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16 Link Building Strategies You Should Definitely Use In 2021

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Link Building is an essential part of SEO.

Strong backlinks are required to make a website rank on search engines. According to almost 41% SEO experts, link building is the most difficult part of Search Engine Optimisation.

Link building is important as it helps in improving domain authority, organic ranking and referral traffic.

We have listed out link building strategies that can be helpful for you.

Below mentioned are some of the ways in which you can achieve effective link building for your website when it comes to ranking on Google.

Best Link Building Strategies For All

1. Link Building Through Social Media

In this section, It is important for every business to have a strong social media presence. As a beginner, you may have fewer resources. But social media platforms are open for everyone.

The domain authority of different social media platforms is more than 95.

So, building the links for your website on such platforms can be very helpful.

It can be considered as the best SEO link building strategy as it is free and has the maximum potential to attract traffic to the website.

2. Directory Submission

It is a great SEO link building technique. This strategy is good for beginners.

You have to submit your website on web directories that have high domain and page authority. Make sure that the websites are of high quality.

Choosing wrong websites may increase the spam score of your website.

This step will eventually help you in growing enormously.

3. HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

If you are a blogger or a subject matter expert, then you can connect with journalists to get yourself mentioned on their high-quality website.

HARO is a very effective SEO link strategy for the beginners as you just need to respond to the inquiries of the journalist and get a very powerful backlink in this league.

4. Resource Page Link Building

In this strategy, you have to outreach the high-quality website to get yourself mentioned. Email marketing can be used as a medium to reach out to such websites.

Ensure that the Email is relevant and high-quality as it has a huge impact on conversion rate.

5. Social Bookmarking

It is suitable for the beginners to get a link through social bookmarking as it has already become outdated. But you can get highly profitable results if you are able to utilize it in a proper way.

You can get high-quality do-follow links through websites like Tumblr (DA 95), Digg (DA 92), GrowthHackers (DA 89), etc.

There are many online tools that can help in identifying the domain authority of the website.

The poor authority of the website can cause harm to the reputation and SEO of your website.

6. Broken Links

It is a widely used link building tactic. There are many websites on the internet that have broken links. You can take advantage of this. You can contact the owners of the website and ask them to provide a link to your website in place of the broken link.

This action will assist you in leading your space.

You can find the broken links of any website through tools like Google Analytics, Ahrefs and SEMrush. Moreover, for sorting this issue properly, you can send them personalised emails with a request to receive a backlink on that broken link.

7. Links From Expired and Expiring Domains

Moving ahead, this is one of the fastest ways to get backlinks and authority for your website.

In this strategy, you have to purchase an expired or expiring domain and then you have to execute 301 redirections. You can grab the advantages of lots of backlinks and traffic through this link building strategy for beginners.

Whenever you buy a domain, consider the following things:

  • Domain Authority.
  • Index Number.
  • Background of Backlinks.
  • Spam Score.
  • Domain Age.
  • Reputation.

You can be penalized by Google if there is any spam related to your website. So, choose wisely!

8. Testimonials

If we are discussing link building strategies 2021, then testimonials hold a special place.

For example, writing a comment, opinion and experience about your products and services on different websites can get you backlinks. It also has a huge impact on consumer perception. You can reach out to many people and pitch them testimonial offerings.

Composing a descriptive testimonial with video is a very effective way to get traffic and backlinks to the homepage.

In this way, the website owner can connect with the maximum audience too through the paths of Google.

9. Infographics

We know that this point seems fascinating to every user.

Creating attractive infographics and then sharing them on different high-quality websites can get you strong backlinks. If you have a limited budget, then creating good quality content can be helpful in this sphere of link building.

Infographics can help you to occupy three times more engagement and shares as compared to normal blog posts.

Kissmetrics is a company that has earned over 42,000 backlinks with just 54 infographics. However, this fact is hard to believe but it is true.

Click here to see an amazing infographic created by team script consultants giving information about best social media marketing tool for your business.

10. Guest Posting

You can grab the links for your website through high domain authority and powerful websites such as Forbes and Entrepreneurs. Yes, you heard it right!

Guest posting is one of the best link building strategies where you can build a brand reputation by building a relationship with such websites on search engines. Furthermore, this move will build your credibility too in the eyes of Google.

There are many websites where you can write for the website or become a contributor. You must find such websites and contact them to get the link of your website published on their website.

This technique has been quite effective in earning backlinks, social shares, followers and subscribers.

Below given are different queries which you can use to find a relevant guest posting website on Google,

  • Keyword + “guest blog”/”guest post.”
  • Keyword + “submit an article”/”submit a guest post.”
  • Keyword + “guest blogging guidelines.”
  • Keyword + “guest author
  • Keyword + “contributor guidelines.”
  • Keyword + “write for us.”
  • Keyword + “contribute to our blog.”
  • Keyword + “contribute a guest post.”
  • Keyword + “become a guest blogger.”
  • Keyword + “guest post by”
  • Keyword + “send a tip.”

11. Podcast

It is a trending link building strategy. People listen for the podcasts for hours. You can contact the host of the podcast and ask them to provide a link to your website on their introduction section.

Podcasts are engaging and can significantly increase the traffic on your website.

12. Events and Webinars

You can host or sponsor some event and get links through popular websites, local websites and news portals. It is also possible to get many backlinks if you host 3rd party event.

You can get mentions in media and news channels through events.

Webinars, roundtables, seminars and webinars can also get you some headlines in media and popular websites.

A link of your website with the description of your business can be published by big websites.

13. Free Video Courses

You can create valuable and free educational online video content for your audience. It is a one-time investment but can provide long-term results. You can give a link to your website with these videos. The more people like the videos, the more they share it.

In this way, you can get tons of backlinks without much effort.

14. Detailed Industry Reports

Creating a detailed industry report not only enhances the authority for your website but is also a great way to earn backlinks.

Neil Patel made over 90k backlinks with merely two reports.

15. Lists and Guides

The list and guide types of content work well on the internet. People find such content more engaging. You can use such content for your link building strategy as it may get more shares and mentions online.

16. Build a Tool

Online tools such as SEMrush and Ahrefs get many backlinks every month without putting in many efforts.

This strategy required a decent investment but can turn out to be the biggest advantage for the website.


What is link building in SEO?

It is the backbone of online marketing for businesses! You can implement the above-mentioned SEO link building strategies in order to get more conversions, authority, traffic and revenue.

Some strategies can be employed by beginners and some by experts. You must select the right type of strategies according to the budget and requirements of the business.

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  1. Dolores
    Dolores says:

    Thanks for giving these amazing link building strategies.
    After reading this article I found that I was working on old strategies but thanks to you that now I can update my link building strategies for 2021.

  2. Aleida
    Aleida says:

    Great guide about link building strategies to implement in 2021.
    One of my colleague gave me this guide and he has gained about 25 high quality backlinks within a period of 10 days and that too naturally after using the link building strategies given by you.
    I have also started the implementation of the given strategies and I hope to get good results.


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