Why Your Website Should Have Testimonials

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Out of the two sentences which one puts you off the least?

Most likely it would be the first one.

This is an example of how a testimonial can help promote your company or product without sounding contrived or pushy. A testimonial, after all, is an instance where a neutral party (usually a client) endorses your products or services.

Compare this to a straightforward sales pitch like in the second sentence above.

The latter often comes off as trying too hard and not as credible as a testimonial.

The Reasons Why Testimonials Are Effective Is Because They:

1. Inspire Trust

When a third party raves about your product or company, it tends to stick in other people’s minds. Over time this will affect how much they will start to trust your company or product.

2. Not Pushy

As testimonials aren’t written in your voice and from your point of view, consumers will view it as an unbiased review and it won’t seem as pushy.

3. Overcome Skepticism

Testimonials, especially by someone who is influential has the power to convince consumers even if some of them aren’t swayed easily.

Testimonials come in many forms. The most common form would be in words. Other testimonials are subtler and can appear in the form of print ads or video commercials.

Below are some website testimonials that we love.

Why we love it: The testimonials are short, simple and impactful which makes it easier for consumers to remember.

Why we love it: Clover uses testimonials in the form of videos. This makes it more credible and personal to the consumers.


Why we love it: As the testimonials include faces of the people giving it, it inspires trust in the consumers, as they are able to put a face to the testimonial.


Having high quality testimonials on your website or having Reviews on your Google My Business listing can help you in driving more clients for yours products and services in an easy manner as genuine and positive reviews & testimonials increases trust of users on your company.

Also, do check our guide on how to write a good testimonial to boost sales for your business in an effective manner.

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