capitalising on a selfie driven generation and the power of influencers, Calvin Klein’s “show yours. #mycalvins” campaign has created substantial user-generated content with over 179,000 photos with the #mycalvins.

Make your instagram your shop


The campaign doesn’t just stop at driving conversation. By further setting up a dedicated microsite featuring the best #mycalvin photos, it’s an effective way to utilize the catalogue of user-generated content to streamline consumers’ shopping experience as they could directly purchase this look.

5. A Peek Behind The Scenes:

From the way it’s made, to the people who make them, let your followers in on the origins of their favourite products. Enhance your brand by showcasing your company culture. It’s the team and their personalities that’ll connect with your target audience. After all, no one’s interested in a faceless corporation.

Lush: Handmade with Love

A Peek Behind The Scenes

Photo credit: prtimes

Actions speak louder than words, or in this case, photos document the love and natural ingredients that Lush puts into making each product. A peek behind the scenes adds credibility to the brand, an added punch to an otherwise superficial slogan.

Promoting Product on Instagram

Moreover, you could show off the camaraderie among your team. An added bonus to see that your employees truly enjoy what they are doing and this increases the appeal of your brand.

At the end of the day, it’s not about directly marketing your products or services but it’s about creating powerful social engagement that drives commerce.

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