4 Emotions To Boost Your Content Marketing

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Pouring out emotions in content writing and then using those emotions in content marketing has been the best content marketing strategy in modern time or say in 2020.

Content marketers are using emotions in content marketing in this period of COVID-19 pandemic to boost their business online,

We seemingly experience a multitude of emotions on a daily basis.

But, according to the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of Glasgow, humans could very well have the emotional range of a teaspoon. However, emotions remain a powerful driver of our behaviour.

Here at Script Consultants, we will show you,

How Emotions Help In Creating Compelling Content Which Will Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts:

  • Happiness Prompts Us To Share:

Happiness Prompts Us To Share

Photo credits: hdwallpaper

Joy and laughter is infectious. Our first emotional interaction with another is to smile in response to our mother’s smile. This is known as a social smile which prompts human interaction.

Amidst record breaking bitter cold temperatures, renowned characters from the “Happiest-Place-on-Earth” brought along a touch of Disney magic as they cheekily shadowed unsuspecting shoppers at Long Island New York. With over 5 million YouTube views, it was a welcomed surprise that brought much joy and laughter to shoppers and online viewers worldwide.

There’s a greater chance of your brand’s content marketing efforts going viral if it makes us smile. After all, happiness attracts our attention and prompts us to share.

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  • Sadness Helps To Build A Connection:

Ever been brought to tears by an ad? When we’re sad, our systems are flushed with 2 hormones: cortisol, a distress hormone and most importantly, oxytocin, a corresponding empathetic hormone. So sadness is not just about brawling your eyes out. It’s the key emotion that brings about empathy and compassion.

As you stifle that sob or simply let those tears roll free, “Sadvertising” tugs at the heartstrings of consumers and helps to create emotional connections between brand and consumer.

A child’s journey through life intertwined with a father’s journey through parenthood, of road trips and heartbreaks, a human-centric approach to content marketing is much more powerful than merely stating cold hard facts. Who knew you could cry over a gum ad?

  • Fear Enhances Attachment:

Fear Enhances Attachment

Photo credits: UBC News

Contradictory to popular belief, by associating your brand with elements of horror will not repel consumers away. In fact, a study in the Journal of Consumer Research reveals the unique power of fear in creating emotional brand attachment. It’s all about making use of how we cope with fear. In the absence of a companion to cuddle with as Sadako crawls out of your television set, businesses could offer up their brands for consumers to cling on to.

It’s about forming a bond with brands that we’ve “shared” a fearful experience with and so are more likely to remember and think favourably of such brands.

If you’re looking to obtain brand loyalty, it’s time to spread your brand message especially when consumers are alone and afraid.

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  • Anger Facilitates A Call To Action (CTA):

Anger Facilitates A Call To Action (CTA)

Photo credits: Disneypictures

Anger triggers a chain reaction that drives people into action. When people are enraged, they are motivated to resolve their sense of injustice. Professor Jonah Berger from Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania concluded that anger “is a high arousal emotion… which make you more likely to pass things on.”

Now, anger isn’t about being hostile to your readers. Illicit disagreement by drawing in readers’ attention with controversial headlines and challenging popular beliefs. A delicate touch of controversy will help in the spread of your content as people want their opinions heard.

Ultimately, content marketing is not just about distributing relevant content to your audience but also a sharing of emotional responses that such content generates.

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