12 Content marketing tools for your business

What is content marketing about?

Traditional marketing involved direct sales. Content marketing is different.  It is centered on user personas. The process involves creating valuable information to potential customers. Outreach of content is as important as the content itself.

In Content Marketing, the message and the messenger are equally critical.

To put simply, the objective of content marketing is to use the relevant and useful information to create trust and rapport with customers. Every content marketing tool that you use to reach out to customers should foster a willingness for them to purchase a company’s products in the future.

In today’s highly connected environment where the consumer is bombarded with a litany of marketing messages daily, content marketing is crucial in differentiating you from others.

Is content marketing important for my business?

Understanding the importance and relevance of content marketing to your business is a big challenge. How can you drive customer sales and loyalty with content? The answers are simple:

  • First, content marketing raises awareness that there is a solution (in the form of your product) to customers’ problems. They may have a need but may not be aware that there is a solution.
  • Second, content marketing tells your customers more about your product and why it may be useful to them. Customers who are aware of the solution perform research to educate themselves.  Content marketing tools inform them whether your product is one that caters to their needs.
  • Third, content marketing justifies that customers are getting your high-quality products at a fair price – nudging them into deciding to buy your product.
  • These are powerful uses of content marketing that ultimately contribute to three key benefits for any enterprise: increased sales, cost savings and loyal customers.

12 Content Marketing tools for your business: 

The integration of various media platforms like audio, video, and graphics has definitely expanded content marketing beyond the written word. Yet, coming up with fresh, timely information has never been easier.

From content curation to video production, a wide range of tools have been developed over the years. These help marketers streamline, create and edit multimedia content without compromising on productivity and quality.

In this second part of our infographic series, we present 12 great content marketing tools that are available online.

12 Tools


With these tools handy, it is never too late to kickstart and refresh your content marketing efforts!

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Edited & Illustrated by: Script Consultants Pte Ltd

Editor’s Note: This post was first published on our website a few months ago. We had updated it with fresh and relevant content.



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