Content Marketing: Quality Over Quantity

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Just as how too much of a good thing could make you sick, similarly, consumers are drowning in ubiquitous content vying for their attention. Yet, content marketers continue to fall within this vicious cycle of generating more content while forsaking quality.

Here at Script Consultants, we’ll show you how to break this bad habit by looking at some guidelines to generate quality content over quantity content that’ll help you stand out amidst a cluttered digital landscape.

  • Content Simplicity:

Content Simplicity

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Consumers are busy individuals and it’s rare for them to hang on to every word that you’re saying. As such, quality content should be straightforward and easily comprehensible. Ultimately, it’s about streamlining your content to directly address the pain points of your target audience.

Furthermore, brand message simplicity is particularly important if your content is aimed at children or foreigners who are not native English speakers.

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Here are some general rules for easily comprehensible content:

  • Short paragraphs (2-3 sentences) ensures easily digestible content.
  • Rather than combining ideas into a long sentence, break it down into shorter ones where each sentence encapsulates a single idea.
  • Adjust your vocabulary according to your intended audience.

P.S: Take a look at MS Word’s Readability Statistics as a useful tool that’ll help you craft self-explanatory content.

  • Content Credibility:

Content Credibility

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Rather than just churning out mindless content, well researched content establishes expertise and consumers are more likely to view your brand as a credible resource.

Beyond presenting accurate information, it’s important to note the significance of proper grammar and zero tolerance for typos. While people may be more tolerable of linguistic mistakes for personal content, corporate content is generally subjected to a higher standard. After all, the way you communicate with your intended audience is a reflection of your brand image in which case poor grammar and multiple typos shows a lack of professionalism.

Ultimately, to produce quality content is to put effort into your research while taking note of the nitty gritty linguistic details.

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  • Content Placement:

Content Placement

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Last but not least, even a top-quality copy requires an aesthetic appeal. So how do you organize your content in a manner that facilitates understanding and maximises its potential to grab your audiences’ attention?

Here are some general rules on formatting:

  • Appropriate use of white space emphasizes key content without looking cluttered.
  • Make use of bold, italics and even to underline content if it helps to make your point.
  • Use subheadings to help organize long form text into easily readable sections.

P.S.  You may also want to consider the F-shape pattern for reading web content.

At the end of the day, rather than wasting time and resources generating subpar content, focus on creating good quality content that is easily understood, trustworthy and aesthetically pleasing.

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