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How To Write A Press Release

How To Write A Press Release In 16 Easy Steps

A press release is an important marketing tool for any company be it large or small. This article will walk you through all…
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Learn From Script Consultants How To Write a Good Press Release

Learn From Script How To Write a Good Press Release

Have you been wondering how to write a press release that will grab the attention of the journalists? Read on for expert tips…
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Best Tips On How To Write An Effective Press Release

Writing The Perfect Press Release

The press release is the star player of any PR campaign as it plays a key role in building your brand and business.…
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Persuasive Writing

Persuasive Writing: The Psychology behind Great Copywriting

Team Script explores how persuasive writing can help you create better prospects for conversions and, ultimately, better sales. The greatest thing about copywriting…
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Tip of the day: Key Takeaways from Celebrity Bloggers

Crowned as the queen of blogging, Xiaxue a.k.a Wendy Cheng is a blogger who has not only become a phenomenon in her home…
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A Successful Content Marketing Effort in Singapore

Everyone is doing some form of content marketing. But in order to cut through the digital chatter, it’s more than just putting up…
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3 Key Reasons for Intercultural Content Marketing

Culture acts as a framework of understanding. A framework that shapes the way we think and the way we interact with others. But…
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Coca-Cola: A History of Advertising

The Coca-Cola Company has always believed in advertising, and over the last 130 years, it has successfully branded Coke as the quintessential American…
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What is the Font of Your Brand?

Even though people notice the visual before the words, the visual rhetoric provided by an attractive typography can increase emotional arousal, and provide…
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What’s the Colour of Your Brand?

People see images and colours before they can even begin reading text. This means that the colours of images and text are very…
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