5 Social media marketing trends in 2019 to look out for

What is in store for viral social media marketing trends 2019?

Team Script brings to you the viral social media marketing trends 2019 that will be essential for your business success in the New Year. 2018 was indeed the year of social video. Media firms and influencers used the art of social video to bring immersive content to their audience. Lifehacks. Restaurant reviews. Makeup tutorials. These performed well on social media thanks to the social video.

Social video aside, 2018 was also the year for renewed digital content. Chatbots, Instagram story marketing, and social listening are just a few examples of this.

 So what will the social media marketing 2019 trends look like?

Let’s take a look!

 2019 will be the year of Social Listening.

Social listening sounds like a new-fangled trend but don’t be fooled. It isn’t exactly new. Social listening, as a marketing trend, started gaining prominence in early 2018. It refers to the act of crawling the web and all other social media platforms to find every mention of a brand or keyword to bring users targeted advertising based on their search history and surfing habits.

Key industry players such as Google and Sprout are offering solutions such as Google AdSense and Sprout Social to help marketers analyse various target audiences. Social listening is advantageous as it provides insights to companies on what consumers are saying about their brand. Besides, it also enables them to monitor specific keywords and hashtags used for searching them. This comes in useful when crafting marketing strategy, improving customer service and reputation management.

While social listening was an emerging trend for the former part of 2018, only a few companies used it. In 2019, this will change. Social listening will be the best way to generate leads and ‘social sell’. Social listening tools such as Awario are a testament to this.

Our recommendation for utilising the first of Social Media Marketing 2019 trend is to invest in social listening tools.


Live video will continue to dominate.

Live social video, was the most dominant trend in social media in 2018. In fact, according to 95% of brand executives, live video was the key to their 2018 marketing strategies. BrandLive predicts that live video would comprise 80% of all online content by 2020.  Streaming live videos bring a human element to digital marketing and drive up levels of brand engagement.

This social media marketing 2019 trend will gain ground in the New Year. Industry experts predict that 80% of online media we consume in the future will be video content.

Live videos increase the trustworthiness and credibility of a brand than any other marketing method. This is what makes them so valuable to brands. What’s even more convenient about live videos is that they are relatively easy to film on a low budget.

The main disadvantage of live video streaming, however, remains. As with any other candid camera situation, anything could go wrong while filming, e.g., technical issues, someone accidentally entering when they shouldn’t. Thus, planning is key when streaming live.


Microinfluencers will be imperative to your social media marketing 2019 plan.

Those of us familiar with influencer marketing would know how it works. YouTubers and Instagrammers with over 100,000 followers who promote products and other promotional content to their followers can term themselves as ‘macro influencers.’ However, what on earth is a ‘micro influencer,’ one may ask?

A ‘micro influencer’ is an active social media user with a strong enough following that is not high enough to categorize them as an ‘influencer.’ For instance, a micro influencer on Instagram can have anywhere between a 1,000 to 90,000 followers. The benchmark for being a macro influencer has been understood to be 100,000 followers and more. Once a person starts hitting the ‘million’ territory, they are said to have achieved ‘celebrity’ status.

Why is ‘micro influencer’ marketing so advantageous to brands? For a couple of reasons. Firstly, their audience seems to trust them highly as their opinions tend to be more genuine. Secondly, they tend to be very brand-relevant given that they often occupy a niche of interest. Also, they tend to be more loyal to brands given their existing brand relationship. The latter tend to be rooted in purchase history and positive brand affinity. Finally, they are far more willing to advocate for a brand than their macro counterparts. It also doesn’t hurt that they have influence, above all, in their chosen niche.

While the use of micro-influencers seemed to be in its infancy in 2018, it has been projected that the use of micro-influence will surge in 2019. More and more marketers are predicted to appreciate their potential and use it to get more publicity for their brands and products.


Chatbots will continue to chat up a storm.

Apart from social video, the use of chatbots to improve the customer experience has well and truly blown up in the marketing world. Chatbots enable brands to speak to their customers in real-time which drives up customer engagement. They are nothing new in the internet realm of things, however. Chatbots have existed ever since the good ol’ days of AOL instant messenger.

What has mostly happened to chatbots is evolution. They are now getting integrated with social media platforms. In fact, on Facebook Messenger alone, the number of chatbots jumped from 33,000 to a whopping 100,000! With chatbots, the possibilities are endless.

What makes chatbots so versatile is their ability to sell. They can recognize certain words used by a customer which then prompts them to display a variety of choices most appealing to that particular customer. Pizza Hut excels at this. Their chatbot can suggest delicious and economic pizza combinations to its users based on the words they use (‘deal,’ ‘order,’ ‘reorder’ and so on). Talk about social selling with a bite!

And that’s not all. As fun as chatbots sound as a marketing trend, they are poised to help companies in a big way. It has been predicted that chatbots are set to save the banking and medical industries a large 8 billion dollars per year in operational costs. This is in comparison to just 20 million dollars in 2017!


Ephemeral marketing will herald an era of five-second marketing spots.

This is another term that stumps most. What is ‘ephemeral marketing’? When marketing is ephemeral, it refers to momentary content that only lasts a few minutes or seconds to convey a message. The roots of ephemeral marketing can be traced back to everyone’s favorite AR video and photo messaging app, Snapchat. Users of the quick messaging service can send quirky and personalized photo or video messages that vanish in a matter of seconds.

 With Snapchat’s success, came a whole host of other social media platforms that copied its model. Instagram and its sister company, Facebook, came out with Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories respectively. They were marketing gold, especially on Instagram. See, the thing with Instagram is that its users get annoyed when a brand they follow posts very frequently. We’re talking five times a day, here. That turns off followers, and they unfollow in large numbers. It is also worth noting that Instagram is all about the aesthetic. Posting too often could ruin the aesthetic a brand could have going for it, which could also lead to more people unfollowing.

However, those problems vanish thanks to the advent of ephemeral social media such as Instagram Stories. With Instagram Stories, brands can now post promotional content however much they want without running the risk of annoying their followers. Seeing how 2018 exploded with ephemeral marketing, we predict that 2019 is going to be featuring even more of the same. Except bigger. And better.

2019 looks to be an ideal year for the marketer, thanks to the rapid and disruptive digital revolution we are in. These trends can only continue to get more and more elaborate. Social media marketing 2019 trends will help you plan your content marketing better. If you are looking for some advice on your copywriting strategy, get in touch with us today for a Free Consultation! ,

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