How To Create Your Own Google People Card or Add Me To Search Card

Add Me to Search – How To Create Your Google People Card

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Script Consultants (Also known as the Best Copywriting Agency in Singapore) is going to solve the most asked question of 2021 i.e how to create a people card or add me to search on Google?

So, read this article till end to know everything about the “Add Me To Search” feature of google.


Do you want to know how to get your profile or business card mentioned on Google in a manner given in the pic below?

Google's People Card

Google’s People Card

If yes then this article will give you a step by step process on how to create your “people card” on Google within a few minutes.

The “add me to search” feature of Google helps in displaying the data of a company, profile, or an individual person in a visual virtual box.

It is now even included in many digital marketing strategies.

Google has launced this feature for every individual where they can register their name or create a profile with Google and rank on google’s search engine result page.

You all must have thought at one time or another about how to get your name or business name ranked high on search engines without having a website.

Well, using Google’s latest feature which is People Cards, a virtual search card or say a virtual visiting card, you can get your name rank high on Google search engine without even having a website.

There are many benefits of Google People Cards which if used in a correct manner, can get you ranked on top position and that too without having a domain name.

How To Create Your Google’s People Card?

NOTE: You can create people cards or virtual visiting cards from a mobile phones only and users browsing on mobile browser only can see your virtual business card. Also, this feature is currently available only in India.

Step 1: Start From Google

For creating your People Card, Firstly you need to login in your personal google account from your mobile device, and after that, type “add me to Search” or “add me to Google” in the google search bar.

Once done, you will be getting the top search results of adding yourself to Google search results.

You can tap on that link to get started.

Add Me To Search

Add Me To Search

Step 2: Fill Up Your Information

Once you tap on get started and begin with creating your people card, you will be required to fill up your personal details or business relevant information like name, occupation, location, about, work, education, social media profiles, email and contact information.

Fill up all required information

Fill up all required information

Step 3: Preview And Save Your Details

After filling up all your details in step 2, you can preview the details for any correction and also see how your people card or google card will look on SERP.

Once finalized, click on the save or submit button.

You have now successfully created your virtual card or google people card within minutes.

Preview of your Google People Card

Preview of your Google People Card

Step 4: Check By Searching Your Name On Google

To see your google people card on your mobile phone, you can search it by entering your name in the Google search bar.

However, the add me to search option will be only visible to the users of India as Google People Card is available only in India (as of now).

Why Should You Create Google People Cards?

The Google people card or add me to search is a great way to make a strong online presence for business professionals and self employed individuals.

Using this feature self employed people can let others know about the services they provide or give an overview about their business in a single click on their google search app with all rights reserved.

In order to know more about why you should create Google search card, you should check out the points listed below.

  • The add yourself to google feature helps individuals and businesses gaining the desired online presence by getting their personal email and phone number, personal social profiles, and much more immediately indexed on Google.
  • The add me to search feature is best for a famous personality who do not have a strong presence in online world, for those who has recently started their own business, for job hunters, for prospective employees, etc.
  • By adding your relevant data on people cards you can make users know about your business, make people to visit plus shop, highlight your existing website or social profiles and other relevant pages.
  • The google people card is like a virtual visting card or virtual business card which can help users to quickly find information like phone number,website, social profiles, name, profession and location about specific people, influencers, entrepreneurs, freelancers or anyone on google search.
  • This new feature called people cards is specially designed for professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, influencers, or people to showcase their multiple modules like their work experience, portfolio, etc and get found on Google’s SERP.
  • The add me to search also allows individuals and businesses to showcase their official website links and social media links to their potential clients and customers so that the users can contact them directly through their virtual visiting card.
  • Your own people card will be your intellectual property and you can even opt out through it by removing your details from it.
  • You can edit your personal information like, phone number, work experience anytime and even leave any feedback you want to via the feedback button.

With this search card, you can get your name and profile to show on top in search results when anyone searches for you but only in India as this feature is not available in other countries.

Google people card will help you in many ways, like getting more business leads, customers and clients for your company.

This is how this new search feature is solving these challenges of how an individual can get a good online visibility on Google without even having a website.

Also, by making a virtual visiting card on google users can distinguish between the different individuals who share the same name.

Making an online presence of yourself on Google gives you more chances of getting found by users on search engine.

So what are you thinking now?

Begin creating your google people cards today and if you face any problem or issue in creating your own people card then you can contact us and we will help you to create a virtual card with all relevant fields like email and phone number, etc in it.

We will even help you in getting it shown on search results.

Final Words

There are millions of business professionals and individuals ranking on top of Google search results and if you are looking to beat them in organic ranking without having a website then google people card is your answer.

Even though having a same name, by saving your google card on Google search engine, you can rank your name in google visiting cards and come on the top of Google search result page.

The add me to search section will make you famous and give you additional benefits by providing your profiles and extra information to the searchers and your potential clients.

So, if your drean is to see your name on top position of search engine then use the add me to search feature of google and create your virtual google card today.

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14 replies
  1. Gounder
    Gounder says:

    I followed whatever you have written in this article but still unable to make my own google people card or say unable to use the add me to search feature of google.
    I am from Singapore.
    Please help.

    • Script Consultant
      Script Consultant says:

      Hi Gounder,
      Thanks for going through our article.
      We would like to inform you that the “Add Me To Search” feature of Google is currently available for Indian users only.
      Hope it helps.

    • Script Consultant
      Script Consultant says:

      Hello Ahian Ahmed Rafi,
      The Add Me To Search Feature of google is only available in India as of now.
      We will update our article once this feature is available for other countries.

    • Script Consultant
      Script Consultant says:

      Yes, we can easily help you in adding your profile on Google add me to search but before that we need to know your country because the add me to search feature is currently available only in India.

    • Script Consultant
      Script Consultant says:

      Hello Abdullah Marri,
      You can add yourself on Add Me To Search by searching “Add Me To Search” on google chrome app through your mobile device.
      Note: Add Me To Search feature is available only in India as of now. We will update you once this feature is available in other countries as well.


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