How To Drive Better Marketing Results With LinkedIn Polls

How To Drive Better Marketing Results With LinkedIn Polls?

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LinkedIn Polls feature has made a comeback after the professional networking platform took it away in 2014. However, previously the LinkedIn pools were only available in Groups, the new LinkedIn Poll feature is accessible to all users with some added functionalities as well.

How To Use LinkedIn Polls

What Are LinkedIn Polls?

The advent of digital marketing has enabled brands to deliver highly immersive customer experience. There are a lot of tools that marketers can use to get information related to the interest of their potential audience in order to create a personalised marketing campaign which will have the least probability of failing.

Earlier last month, LinkedIn rolled out its native poll feature after a lengthy series of testing in April. LinkedIn Polls feature is a feasible, virtual way for businesses to tap into the insights of their audience.

LinkedIn Polls

By asking our network for feedback, not only are we able to get pertinent and timely market trends, but we can also engage the audience and fellow marketers alike with insightful conversations. Besides its high degree of interactivity, this feature democratises the poll results since participants can monitor the trends in real-time.

All of these advantages can help businesses position themselves in the market better and create highly successful strategies.

Similar to the poll features on other social media platforms, such as Facebook, the polls on LinkedIn can control the accessibility of the poll result with answers.

This option is incredibly useful for marketers to determine the range of the poll audience, so that only the selected groups are able to cast their votes. The pollster can also set the duration of the poll, which spans from only a day up to two weeks.

Moreover, the author can view the accumulative results in a percentage format along with the number of votes per option. If you create a poll on your company’s LinkedIn page, all the admins are able to see which option and how each participant voted.

How LinkedIn Polls Differ From The Poll Features of Other Social Media Platforms?

Social media polls are not a new thing in the realm of content marketing. In fact, other platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, are already known for their highly engaging native poll features. So, how will LinkedIn cave out a niche for its newly-launched feature, then?

To answer the question, we must take a look at the types of interactions that dominate each platform. Each social media platform leverages a poll feature in a different way.

Twitter, with its fast-paced nature and limited characters, is perfect for gaining quick traction on interesting topics thanks to the app’s super simple User Interface (UI). The app’s algorithm can also make the poll tweet by a brand easily discoverable by other users.

Meanwhile, Instagram Stories is a haven for ephemeral visual engagement. The polls more often correspond to videos or pictures curated in the brand’s Instagram Stories. While this allows users to enjoy much more personalised brand experience, the poll feature on Instagram does not allow for more elaborate discussions or interactions among the brand’s audience.

LinkedIn polls perform relatively similar to these other polls.

However, the professional networking giant also bolsters the feature with a few unique advantages.

Brands can push the poll live to any of their connections, specific LinkedIn Groups they’re part of, and to anyone across the LinkedIn network. In other words, marketers are given more room to cater the polls to specific audience, and thus, receive more accurate and focused insights.

Driving Business Results With LinkedIn Polls

Now that we have gauged the potential of LinkedIn Polls, the only question that remains is how brands can apply this feature in their branding strategies.

Here are some of the ways you can use the feature to drive business results:

1. Figure Out Your Audience’s Primary Goals

LinkedIn Polls can help you come up with new, creative content and promotional ideas that resonate with your audience. This is especially helpful if your audience comes from a wide range of industries.

By creating a poll that narrows down their top goals, you can pinpoint how your expertise can help them achieve those goals. It also gives you a better understanding of how your industry interacts with other sectors.

2. Gauge the Audience’s Content Preferences

You have tonnes of content ideas – like infographics or videos – that you want to incorporate into your next content plan. Nonetheless, you are unsure about how they will be received by your loyal following.

The answer to this is simple: create a LinkedIn poll with your content options in mind.

This will help you understand your audience’s content preferences better and ultimately lead you to create a content plan that receives higher engagement!

3. Obtain Feedback on Current Products and Services

You can use the poll feature to gauge your audience’s receptivity to your current value offerings. Thereafter, you can improve upon those offerings from their insights.

You can even create a few follow-up polls that let you further determine how your products and services can be enhanced to satisfy their needs.

4. Measure The Public Receptivity To New Product or Service Concepts

Feeling uncertain about which direction you should take for your next marketing launch?

Then consider asking your LinkedIn network for feedback on the next product or service concepts you are planning to release.

You can use their feedback to help you identify opportunities and risks that your next marketing campaign will likely to have ahead of time.

In fact, take this opportunity to create focus groups for your future market research efforts.

5. Uncover The Audience’s Top Pain Points

LinkedIn Polls Pain Points

Source: Social Media Examiner

If you are looking for more ways to deepen your relationship with your target audience, LinkedIn Polls can help identify some of the challenges that your customers face. Your brand can use the insights from the poll to add more value to your current offerings to better suit your customers’ changing needs.

Final Words

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