How to write a good testimonial

How to write a good testimonial to boost sales?

We share some tips on writing a good testimonial to improve your website performance and sales.

A good testimonial can help promote your company or product without sounding contrived or pushy. A testimonial, after all, is an instance where a neutral party—usually a client—endorses your product or service.

Compare this to a straightforward sales pitch where you advertise your product or service. The latter often comes off as trying too hard and not as credible as a testimonial.

In our previous post, “Why your website should have testimonials”, we introduced some examples of testimonials that we like, and why we like them.

In today’s post we will dissect those examples and see what makes them great.

What makes a good testimonial great?

  1. How to write a good testimonial

    Make it real:  A good testimonial always states the benefits and unique features that set your services or goods apart. It helps if the text contains specific reference of use of service. For example, ask the client to write about when they used your service, how good it was and why they would want to use it again.

  2. Inspire trust:  With a good testimonial, you can inspire trust for the users who may have considered using your services but have not yet signed up for them. You can do so by highlighting the unique selling proposition of your services.
  3. Provide contact information: A good testimonial web page should always have a contact form at the bottom. If your potential customers are indeed inspired by what they have read on your web page, then make it easier for them to get in touch with you by providing a short contact form.



Now that we have shared a few best practices, here is a list of things to avoid when asking your clients to provide you with a recommendation:

Sell your product

If you try to use testimonials to actively sell your product, it will come off as a sales pitch instead of a genuine review by a person who has used your company’s product or services.

Ask testimonials from people who have never used it/False Testimonials

Not only will it ruin the credibility of your testimonials, but it will also affect your company’s credibility. Your clients will start to doubt if the product or service you offered is genuine or another lie.

Put your testimonials as anonymous

Putting your testimonials as anonymous is the same as not putting one at all. Your clients want a way to verify the information provided in the testimonial and putting anonymous reduces the credibility of what you claim. So, always ensure that you provide designations, names and other details of the clients in your testimonial.

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