How To Get Google Reviews For Your Business

7 Best Ways To Get Google Reviews For Your Business?

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Google Reviews are a very important part of marketing for every business listed on Google, be it small or big.

90% of the customers read reviews online before visiting a store or trying services of any other business.

Here Are Some Best Tips on How To Get Positive Google Reviews For Your Business

1. Ask For It

Asking for google reviews and rating is probably the easiest thing and the most simple task any business can do. Whenever you are talking to your customers who are happy with your services then you can definitely request them if they can leave a positive review on your Google My Business page as a feedback about your services and say few appreciative words about your services and products.

If someone is willing to give you reviews instantly being at your store or physical business address then that would be excellent for your listing on google as it will develope trust and reputation among other users.

Also, you can prepare a list of emails and send your loyal clients a mail and ask them if they can write a review and 5 star rating for your services on google.

But, do not push your customers again and again to write a google review because pushing your customers might irritate them resulting in a negative review on your local business listing.

A gentle reminder like a text or a call saying, “Thank you for shopping with us. If you liked our service(s) then do leave a review on our business profile” will do the job for you.

Asking for reviews is the most subtle way of gaining lots of positive reviews on google maps listing.

2. Guide Your Customers In Steps On How To Do It

For getting more Google reviews, Script Consultants will advice you to ask or call your customers to drop a review for your product of services on your google listing and if they don’t know how to do that then you have to guide them properly in a step by step manner as doing this will not only get google reviews for your online listing but will also give you many happy customers.

Leaving a review is not a long or complicated process but still, the customers will avoid it in most cases unless they are really amazed or annoyed by your service.

Ensure that your users has to click a minimum number of times to reach on the “leave a review” section.

You can even create a custom link for your google my business page and provide that custom URL to your customers as this process will land them directly on the reviews section and will make it easy for them to write a positive review for your services.

The best thing about custom review link is that, users can click on the link and open it on both mobile phones and desktops.

Mention this link everywhere, be it on e-receipts, emails, visiting cards or anywhere else. Easier the process of reviewing, more the number of google reviews you will get.

3. Fake Reviews Are A Big No

We all are the people of Internet generation and we all know what a fake review looks like. No one is going to get fooled with those bot reviews, so never opt for fake reviews for your business on google as users trust online reviews a lot and seeing fake reviews will decrease the credibility and reputation of your business.

Writing reviews from your own personal accounts, buying reviews will impact your listing negatively.

Also, when you buy fake reviews or star ratings, they may get deleted over a period of time once those fake accounts are deleted. Businesses that run on honest customer feedback go a long way.

So do not get yourself into unethical things like buying reviews or doing them yourself from same IP address.

Note: If you are thinking about how many reviews google allows on one listing then the answer is unlimited.

4. Verify Your Business

One of the best way of getting more google business reviews is by verifying your business on Google.

For this you need to sign up for Google my business account, follow the registration process and get verified.

Therefore, if anyone is looking for a local service online, then there will be high chances of your business showing up on google local listing (if your business is related to the searched service). The results shown will contain a legit page with information about your products, services and other things.

Once your business is submitted in Google My Business then you will have a seperate dashboard from where you can edit, update or delete any information about your business which you want to show in google local listing result page.

Also, your ranking on Google SERP will increase or decrease from the content you have updated in your listing. Therefore make sure to update relevant and quality content only.

The more complete your business profile is going to be, the more Google will favour it in its ranking. When the visibility score of your listing will increase, more potential customers will be able to see you listing and once they have taken your service, they will leave reviews & ratings about your service which in turn will increase and improve the google reviews of your business.

5. Dealing With Negative Reviews

Every business focuses on how to get more google reviews but only a few pay attention on how to get positive reviews.

When you give a great service to your customers you get great feedback and reviews.

Make sure that you always respond to reviews with a thank you.

This leaves a good impression about your brand in front of other searchers and consumers. It shows how you value your customers.

Even if there are a few bad or negative reviews, do not try to delete or ignore them. Understand what problems your customers are facing, find a solution and respond to them.

Doing so is likely going to improve the customer trust.

After replying on a particular negative review, you can also contact to that customer privately to resolve their queries.

When customers sees that you are eager to resolve the issues, they gain trust in your brand and are assured that if anything goes wrong, you will be there for support and help.

Are you seeing the power of google reviews?

This is why it is always advised to people running businesses online to get more google reviews and request their customers to leave positive feedbacks and reviews on google as this is a great marketing and branding technique.

6. Get Reviews On Other Platforms As Well

Getting Google review for your business should be one of your main goals.

However, customers are likely to read reviews on multiple platforms to be completely sure about your business and services. This is that reason why local businesses should also pay attention on getting reviews on other platforms as well.

You can ask some of your consumers to leave a short and simple 5 star review on a few other sites as well where you have the presence of your business.

If all of your reviews are coming on your Google My Business Page and there are no reviews on other local listing platforms then even your original reviews might look fake to someone.

7. Customer Service and QR Codes

You can create a QR code (just link a custom link) for your business which directs your customers to your google review page upon scanning. This is an easy option to get more google reviews and much as personal recommendations for your services and listing on google.

Also, you can print the QR code on your brochures just like you place the link of your listing on your receipts, promotional material and other receipts so that the customers won’t find it difficult in opening the google review page after using your products or services.

Apart from this, providing high quality customer service is very important as bad google reviews can leave a negative impact on your potential clients and users.

Whether your company is or is not at fault, you must be willing to help your customers with whatever they need.

This will create a great experience for your clients and users and they will happily give their valuable feedback on your google maps listing.

You can even ask your partners and even your staff members to share their experience with your company on major online reviews sites.

Ensure that your customers are satisfied with your service and this is a good way to get google review for your listing.

Final Words

These are some of the best ways to get more google reviews. Make your online business skyrocket by getting online reviews as much as possible.

Do not engage in foul practices to get google reviews as there is nothing better than organic growth.

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  1. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    OMG!!! I am sure I was missing some great ways to get more positive reviews on my google listing. I am surely going to implement each and every step you have given in your article and I hope to get more 5 star reviews on my google local listing.

  2. Hibben
    Hibben says:

    My local listing currently has a rating of 4.1 with almost 3000+ reviews on it. I was looking for ways to increase my rating to 4.5+ and was refraining myself from buying fake google reviews. After reading this amazing guide on ways to get google reviews I realized that how many easy reviews I was ignoring till now.

  3. Cusirda
    Cusirda says:

    A friend of mine shared this amazing guide with me and after implementing the strategies given here I am getting much more reviews than ever on my google business listing page.
    Thanks a ton.

  4. James rapaport
    James rapaport says:

    I am amazed how easy it was to get positive reviews on my GMB listing.
    I got 31 positive 5 star reviews on my google business page after reading this article.
    Tons of thanks.


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