Quora Marketing Strategy - How To Use Quora For Business

Quora Marketing Strategy – How To Use Quora For Business in 2021

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If you are looking for an answer for all types of questions, quora is the place you should look on.

Quora is one of the most famous and biggest question and answer website with around 300 million monthly active users where people ask and answer all sorts of questions.

It has now become a platform which is a lot more than just questions to answer. It is now a platform for businesses where they can promote their products and services in the form of quora answer.

But, the sad part is many companies are not even including quora in their digital marketing strategies and which is why they are losing a good amount of their potential customers.

Companies which are using quora have not implemented the quora marketing strategy in a right manner and which is why they are failing in getting good results.

 If you want to know how to use Quora for marketing effectively, then here is a detailed guide giving you the best tips on how to create a good quora marketing strategy for your business.

Let’s get started.

1. Make A Strong Quora Profile

This is the first step towards Quora Marketing and creating brand awareness on this platform.

It is essential to make your profile strong for quora users in order to get attention from them. To promote a brand, you must add a great bio, add your company’s name, add links of your website and other social media accounts, create topic which your audience love to read about, start answering to questions which are related to a particular topic and share them on your profile and be relevant to your niche.

Make sure to mention your designation in your profile like CEO of a specific company to reflect authenticity of your profileand business.

Many individuals and authors who are making their name in the field of thought leadership finds quora a great medium to reach their target audience.

IMPORTANT TIP: Only the first 50 characters of your bio are shown in your profile. So make them count.

2. Select The ‘Know About’ Topics

Choosing relevant topics to answer questions should be done in a correct manner as there are many topics available on quora so you have to select only those topics which are relevant to your business. Always select the categories which have a high number of subscribers. When answering questions to such popular categories, many people will be able to view, read and share your answers.

Including this in your quora marketing strategy will prove to be highly effective.

3. Suggest Edits

If you have some information or facts which can increase the value of the top answers, then you may suggest edits to gain exposure. Using this feature, you can update or add something to the existing answer of other person. The newly edited content obviously needs approval from the owner of that reply.

TIP: You can suggest edits any number of times.

NOTE: Don’t try to add irrelevant links. Your main motive should be to increase the value of the ranking answer with more supporting information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The edits can only be suggested for replies and not for blog content.

4. Make Use of Quora’s Ad Platform

Thinking of how to get thousands of views on your content on quora within a few hours of publishing? Well you should definitely try out quora ads.

Just like Google, Facebook, Instagram and other popular social media platfoms which are used for marketing, quora has its own ad running platform which allow users to create blog posts, post industry specific blog or site links and promote them on quora using quora ads.

The quora’s ad platform provides you with various types of targeting options such as topic targeting, question targeting, audience targeting and interest targeting. Whether your aim is to improve brand awareness or boost traffic to your website, quora ads can be very beneficial.

Running paid ads is one of the biggest part of social media marketing.

IMPORTANT TIP: Connect your quora profile to Google Analytics to measure the referral traffic coming from quora ads to your website. In this manner you can measure the performance of your ads in terms of numbers and make relevant improvements.

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5. Answer Relevant Questions Only

The main element of quora marketing strategy is to deliver the solution to the problems asked by the audiences by replying with appropriate answers. It is a great platform and should be used wisely to make your business a brand. Quora questions and answers mostly rank on the first page of Google whenever a user searches for questions which are present or has been asked on quora.

Consider the following points while selecting questions on quora:

  • The ratio of followers to the number of answers made on that question should be 7:1.
  • Check what answers others have written and if you can provide better added information than the one already present.
  • The questions should be topic specific which are related to your niche and bio.
  • Answering quora questions with an emotional pull gives you a chance to standout from all the other replies.
  • You can even use the search box present at top right corner of the site to search for questions which are specific to your industry.

6. Create Valuable Content

Write informative, unique and engaging content that gives users the piece of information which they are looking for. Lots of quora answers are filled with just self promotion or product promotion without giving valueable information to users and this is why to drive traffic from quora your content marketing and answering strategy should be unique.

Choose a category related to your business and find out questions which are trending in that category. Make sure that every piece of information your are writing in your answers is either true or taken from a verified source.

The tone of your answers should be according to the niche.

Make sure that you are not promoting your products or services directly by adding site link in your content. Placing the link of your site unnecessarily in the content can lead to removal of your answer. Always remember that quality content and meaningful information can increase the number of followers easily.

Having a good following on quora can definitely increase the chances of getting a good redirect traffic on your product or service page by including site links in your content and bio.

Although quora offers nofollow links but still it can boost your Off Page SEO.

7. Emphasize On Editing and Formatting of Answer

Take a look at the answers that are already ranking on top because your aim is to write your answer in a much better way. Also, you should definitely answer questions by adding correct and genuine information in them. You can even use italic or bold font options to highlight certain words or sentences.

Make sure to include links and industry specific keywords in a natural way so that your customers can find them related and click on the site links if they find it important.

8. Adding Pictures

Adding a picture makes your answer more attractive, engaging and understandable. Humans always prefer images more than reading text. Which is why try to create unique, engaging images or download free to use images for answers quora audience is looking for. The chances of a user reading your whole content increases when eye-catchy images are used.

9. Link Quora With Other Social Media Accounts

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. can help in growing your Q/A platofrm Quora easily. Having a social proof helps in increasing the credibility of your content and blog posts which you post on Quora.

10. Save Your Answer From Getting Collapsed

The answer which you have published may not be visible to other people if collapsed or hidden by Quora team.

Yes you read it correct.

If the information provided in your content is not correct or your content looks promotional and targeted mainly to get customers then the chances of your reply getting collapsed are high.

Here are few more reasons behind why your reply got collapsed:

  • Getting downvotes on your answer. This shows that users are not liking your content and something is annoying them which should be changed.
  • When the suggestions suggested by moderators are not implemented.

Publishing regularly and still now getting enough views can be because of collapsing of your content. Now that you know how to use Quora, start implementing these things on your account and notice the changes.


If you want people to connect with you on quora then posting high quality blog post and content is a must. You can include the above given points in your quora marketing strategy and can generate good referral traffic for your site.

Feel free to ask if you have any doubts in implementing the same.

Drop your views in the comment section.

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