How To Create An Effective Content Marketing Strategy

How To Create An Effective Content Marketing Strategy in 5 Steps

The words content strategy, content marketing strategy, and the content plan, is often used interchangeably in a business when you are looking to fulfil your business goals with the help of content. However, they are not the same and have their own set of differences. Let us discuss them one by one.

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Content Strategy

Content Strategy is defined as a process of transforming the goals and objectives of any business enterprise into a strategic plan where the key element of achieving the desired objectives is through correct content marketing efforts. A Content strategy assists the business to supervise and oversee all the contents, going even beyond the range of a content marketing strategy.

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Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy is an emerging opportunity for businesses to enhance their online visibility and boost their results by increasing revenue, lowering costs, and developing better customers. Content calendar plays a very vital role in any content marketing strategy. Through a great Content Marketing Strategy and a great editorial calendar, a business can deliver useful and valuable pieces of content to its users which helps them to build a good brand value and reputation.

Content Plan

Content Plan is the documentation on the execution of the Content Marketing Strategies and is more on the tactical side. It is a marketing plan involving contents and other content editing tips to improve content marketing. A Content Plan can be made only after the Content Marketing Strategies are finalized.

Is Creating A Content Marketing Strategy Important?

Absolutely YES!

With the rise in global digitalization, Content Marketing is evolving to be a more refined way of targeting the potential clients of the business and converting them into buyers with an efficiency of over 6 times than other modes of digital marketing. Hence, It is not only important to create a content marketing strategy, but also to document it as a content plan. Businesses with a content marketing strategy documented in form of a content plan have a more competitive edge over others without it.

Let us see how:

  • Making a content marketing strategy prior makes the overall content marketing very effective and result oriented when seen from the buyers personas.
  • A strategic plan encounters all the if’s and but’s and answers to them, making the execution less challenging.
  • More effective use of various social media platforms and content marketing techniques is possible with a defined strategy and relevant content.
  • The expenditure on content marketing can be very well measured as well as justified.

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5 Elements of An Effective Content Marketing Strategy

A successful content marketing strategy is a layout of the business’s key objectives, its customer’s expectations, and the overall strategic plan of addressing the business needs using content.

Content nowadays is mostly used in lead generation where businesses attract their potential customers with the help of effective content.

Just because every business is unique and has its own set of needs, it is not possible to set out generally defined templates while developing a content marketing strategy and the types of content which will be reqiured to execute that content marketing strategy. However, some essential components are recommended to be included the is the essence of an effective content marketing strategy.

1. Business Case

The main aim of a content creation strategy is to provide value to the target audience and drive more followers thereby enhancing the growth of the business through content marketing by adding a great call to action text.

The Content marketing plan shall include the identified goals of the business, expected outcomes along with the list of resources required to be put into the marketing to bring the company closer to its desired goals.

A Business case briefly documented in form of a strategy projects a better understanding of the benefits in terms of results, cost to be incurred, the potential risk involved in a content development strategy, and the overall decision making of the company.

2. Strategic Business Plan

A strategic business plan incorporating the objectives and goals of the business and the overall details in regards to the business model. The Business plan will assist you in guiding how to do content marketing, what type of audience you want to reach through the content marketing plan, the opportunities and obstacles to be faced while executing the plan, and tips and tricks to overcome them to achieve the results.

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3. Brand Story

By projecting ideas of the business, sharing the messages as to how you are different from the other competitors, and building a connection with the audience by positioning your brand in the market, you can provide a prim and proper image of your brand to your audience.

Here are some of the ideas which can be shared to reflect the position of the brand in the industry.

  • The existing as well as the potential customer.
  • Competitive edge of the business.
  • What is the uniqueness of the brand?
  • Why to choose the product offered by the brand?
  • Why to choose the product offered by the brand over its competitors?
  • User experiences with the brand.

With all the information transparently shared, the audience enjoys a better experience with the brand.

4. Target Audience & Content Maps

This aspect of the strategy will define the target audience of the business for which it is developing a content marketing strategy, the specific expectations, and the proposed content engagement cycle planned. Here, mapping out the contents also brings the business closer to its goals.

5. Channel Selection

Once the strategy is all set, the most important aspect left to be considered is which platform to be preferred for content marketing so that it can enable maximum conversions. Several platforms have their own set of users. The business needs to identify which platform is most used by its target audience, and initiate its content marketing in selecting those channels or platforms.

Frequency of Updating Content Marketing Strategy

A content marketing strategy consists of some key elements and some other elements. The key elements of a content marketing strategy are the backbone of the strategy and do not require any modifications whatsoever as they are the essence of the business. These include the vision, mission, and goals and objectives of the business.

However, the other elements of the content marketing strategy require periodical reviews and frequent upgrades. These include channel strategies, core subjects, team processes, and other aspects. To ensure that the effective content marketing program productively sticks to its target, the other elements of the strategy should be reviewed and updates on at least a yearly basis.

Moreover, for new business, the frequency should be even shorter, keeping in mind the new experiences, fallouts, and success paths discovered in the new journey.

Hence, after developing a content marketing strategy, review the same more often, and give it a tune-up whenever necessary for better results.

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Need for Involving The Whole Company In The Content Marketing Strategy

Are you wondering if involving the whole company in your content marketing strategy a better plan or not? Well! The answer is Yes! Studies have found out that companies that meet their content teams regularly and have all the departments involved in developing a content marketing strategy tend to be more effective marketers. This ensures that all the members of the company are on the same page and are working towards the same goals. Moreover, inputs from different department experts and their viewpoints make the strategy more effective and focussed.

Every team leader or department head has expertise in his field and knows the area well more than anyone else in the company. Who better than them can give suggestions regarding difficulties faced in their field of operations and possible solutions for the same. Hence, it is very essential to educate the team leader or the department heads on the importance of content, and their role and responsibilities involved in content marketing.

The company should make sure that it opens up the channel so that the management and the employees could communicate easily and the exchange of ideas and viewpoints is more fluid with team meetups on channels such as Zoom Call, Trello Board, or Slack Channel.

The results of content management strategy can always be measures. Hence, demonstrating the success achieved from the content marketing in the forms of facts and the calculated figures and its relations to the respective departments will only boost the confidence of the department and the company as a whole.

Sharing the content marketing strategies with other stakeholders such as the executives, outside agencies, etc. is also required at times of striking deals of collaborations with outside companies so as to project the elements of the strategy and how you have planned to “sell “their products from your content marketing strategy.

Hence, sharing the content marketing strategy is beneficial to not only the ones involved in the process but also for others anywhere directly or indirectly being affected by it.

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