Tips On How To Become A LinkedIn Thought Leader

9 Tips On How To Become A Linkedin Thought Leader

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LinkedIn is one of the leading platforms for connecting with various businesses, business professionals and job seekers.

You meet people with different backgrounds and different ideas and learn some useful things in a way.

It is probably the best place if you are looking to start your digital thought leadership career.

Thought leadership is nothing but making yourself a personal brand.

The main aim of a thought leader is to spread knowledge about a specific industry on social platforms by crafting compelling content, video content, etc.

Many CEOs and business leaders are already on the platform and using it to its fullest potential.

If you also want to start your journey in thought leadership, we are here for you.

Let us discuss the steps you need to take to become a successful LinkedIn thought leader.

1. Create A LinkedIn Profile

Create Profile on LinkedIn

This goes without saying.

First, you need to create a profile on LinkedIn.

However, creating a profile is not limited to just entering your name and qualifications. A successful thought leader will always appear distinguishable from the masses.

So, when you set up your profile, you need to ensure that it appears appealing and different from the others. Your profile needs to be polished and studded with recognizance achievements to get more followers to your profile.

With the context of LinkedIn thought leadership in mind, create an effective and unique profile.

2. List Appropriate Skills

Listing your professional skills does not mean that you need to list everything out there in the skills section.

Be Specific.

It would help if you were specific and should concentrate on your target audience.

It is the relationship between giving and taking.

If you list the relevant skills to your business domain, it will surely aid in your thought leadership prospect.

Furthermore, you should only include the skills where you excel.

This will help you in finding the right type of clients and potential leads.

The skills section should be well sorted, and you should only focus on your expertise.

3. Contact Other Thought Leaders

There are countless thought leaders available on LinkedIn, out of which some are genuine, and some are just calling themself thought leader.

Out of those genuine, some are veterans, while some are just starting like you.

It is always good to connect with genuine and renowned thought leaders and establish meaningful relationships with them. This might also help you become a thought leader like them but in your specialized niche.

You need to search in LinkedIn groups and search for users from the same school, search with keywords relating to thought leadership, decision-makers, etc. Send famous in your industry a custom message with your introduction and how their insights are helping you.

Follow the advice they are giving and see how they are spreading their knowledge with others.

You can discuss with them how they started their journey of becoming a thought leader on LinkedIn.

It is also recommended to connect with newbies like you and make a network of thought leaders because the larger your network will be, the more you will create your brand awareness.

In case you face any difficulties, you can discuss them among LinkedIn members and find solutions.

4. Interact With People

One of the best things about LinkedIn is that it just works like another social media channel. However, the LinkedIn platform is a social network where you can find business professionals very easily.

You can interact with users present on LinkedIn in different ways and promote your personal brand. Like other social media platforms, you can post and share your knowledge on LinkedIn easily.

Similarly, you can comment on different topics related to your industry on posts created by other renowned thought leaders present on LinkedIn.

With interaction, you can share innovative ideas with like-minded people.

5. Keep Posting on Your Timeline

When considering the LinkedIn algorithm, if you want to become a thought leader, you need to keep your profile active on LinkedIn by publishing insights, articles on your timeline.

You have to make a strategy because building a thought leadership image on LinkedIn requires a lot. You cannot become a thought leader by posting a few insights or articles related to your area of expertise.

You have to play with the types of content posting.

Post Types on LinkedIn

You can either publish a normal textual post on your profile, or you can select any from the 8 content posting options available to you.

  • Add A Photo
  • Add A Video
  • Add A Document
  • Celebrate An Occasion
  • Share That You’re Hiring
  • Find An Expert
  • Create A Poll
  • Offer Help

The most important thing to remember is that you should never post poor quality content as this will directly affect your personal brand image in front of industry executives and personals.

Always post article or content that will keep your audience involved and give something informational that can help them in many ways.

6. Go Deep in Content

To become a famous thought leader on LinkedIn, you should understand the importance of thought leadership content.

To appear different from the rest, you must create a genuine and deep blog in research.

Always remember that your audience is craving something new and innovative. Regular updates on your timeline won’t always cut the deal.

You’ll have to dig deep and make a unique contribution related to your skills or genius zone to grab as much industry-specific ideal audience as possible.

Users from all around the world are always searching for people who post high-quality blog content or articles reading in which users can identify their mistakes and increase their company sales and growth.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, you can create an information banner image along with textual content and publishing it on your LinkedIn profile.

Use your knowledge and creativity to publish the most helpful and insightful posts.

7. Using Media in Posts

As mentioned above, you should post different types of content on your profile like the textual post, image post, video, document, etc.

Doing this will make your target audience engage more with whatever you are publishing.

You will also get a detailed insight into what type of post is reaching more audience, which will help you share insights into your genius zone in a correct post type.

8. Share Thought Leadership Ideas With Others

While you’re developing a network of thought leaders and decision-makers, you must participate or include them in various activities.

It can include sharing your simultaneous ideas or publishing thought leadership content together.

This is an essential step for personal branding.

Once you’ve got acquainted with some good leaders, brainstorm different ideas with them. Once finalized, share it with your target audience and tag that leader in your post.

This strategy will boost your online reputation as well as will help you in gathering more followers.

9. Integrate Other Platforms

One of the best things about digital media these days is how well interconnected they are. You may find LinkedIn users on other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

However, vice versa is not usually the same.

If you want to expand your reach and geographic area, you need to make your presence on other platforms.

Other platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

You can showcase your area of expert zones on these platforms by creating and publishing quality content, videos about how you increased the sales of a company or business, etc.

Final Verdict

If you want to become a famous thought leader on LinkedIn, then you have to work according to a strategy

If you follow the steps mentioned above, you will likely accomplish your goal and establish your brand through online means.

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