15 Content Marketing Trends To Watch Out In 2023

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If you are looking for content marketing trends for 2023 then you are reading the right article.

Understanding the evolving consumer behaviour and their needs is vital in planning a content marketing strategy for 2023 and beyond which will help you stay ahead of your competitors.

A well-woven content marketing strategy helps to create and distribute valuable, consistent and relevant content. This in turn, attracts and helps to acquire the target audience towards your brand, products, and services.

Due to the global pandemic, businesses are rebuilding their content strategy from scratch as most of the proven theories are inappropriate under the current circumstances.

The content marketing scenario has shifted the paradigm in 2023 when compared to the last few years. With more dependency on online platforms, consumers tend to lean on the brands they trust for their changing needs.

The content marketing budget of marketers increased by 43% in 2021 and is predicted to increase by 66% in 2023. So, focusing on the content marketing trends mentioned below will help you plan and strategize ahead for the coming year.

  1. Deep dive understanding of consumer intent.
  2. Documenting content marketing strategies is key to success.
  3. Customer retention over acquisition.
  4. Concentrating on the E-A-T principle.
  5. Data to drive content planning.
  6. Serving the users and search engines.
  7. Storytelling is the future of content marketing.
  8. Increasing demand for personalized marketing approach.
  9. Business-oriented marketing is the focus for 2023.
  10. An amalgamation of various formats for compelling content marketing strategy.
  11. Leveraging technology for content marketing.
  12. Leveraging voice search.
  13. Creating compelling content that matters.
  14. Smart content marketing strategy to leverage SERPs.
  15. All-inclusive content marketing across various formats and platforms.

While we explain the content marketing trends for 2023 below, we will provide you with tips to capitalise on while creating your own content marketing strategies.

1. Deep Dive Understanding of Consumer Intent 

As you may have already experienced, focusing solely on keywords is not helpful today. Digital marketers have to unearth the actual search intent of the users. It is vital to understand the user intent and create content that will help users to connect with the brand to achieve their goals.

Speaking directly to consumers’ needs is the key to success in the present content marketing scenario. Understanding what and why people are searching on the internet will help you build a strong content marketing strategy in 2023.

Pause and take a look at the user journey to identify the content gaps. Find out the spots where users are leaving your platform and create content to bridge the gaps. This will help to provide a seamless experience to your consumers in the long run.

Tapping on real-time search insight will help you understand your action points to create a smooth path for the consumer journey.

2. Documenting Content Marketing Strategies Is Key To Success

As a content marketer, you might have delivered outstanding results to clients however not documenting it, may make you reinvent the wheel. Though it is true, what works today for one client is not universal for others, but having a base of what works and what not will give you an edge over content marketing strategies that works the best for you.

So, the best way to record your efforts will be to document workflows in a routine and measurable way.

3. Customer Retention Over Acquisition

This goes beyond saying that businesses around the world have suffered enormously due to the global pandemic. Today retention of prevailing consumers is essential over acquiring new ones. With the right content marketing strategies, retention of customers becomes easy and effective and even helps to acquire new business.

The right content marketing plan should not drop off after signing a contract. It must have room to share consumer experience to attract new business. It is a great practice to ask your customers, so create video content explaining their experience about your product or service they have availed. This way you can even promote your business via video marketing.

Including compelling customer reviews in your visuals and advertisement helps create trustworthiness and thus attract new customers.

Frequently updating your website content also gives enough room to users for returning to your platform for help, which may lead to customer acquisition in the future.

4. Concentrating On The E-A-T Principle

Google has reiterated the prominence of the E-A-T principle which stands for expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. These factors are the key metrics for Google to rank a website. Remember all the efforts are to provide the best in class to the target audience.

The E-A-T principle becomes even more significant in a niche that slips under the “your money, your life” category, such as healthcare, law, finance.

Two of the essentials to creating quality content is to understand your audience and to develop subject expertise.

One of the best ways to ensure that your customers care for what you create is by understanding the users’ persona. Thorough research on what your user intent is and understanding their POV will give you more clarity.

One of the best strategies for startups is to invest in specialized content to create brand recognition. Engagement of thought leadership content in your content planning will help your audiences understand the depth of knowledge you share and thus help them associate your brand as an industry leader.

5. Data To Drive Content Planning

When was the last time you tapped into your data insights before planning new content marketing strategies?

Do not solely depend on last year’s data but take a look into the real-time data insights using Google Search Console and other tools to analyze the evolving consumer trend.

Real-time tracking of data not only improves your upcoming campaign but help you in long term planning. It can help you understand two factors:

  • What do you have?
  • What are the things missing?

Identifying these two perspectives will help you strategize content in a better way to enhance customer experience. You will be able to identify the blind spots which result in losing potential customers.

Data-driven content planning is also essential to organizations where several accounts can make changes to the website such as the IT team, developers or marketers.

One of the best ways to track huge data shifts is to use a real-time tracking platform that incorporates vital insights for your business.

Keeping track of the new trends or competitors’ insight is a great way to improve your content marketing efforts and strategy for the year to come.

6. Serving The Users and Search Engines

Content marketing strategies today have undergone a havoc change where the same priority is given to the end-users as well as the search engines while promoting your business online.

There was a time when digital marketers prioritized search engine optimization over the other, but today customer satisfaction is of utmost importance.

Today Google prioritizes factors such as:

  • Deeper insights on a topic that you are writing about
  • Well explained but comprehensive content
  • Focusing on one topic at a time

This brings us to the debate of whether or not long-form optimized blog posts infused with keywords still do good in the SERPs?

Well, as explained earlier, deeper insights on a topic get priority over others on the search results. To explain a topic, it is obvious to write a long-form article.

