Snapchat: 4 Ways To Shoot For Brand Success

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Changing the game of social media marketing, one snap at a time.

Do you know how to use snapchat marketing for your brand success? NO???

No worries as this article by the best copywriting agency in singapore will definitely solve all your doubts regarding snapchat marketing and how to use it for branding purpose.

With a 100 million users and 10 billion views per day, there is no denying that Snapchat is a force to be reckoned with. Capturing the attention of the millennial generation (aged 13 – 34) with its combination of live video, text, photos, audio and a dash of creative expression, it has encapsulated the new audience’s needs for transparency, spontaneity and personalisation.

It is impossible now to ignore Snapchat’s growing influence. The mobile app has an ability to provide marketers with unprecedented access to consumers, allowing them to interact and sell their brand story on a fun, casual level.

Here are 4 reasons why Snapchat is the go-to platform for brands.

  • Expand on Brand Stories in a Multimedia Format:

Think of traditional marketing methods as 2D and Snapchat as their 3D cousin. Snapchat’s defining factor is its ability to incorporate different forms of media components, such as video, text and other fun add ons into one multi-sensory product. Brands are able to utilise this advantage to expand on existing brand stories, adding depth and dimension to their narrative.

Expand on Brand Stories in a Multimedia Format

(Source: AOTW)

WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) was able to incorporate its core message, making use of Snapchat’s temporary video format to produce #lastselfie, a series of short snaps to remind users of the impermanence of endangered animals, urging them to take action not through phones but in reality.  

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  • Increase Exclusivity:

As stories and snaps are deleted after 24 hours, the platform has bred an environment of exclusivity solely influenced by time. The nature of this restriction comes as an advantage for marketers. Companies can use it to promote limited time deals or insider scoops into unique experiences to transport users right into the scene of things, making them feel ‘special’. When done right, brands can leverage on it to improve consumer perceptions of the brand and convince users to follow the brand on a regular basis.

Increase Exclusivity

Fast fashion retailer ASOS has worked this to their advantage, taking photos of seemingly nondescript placards containing discount codes in their snaps for users to find within their story streams.

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  • Foster Trust Through Honest Content:

What makes Snapchat different is its insistence on instant, real time recording. Snaps are either published or deleted and users are not given the luxury of mulling over the best way to phrase a message or edit a photo to perfection. The key is creating honest content that is straightforward and trustworthy.

Ultimately, Snapchat enables the brand to showcase itself as it is, giving people the chance to know more about the company in a realistic context. The rawness and authenticity of this format is appreciated and it helps consumers form greater trust with a brand that they see is willing to ‘open’ up to them.

Foster Trust Through Honest Content

(Source: New York Times)

The New York Times focuses on this aspect well, gaining rapport from its readers by using Snapchat to document the daily struggles of its staff writers interspersed with educational stories revolving around the app.

  • Capture Attention Through Fun:

Stuffy, static ads are a thing of the past, as people now crave for responsive campaigns where they can participate and seek entertainment value out of. Snapchat’s whole host of interactive add ons, such as the face swap, freehand drawing function and filters provide the tools for brands to switch up their persona and seek new avenues to capture their audience’s attention. Not only are people pleasantly surprised by innovative campaigns done through Snapchat, using unconventional methods also helps users remember better.

Capture Attention Through Fun

(Source: WDWfanzone)

Disneyland collaborated with the mobile app to create geo-location filters for its theme parks, an entertaining addition to its visitor experience. Users are able to take on the faces of their favourite Disney characters or view pop up graphics like the one on top on their snaps when they visit a particular area, helping them create unforgettable memories of themselves and of the park.

Snapchat is quickly becoming an indispensable addition for any brand’s social media portfolio. Be at the forefront in this wave of change!

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