What is the perfect time to post on Social Media?

What if we told you that timing social media post is more important than the content?

Surprised to know that perfect timing social media post is more important than its content? Don’t be! Social media may be a deceptively simple way of extending the reach of your content marketing strategy. But, even with  excellent content, you won’t be able to expand the reach to your target audience without considering the optimal timing to post on the social media channels.

Here at Script Consultants, we’ll show you a clever guideline on ways to optimise your social content by exploring the best timing to post on these  three social media platforms.

1. Facebook

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Lunch times are perfect to catch up on news from friends and family. Often enough, employees take a break by checking Facebook during the afternoon hours.

Most of us would have experienced the after lunch or afternoon dip in energy levels. This then explains the spike in Facebook engagement in the afternoon as many people would take a break and turn to their Facebook feed in the hopes of getting out of this sluggish state.

So if you want to make sure that your posts receive maximum attention from your followers, then be sure to post something in the afternoon. Be there when your consumers need a little pick-me-up and your social content is bound to reach more individuals.

2. Twitter

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A unique feature of Twitter is its 140 character tweet limit. As such, information is presented in a bite-size fashion that facilitates ease of comprehension. So it’s reasonable to see a spike in engagement from 9am-3pm as people are more likely to scroll through their Twitter feed while commuting to work or while queuing for lunch or tea-break.

3. Instagram

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Generally, Instagram as a visual and mobile based platform maintains a high engagement rate. Moreover, users of Instagram are typically millennials and they are more likely to be highly active on social media platforms.

Ultimately, you’re bound to reap rewards by figuring out the best timings to schedule your social content.

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