Four Traits Of Successful Content Marketers

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Creating content is more than just good writing.

Behind every compelling piece of content you read, is a person who thought, created and published. But as with all work, some people seem to do it better than others. Like a master with his paintbrush or a celebrated musician with her specialised instrument, it takes innate understanding and inherent skill in utilising ordinary tools to produce something extraordinary. So, what does it take to shake up the content marketing world? Here are 4 must have traits that every great content marketer should possess.

  • A Curious Mind:

A Curious Mind

Seek and you shall find. The best content marketers find joy in learning and applying their new found knowledge to generate unique, value adding content with extensive research. They are also resourceful and analytical, with a knack for translating various data into easily digestible information for their audiences. Reams upon reams of statistics aren’t a nightmare but a dream full of possibilities for a curious content creator.

Because of this inquisitiveness, successful content marketers are also highly efficient workers. They pick up helpful advice or tips along their learning journeys. From the best time to post on social media to recommendations of various content marketing tools, they take whatever they get into consideration and readily implement them into their practice.

  • Visual Sense:

Visual Sense

It takes more than just snazzy copy to grab a reader’s attention. Striking visuals can make or break a piece, and are even scientifically proven to increase memory retention and an audience’s willingness to read content. Successful content marketers recognise the importance of incorporating graphics and video for enhancing user experiences. Besides their ability to put down in words, they also possess the necessary skills to transform text into various collaterals through graphic and video making softwares or online tools.

From engaging illustrations to infographics, lifestyle videos or even interactive add ons, the future of content marketing is in sight. Though not everyone is blessed with artistic talent, a smart content marketer should have an eye for aesthetics and still be able to instinctively determine what works visually based on experience and research.

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  • Good Listening Habits:

Good Listening Habits

As much as it’s crucial to provide unique perspectives, if it alienates an audience, it’s futile. Effective content marketing requires striking a balance between identity and empathy.  Influential content marketers make sure they listen as well as they speak, cultivating strategies that enable them to understand their audience better.

Getting feedback and monitoring consumer trends are some ways successful marketers use to understand their audience. At the same time, listening also gives them an opportunity to identify new solutions brought up by the consumers themselves. Knowing how their readers tick allows them to channel their energies to content that is not only interesting, but also valuable to the audience as it answers to their needs.

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  • An Interest for Content:

An Interest for Content

You might tick all the right boxes, but if the phrase ‘content marketing’ doesn’t get you going maybe it’s not for you. Successful content marketers are so because they have a passionate interest in their work. That shows in the way they write, the angles they cover and even in the way they promote their thoughts. They know what they are writing and gain satisfaction in sharing this knowledge with others.

Content marketing is more than a task and becomes an extension of their self. Their work is their mark on the world and a way of contributing something valuable to inspire action. Personally invested, the best content marketers strive to produce content that not only informs but connects to their readers on an emotional level. Mediocre doesn’t cut it; They want to create an amazing experience for their readers.

A great writer is not necessarily a good content marketer. It takes a combination of these exceptional traits to keep readers coming back for more. Do you think you have what it takes?

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