Questions To Ask A Copywriter Before Hiring

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Copywriting means creating content that is capable of driving some action from the target audience. Writing lengthy content may be an easy task but the writing just two lines that are persuasive, engaging and easy to understand can be a daunting task. Every business needs a copywriter that can convey the message to the consumers in an effective way. Whenever a company is hiring a copywriter, it needs to ask a few questions that can be helpful in judging whether the person is suitable for the highly-skilled profession of copywriting!

The role of a copywriter is not restricted to just writing blogs and articles, but also creating other forms of content such as meta descriptions, promotional emails. landing pages, CTAs and much more.  Before hiring, there are some copywriting interview questions that should be asked.

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Let’s Have A Look At Some Questions To Ask A Copywriter

1. What Do You Know About Our Company?

This question may look like a very standard one but this can give you a nice idea about how much research the copywriter had done before coming for the interview. If the writer has researched well, then it becomes easy for you to ask some copywriting questions that are more relevant to your product or service.

2. Do You Have Experience of Writing In My Industry?

Different copywriters may have an interest in writing on different niches. You can get great benefit on hiring someone who is related to your industry and niche.

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3. What Is Your Research Process Before Writing?

Good content is synonymous with accurate and efficiently researched content. A copywriter with great researching ability can write anything with confidence. The trust of consumers on your website increases when the facts mentioned are accurate.

4. What Should Be Done To Optimise The Content For Search Engines?

If you want any blog to rank, the content should be SEO optimised. You can ask the candidate about various terms such as keywords, meta tags, anchor text and much more.

5. Have You Worked In A Team Before?

Some writers always work as freelancers and are not used to coordinate with other team members. It is important to understand the attitude of the copywriter about working in a team and following the instructions. The writer has to work with the designer to ensure good final results.

6. How Much Versatility Do You Have In The Writing Style?

Businesses have to create different types of content according to different products and services. It can be educating, storytelling, funny or anything in which the targeted audience is interested. If you get a copywriter who can write a wide range of content with compassion, then it can be an icing on the cake.

7. What If You Don’t Get Good Feedback On Your Copy?

A good writer always appreciates feedback as it helps in continuous improvement. Writing is an art and there is no place of ego in this. Asking this question is important as the copywriter who is not ready to edit the content cannot be considered as a good writer.

8. Can You Work With Strict Deadlines?

Completing a project can be a complicated task, but meeting deadlines is also essential in the corporate world. You can ask the candidate about past experiences and the turnaround time. When a person takes writing as a profession, then it becomes a responsibility to balance different aspects simultaneously such as creativity, research work, speed and technicality.

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9. What Are The Resources You Prefer While Writing?

The copywriting knowledge of a candidate is reflected on the resources used while writing. Good content always uses information from genuine resources.  Wrong information always leads to bad reputation. If the candidate cannot provide some names, then it shows less desire of learning and improving.

10. Can You Share An Experience Where You Have Produced Measurable Results For Any Client?

The aim of a copywriter is to create content that grabs the attention of the audience and drive sales from it. Some examples of measurable results can be a boost in followers or subscribers, increased email conversion rate or a huge number of eBook downloads. If a copywriter has a past experience of producing profitable results, then the candidate is perfect for hiring.


When copywriting is a major part of content marketing, you can’t go wrong in selecting the wrong person for this profile as it can have a negative effect.

The above given are 10 most important copywriting questions that any company may ask before hiring.

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