Three Reasons Why Outsourcing Content to a Copywriting Agency is Good for Business

Team Script shares why outsourcing content creation is crucial for businesses in the digital era.

Should You Hire a Copywriting Agency?

What is Copywriting and What Does a Copywriting Agency Do?

Copywriting is the art and science of writing content for the purpose of selling products and services. All the creative products we see in the advertisements and media, from billboards to flyers, are written by copywriters. There are many copywriters available for hire. You can find many online working as freelance copywriters. There are also copywriting agencies like us (usually copywriting agencies also double as marketing agencies).

Copywriting has many technical aspects to it. Imagine reading a story book with the most captivating story line. You want to read it until the end because you want to know how the story goes. Essentially, that is what copywriting aims to achieve with your brand. Engaging copy can help your audience get to know more about your values and offerings. To do so, however, your copy needs to be concise and clear, and in the case of digital copywriting, it needs to be fully optimized to enhance its discoverability. It requires more than just an exceptional command of the English language. Copywriters must be conversant of a wide range of topics to create insightful and relevant copy.

Meanwhile, a copywriting agency is a professional organization dedicated to bringing copywriting solutions to businesses. The scale of projects a copywriting agency can undertake is typically larger than the ones taken by freelancers, as it requires more elaborate marketing collaterals and regular benchmarking of how the campaign progresses over a fixed period of time.

Copywriting in the Digital Era and the Need for Outsourcing Content

The proliferation of various digital mediums over the last decade, from social media to blogging sites, has changed our focus on what copywriting should entail. Copywriting has departed from its conventional role as a one-way advertising medium to multifaceted strategies that can be employed to gain a better understanding and form a better relationship with the market demographics. In other words, copywriting has now become a useful tool to build brand awareness and generate higher conversion rates. It is considerably more cost-efficient than any forms of traditional media.

This is not a mere supposition. Currently, the global content marketing industry has enjoyed an annual compound growth rate of 16%, projected to grow from $195.58 billion in 2016 to $412.88 by 2021. With higher demand for content, companies must now compete in an increasingly saturated environment. This means that they must be able to produce high-quality content at a faster rate to garner enough readership consistently.

While most companies have their in-house creative teams to deal with their marketing strategies, managing consistent and precise content strategy can be challenging, especially if your company also focuses on other aspects of your value chain, including marketing, product development, and sales. 

Outsourcing sometimes becomes a much more viable option as there are many copywriting teams out there that offer professional, high-quality content to help you establish active brand engagement. Having your content written by a team of professionals allows you to concentrate on other fronts of your business. To put it simply, outsourcing your projects to a copywriting agency comes with its unique perks. Here are three main reasons why a copywriting agency can help improve your company’s bottom line:

Copywriting agency can deliver SEO-focused content

1. Copywriting agency helps boost your online presence with effective SEO content strategy

Not having a website can hurt your business. This is because in-store shopping activities have now been primarily influenced by online research. Subsequently, digital content marketing is now an important touchpoint to cinch better sales.

Consumers seek information online before they make a necessary purchasing decision in a behavior called ROBO (Research Online Buy Offline). Around 67% of consumers engage in some form of online research before purchasing anything, with 47% of consumers using company websites to gather necessary information on the products. The number is significantly higher for smartphone users, with 82% of them consulting their phones on purchases they are about to make, as reported by Forbes.

This is where professional content creation comes into the picture. While you can create in-house digital collaterals for your marketing needs, hiring copywriting agencies ensures that your content is not only written well but also reaches the right type of audience. Copywriting agencies understand that the most effective digital content strategy involves more than just producing premium content. It also requires excellent SEO best practices to improve your organic rankings in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). You can achieve this by creating high-quality, original content that has all the necessary elements to boost your SEO, such as engaging headlines, descriptions, and meta tags.

2. Copywriting agency is proficient in creating reader-friendly content

One of the common mistakes that businesses often do in their content strategy is producing a piece that focuses too much on their own perspective rather than the viewpoint of the readers. While tapping into your industry knowledge is crucial to create a unique and incisive writing piece, most businesses often unknowingly employ a high level of technical writing that leaves the readers confused and unengaged. But correcting these faults cannot happen overnight. According to the Content Marketing Institute, only 42% of marketers are confident about the effectiveness of their content marketing efforts. Such a low number demonstrates that an effective content strategy requires strong commitment and, oftentimes, fresh ideas to execute well.

Copywriting agencies help minimize this tendency as they try to understand your business from the outsider’s perspective. With experience in catering content to a variety of target consumers, they know how to build a content strategy for lasting engagement.

Essentially, think of the copywriting team you hire as an extension of the consumers that you are trying to engage. The only difference is that copywriters will always prioritize your needs, rather than seeking information for their own personal consumption. Good copywriters, therefore, know how to sort through the information you give to create content resonating well with the audience.

3. Copywriting agencies have already catered content to your competitors

The needs for content marketing have evolved over the last decade. According to a report by the Content Marketing Institute, the biggest content marketing challenges prior to 2010 encompassed producing engaging content (36%), followed by producing enough content (21%) and the budget to produce content (20%). Fast forward to the current landscape of the industry, and we are facing a different set of challenges. Marketers are now more concerned about the changes to search algorithms (61%) and changes to social media algorithms (45%). The shift in priorities indicates that the content marketing industry is no longer about what kind of content to produce, but rather how to keep up with an increasingly saturated marketing environment.

The current content boom we enjoy today means that customers are flooded with relevant information for their personal use. Subsequently, it indicates that vying for their attention has become ever more pressing. Outsourcing your copywriting needs is now a necessity to keep up with the competitive content environment. 

Companies outsource copywriting to scale their growth, while simultaneously producing high-quality pieces to generate leads and conversions. Content Marketing Institute has found that 86% of top-rated organizations rely on external copywriters to create their content strategies. Moreover, 72% of them view custom content to be more effective than traditional advertisements. 

The figures above suggest your competitors are already using external copywriters to help them with their content needs. With outsourced content, your competitors can outpace your growth as they can allocate their resources more efficiently. Outsourcing helps them balance between communicating with your shared market demographics and bolstering their core abilities in other areas. To keep up, we recommend you to outsource your content needs to focus more on creating growth for your business.

How to Know When to Outsource Your Content?

You can find professional copywriting agencies easily today. They mostly offer reasonable copywriting rates, depending on the scale of your project. While we believe not every content-based task requires external assistance, outsourcing copywriting for more elaborate projects can tremendously help companies. Outsourcing allows companies to focus more on growing their business without sacrificing customer engagement via their established marketing channels. Having content writers do the job for you can immensely alleviate the resources otherwise reserved for other purposes. Thus, if you feel like your business still has the capacity to grow, but you do not have the time and workforce to produce content consistently, perhaps, it is time to seek professional service to help with your content needs.

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