But what doesn’t work now is writing a long article just for the sake of writing. Each word you add to an article should add value to the content and that is when you know that your article is good to rank high in SERPs. Serving customers as a subject matter expert is what Google values as well.

7. Storytelling Is The Future of Content Marketing

As content marketing evolves, digitization is taking the centre-stage but cannot replace the human connection that helps audiences connect with a brand.

We happen to come across several social media posts, articles, advertisements each day on different social media platforms, but only those which we could connect as a human could make their place in our hearts.

Your marketing success lies in a perfect blend of automation along with a gentle touch of storytelling.

No matter which platform you use to communicate with your customers, always allow your story to connect with your audience with the awe of storytelling while allowing digitization to draw insights that will help strategies your business in the right way.

Today digital marketing team members should be able to leverage technology as well as put their creativity in work for creating a successful content strategy.

8. Increasing Demand for Personalized Marketing Approach

Be it recruitment, email marketing campaigns, advertising or even social media posts, everything today demands a personalised marketing approach.

When was the last time you have replied to an autogenerated email?

I hope you don’t care to click on any random autogenerated email which is not personalised for you!

That’s how your audience thinks as well!

There has been an increasing demand for personalization in every step of digital marketing. Data and insights drawn from digitization can help understands your target audience even better to personalise your marketing campaign as intended.

Data can help you underscore the needs and goals of your target audience in every step of their buying journey.

Here are a few things you can do to personalise your digital marketing plans:

  • Bank on opportunities where your content could be personalised depending on customer expression or query, local conditions, content path, customers behaviour, or user signal.
  • Look for platforms that can monitor these opportunities and implement real-time content optimization and personalization with that data.

9. Account Based Marketing Is The Focus for 2023

Online businesses must focus on personalization and user-generated content in 2023 in order to remain competitive. Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a major content marketing trend.

The same sales funnel seems to be inappropriate for all accounts today. As of 2023, ABM is expected to become the preferred B2B marketing strategy.

Rather than generating leads with generic blog posts and advertisements on different marketing channels, ABM involves targeting specific accounts and turning them into paying customers by working together with sales and marketing teams. It is also a valuable tool for cultivating business relationships.

10. An Amalgamation of Various Formats for Compelling Content Marketing Strategy

Some stories become more popular with the audience through visual forms, written formats, or even audio formats. The fusion of content format can help a story connect deeply with your audience.

A deeper connection with your brand could be established when your story could be heard, read, seen and even touched and smelled.

Try and ask yourself how every story and message could be augmented in other formats.

11. Leveraging Technology for Content Marketing

The use of technology in business is mainframe in 2023. We would see increased human expertise with Artificial intelligence integration.

With customers expecting a quick response from businesses, AI can leverage real-time data analysis thus enabling businesses to better respond to customer requirements.

Even if you start with limited resources, your business should make the most out of it.

Technology also helps businesses to analyse and make business decisions at a lightning speed.

Similarly, through the right use of technology, a business can automate the most tedious everyday jobs that a content marketer performs and can contribute their valuable time to something more creative.

12. Leveraging Voice Search

Although voice-activated assistant gadgets were around for the past couple of years, the sale of smart speakers has taken a front seat now. Today more and more people of taking advantage of voice search technology as they are looking forward to convenience where Google search is possible hands-free.

The popularity of Amazon’s Alexa enabled devices indicates that voice searches are on the rise and will soon be an eminent part of a successful content marketing campaign.

13. Creating Compelling Content That Matters

For an established brand, it is easy to create brand recognition but it’s similarly tough for a new business. Gaining the confidence and trust of customers is essential to make a mark as a company and influence the ideas of the customers.

Producing valuable, trustworthy, detailed and compelling content can make a business stand out and memorable. Create content that is useful and has a deeper insight on a topic for your target audience and build brand awareness by providing uniqueness.

Writing compelling and relevant content helps marketers to focus on strategies to retain existing customers and grab the attention of new customers.

One of the best ways to contend with returning audiences is to use inclusive language and speak directly to them to allow a personalised conversation.

14. Smart Content Marketing Strategy To Leverage SERPs

With the ever-evolving Google guidelines, it is not easy to rank your website every time in the SERPs. In 2023 and the years coming ahead, smart marketers have to plan and leverage all the possible options for appearing in Google search rankings.

Recently, there are various options to rank in Google such as:

  • Featured snippet
  • People Also Ask
  • Video carousel
  • Image results
  • Top stories

Content marketers should look at each option individually and align their content marketing plans to target each area to appear frequently in search engine results.

15. All-Inclusive Content Marketing Across Various Formats and Platforms

Planning and execution are not the same. Depending on bulk content creation may not be possible in the long run. However, in 2023, focusing on presenting the same content in various formats and channels is the key.

You have to constantly monitor which format suites the best for a piece of content and how customers behave on certain occasions.

Creating short-form videos in a fun and entertaining way, posting on socials by creating a snippet from the same content piece and producing an educational podcast based on the same topic can bring you a lot of engagement.

So, in 2023, the ideation of creating various engaging content over various platforms can lower the load of content volume.

2023 Content Marketing Takeaway

Proper planning and execution of content marketing strategy in 2023 can help your business grow.

However, the process could be intimidating if you are just starting. If you want to have a great start of your business in 2023, Script Consultants is here to build content marketing strategies for your business. We are a renowned content marketing agency based in Singapore, where we work together to understand your business requirement and help your business gain recognition, loyalty, brand value and revenue.

Are you ready for 2023? Scale your business with expert content marketing services. Enquire with our seasoned content marketing professionals today to plan your digital marketing strategy.

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