What Is Domain Authority and How to check and improve domain authority

What Is Domain Authority? How To Check and Improve Domain Authority?

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What Is Domain Authority?

Moz developed a search engine ranking score known as Domain Authority. It is used to predict the position of any website on SERPs. This lies in the range of one to 100. High score reflects the greater ranking ability.

It becomes easy to compare different websites on the basis of this score. If you have opened a website, then you may have a look at this comprehensive guide on ‘what a domain authority is and how to improve your website’s DA’.

Everything You Should Know About Domain Authority

How To Check Domain Authority?

There are many online tools which can help in checking the domain authority of your website’s root domains, sub domains, pages, blogs, etc. The best domain authority checker is MozBar and Link Explorer of Moz. Just type the domain or sub-domain in the search bar and get the results quickly.

MozBar Chrome and Firefox extensions are also available for more convenience.

It is comparatively easy to grow the DA of your site from 20 to 30 than 70 to 80.

What Is A Good Domain Authority?

Most of the sites with a very huge number of high-quality external links have high domain authority scores. Small and new websites with fewer links have low DA. Authority of any domain can be calculated after analyzing the competitors in the specific industry.

Comparative metric can be used to find out the backlink profiles of the other websites.

There is no ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ DA, it is just a tool that is helpful in comparison.

Also, having a good or bad domain authority will never impact the organic traffic of your website until the SEO of your website is done properly.


MozRank is determined on the basis of the link profile of a domain. The number of links pointing to a web page becomes the base of calculating MozRank. Both quality and quantity affect the MozRank. 0-10 is the range of the scale.

It is possible that a website page with fewer but high-quality links may have higher MozRank than many links of low-quality.


This score depends on trustworthiness of the websites you are connected with. Websites with .edu extension or any other government website are considered as authentic and trusted websites. Try to create tons of links from highly trusted websites and rank on the top of the 0-10 scale.

What Is The Difference Between Domain Authority and Page Authority?

Domain authority predicts the ranking ability of domains and subdomains while page authority measures the ranking strength of particular pages.

How To Increase Domain Authority?

To improve the chances of rankings of your website keywords on Google, it is important to improve the domain authority. DA reflects the competitiveness of your website in Google search.

If you are a blogger then all the focus should be on increasing the DA of a website and grabbing links and mentions from websites with high DA.

The following factors may improve the domain authority score:

1. Increase The Number of Backinks To Your Website

This factor has a maximum impact on DA score. Always focus on earning high-quality backlinks to your website. Creating low-quality backlinks may harm the reputation of the website.

2. The Expiry Date of Domain

Long-lasting websites are preferred by the crawlers and bots as compared to those websites which can expire soon. In case the website is going to expire soon, extend it for 3-4 years as early as possible. This factor may not be the most important factor but it may be helpful in increasing the domain authority of the website.

3. Have a Diversified Link Profile

Quality and relevant links taken from several websites are helpful in improving the domain authority score. Receiving the links from interconnected domain extensions, geo-locations and sources help in increasing the DA.

Doing a proper link audit helps in classifying the link type and the link juice your domain is getting through them.

4. Consider A Good Internal linking Structure

Interlinking also known as inbound links has a major impact on domain authority. This factor can be easily controlled. Linking old blogs to new blogs facilitates the crawling process of your website.

If the structure of your internal links is strong then the crawling speed of your website will be quite fast which will result in fast indexing and can help in improving the organic traffic of your website.

5. Eliminate All Bad Links

Keep monitoring all the incoming links i.e links from websites coming to your website. Spam or low-quality links badly affect the reputation of the website. All the poor links must be removed through Google Disavow tool to maintain a healthy reputation of the website.

6. Be An Authoritative Source

Quality of articles published on the website always holds more importance than the quantity of the articles. Instead of publishing 7 low quality articles, it is better to publish 2-3 good-quality articles. Master your niche and be the news breaker.

Build trust in your audience by providing relevant and authentic information. By improving the user-experience for your users, you are automatically improving the authority of your website.

7. Work On On-Page SEO

A proper On Page SEO makes it very easy for the bots to crawl your website. Optimising your site for the search engines is a good way to improve the domain authority of your website. Optimise the Meta titles and descriptions and maintain heading hierarchy of heading tags while publishing the blog post.

8. Improve Page Load Time and Speed

Loading time of any page is considered as an official ranking factors. There are several tools through which loading speed can be checked. Work on improving the speed if the result exceeds 3 seconds. Try to use only the best hosting companies for good page loading speed. Images can be compressed and optimised before uploading. Cache plugins can be used. CDN can be utilized for the content.

9. Improve The Social Media Marketing Signals

The presence of your website on several social media platforms increased the visibility and authenticity of the website for the search engines. To boost the ranking and indexing, it becomes imperative to focus on social media marketing and branding.


In the nutshell, domain authority is a point of comparison between various websites. The DA score helps in understanding the chances for any website to rank. Now that you have understood the meaning and the factors that may improve this score, start focusing on improving it and make your website as a ‘High Quality Website’.

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    Amazing guide on what is Domain Authority and how to increase your website domain authority.
    Much helpful.
    I have started using the methods given by you in this article and within 3 days my domain authority increased by 2 points.


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