AI and Social Media – How AI Is Transforming Social Media World?

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Do you know how AI and social media are going hand in hand in today’s time? Are you aware of how AI is changing the whole social media world and all social media tools? If not then this is the right article for you to know everything about AI and Social Media.

AI is a process to make everything human-like. Indeed it has been successful to a great extent, and currently, it is used on many social media platforms. Like you’re scrolling your social media feed, there are billions of others doing the same. Now imagine the data a social media platform deals with every second. It’s as big as the sea!

And that’s where the need for AI in social media occurs. From recognizing your face to showing you your preferred content, ai does it all. Here you will know everything from A to Z about AI and its importance on social media platforms.

AI- A Short Intro

AI or ‘Artificial Intelligence is the science of making machines smarter. Machines are already smart, but AI gives them the ability to speak, see and hear like humans. That’s basically ‘humanizing’ machines.

Knowingly or unknowingly, you are using it every day in almost all cases.

Remember the Google assistant following your instructions, Netflix showing recommendations as per your choice, Amazon showing products of your interest, real-time navigation to guide you through your journey- all are AI contributions.

Not to forget, the suggestions you get when responding to a mail are also ai-driven.

These Ai tools are coded by humans to imitate them.

Natural Language Processing

NLP, or natural language processing, is a branch of computer science that gives texting and speaking ability to the computers like human beings. Do you remember how you instruct Alexa or Siri? Through voice, right! You translate a language you don’t understand via Google translate. Again, through voice. Similarly, many applications and sites work on natural language processing.

Role of AI In Social Media

1. Facebook

The friends you see in the tag options or the new friends’ suggestion list are not random but recommended through ai. At first, your historical performance, research, and activities are tracked. Based on that, ai creates a recommendation list to help you reach your friends and engage with them fastly. AI in Facebook also helps in recognizing faces.

2. Instagram

AI reaches you to those people who might be interested in you, or you might be interested in them. It fills your newsfeed with the content you have followed or liked.

3. LinkedIn

The leading job portal app helps in making professional relationships between people. It presents the profiles of job seekers who are actively looking for jobs to those who might require them. You might have noticed you get good engagement when you remain consistent on LinkedIn for several hours. No matter how good your content is, it will reach the lowest people if you post and vanish. This is because AI and machine learning gives priority to those who are most active on the platform.

4. Twitter

While creating thumbnails or replying to a tweet, ai helps you do it faster by identifying faces and suggesting replies.

Social Media Advertising and AI

Artificial intelligence and machine learning systems work behind the scenes in all social media platforms, but it does not mean you can’t use them for personal purposes. Several AI tools allow marketers to leverage it for their social media strategy.

1. Creation And Management Of Content

You can auto-generate or auto-schedule content for different channels, including different hashtags and links. AI finds out the correct time of posting and the right hashtags that work great for you. Also, the keywords that your audience is using to get your service or product. It reduces the excessive time and efforts you would have invested by doing it all yourself.

2. Monitoring

Indeed, the posting and ghosting scheme gives zero output. Hence, you should take the help of artificial intelligence that monitors your profiles and audience. AI uses its power to extract data and insights and apply them to track your brand performance and manage your brand reputation. As these insights are real-time, you get the power to leg up against your competitors.

3. Social Media Advertising

Whether you are a small-scale or global market brand, you have complete flexibility to create and run ads and reach your targeted audience. Again these ads are delivered through AI-based tools which work on demographic and behavioral targeting. Additionally, these ads are well optimized for high conversion and clicks. That means you don’t have to hire an advertiser to create ads for Facebook and Instagram.

4. Chatbots

Remember the chatbox that instantly opens when you visit your favorite e-commerce website. There is not anyone sitting personally to talk with you, but it’s a chatbot- an ai powered tool. A chatbot helps you in navigating and knowing more about the website for a better experience. There are many businesses and brands which use chatbots to answer consumer queries 24/7. Chatbots also track and analyze your shopping history and determine your behavior, not just for conversation.

This data further gets modified and used in digital marketing campaigns to increase the final ROI. Besides, chatbots also resolve inquiries and complaints thrown by customer ends. Consequently, it renders efficient customer service and establishes a relationship between the brand and the customer.

Future of Social Media With AI

With every passing moment, social media is filling with several users. Due to the massive number of users, it has become an excellent marketplace. This growth process will continue in the future as long as there is the Internet. Additionally, brands are excelling in their business with the help of social media advertisement, which is not possible without ai. Consumers are also searching for their desired product and service on social media sites. This depicts that ai is not going to vanish anytime in the future, but it will strengthen.

Top Social Media AI Tools

  • Chatbots– for talking with your customers when you are not around.
  • Yext– for monitoring reviews online.
  • Pattern89– for optimizing social media ads.
  • Phrasee– for optimizing email headlines.
  • Persado– for customization of content that resonates with the relevant audience.
  • HubSpot– for scheduling posts.

The Takeaway

Over the past few years, AI has helped many businesses to grow exceptionally. The outputs are so clear and big that marketers are continuing to take help from AI and will continue to do so in future.

If you are yet unaware of AI and machine learning, you need to know it and supercharge your brand. Delaying every second is a big loss!

For more knowledge about AI, hit us right now with your queries.

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