Financial Copywriting Tips

8 Tips To Do Financial Copywriting That Can Be Engaging For People

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The finance industry is booming in the country. There are many financial products and services available for the investors and the competition is very high among the companies.

It is important to create a financial sales copy in such a way that the business gets more customers and profit.

As the industry of finance is huge, the role of financial copywriters and financial copywriting services cannot be ignored. Finance is considered as a technical subject but there are certain tips for financial copywriting that can be engaging for people.

1. Focus On A Specific Niche

Finance is a very wide topic and there are many particular niches that you can focus on. If you hold some experience in a particular niche, then it is better to continue and become an expert.

Some of the preferences can be:

Day Trading

It is an interesting subject to write on. It includes regular and active trading of stocks, ETFs and some other financial instruments. Many people get attracted to day trading as it comes with the hope of getting rich quickly.

But when it comes to write about it or prepare a sales copy, then a lot of research is required. You must know different aspects like technical analysis, trading psychology, fundamental analysis, and so on.

If you have any experience in day trading, then it becomes easy to produce engaging and accurate content for the audience. There is a scope in writing for day trading websites and programs.

Personal Finance

If you are a finance writer, then personal finance is an evergreen niche for you. Everyone wants to know about budgeting, spending, saving and other general financial tips.

Credit and Debit Industry

As a writer, it is an amazing niche to write on. There are many people who have high debt due to loans, credit cards and mortgages. People want to get out of it and usually look for some service or tips for that. It is possible that your sales copy can offer them some solution.

Here your piece of writing can become profitable for the business.

2. Writing Should Be Customer Oriented

People are always attracted to benefits. Try to sell benefits rather than features in your sales copy. Know your target audience and try to provide them with some solution. By targeting beginners in stock market, you may write something that simplifies the process for them.

If writing about finance for a student, then you would write everything in a more informative way. If you are writing for people with great experience in finance, then you have to research well and add some advanced information in your content.

3. Be Accurate With Data and Numbers

There is no finance without numbers and properly analyzed data. You can’t provide wrong or incomplete information when it comes to financial copywriting. Try to write compelling headlines that includes some numbers.

People always click on a headline, where they see some specific number. The headline must solve the questions floating in the reader’s mind.

4. Too Much Technicality Is Confusing

If you want the client to pay for the service that you are promoting through the sales copy, then you must educate the customer in layman terms.  Everyone wants to manage their finances but not many know the technical jargon used in the finance industry.

To avoid any confusion, it is great to use simple and understandable language. Even if you have to use technical terms, then you can provide a glossary section or such terms.

5. Understand The Value Of Money

You must have an emotional impact on the customer to get any desired action. When we promote our service and provide benefits such as ‘make money’ or ‘save money’, then people may like it. But when you hit the other non-monetary aspects via financial services copywriting, then it creates an emotional connection.

Make people realize that the financial service can provide the power, peace, happy vacation with family, and so on. This is a great way to build a loyal customer base that can give financial gain for a longer time.

6. Try To Build A Partnership With The Customers

Human beings love to purchase a product or service from humans rather than a machine or company.  Especially in the finance industry where the money is involved, people look for trustworthy people. As a copywriter, try to assure people that you are there for guiding them.

7. The Sequence Should Be Proper

There should be a proper format for writing the sales copy. You must give the introduction of the financial product or service and then other details like features, benefits, drawbacks and payment related information. All the queries in the reader’s mind must be solved in a simple way.

8. Show The Achievements

If you are an owner of a finance company or a financial copywriter, then there is nothing wrong in showcasing the success stories or achievements of the financial service. Writing about impressive returns and happy customers builds a sense of trust in the audience. So, giving a social proof is not wrong.


Writing a good financial copy is important as every person has some interest in saving or making money. The customer would make the judgment of purchasing the service based on the benefits explained in the sales copy. The above mentioned are some tips that can be implemented to get financial copywriting services right.