What is Content Marketing For Business and Why is it Important?

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Learn about Content Marketing for Business and its importance with Script Consultants

What is content marketing?

Unlike the traditional mode of marketing that involves direct sales, content marketing is a marketing technique that aims to help businesses create valuable information. The objective of content marketing is to use relevant and useful information to build trust and rapport with customers as it also fosters a willingness for them to purchase a company’s products in the future. In today’s highly connected environment where the consumer is bombarded with a litany of marketing messages daily, content marketing is crucial in differentiating you from others.

What is Content Marketing

Is it important for my business?

Importance of Content Marketing

More important than understanding what content marketing is all about, is understanding the importance and relevance of content marketing to your business. There are three benefits that content marketing brings to any enterprise: increased salescost savings, and brand loyalty.

According to a survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, 73% of businesses believe content marketing keeps their team focused on prioritising the right type of content. Moreover, 68% believes that it helps them allocate resources to maximise desired results. Because, companies with content marketing can accelerate the cycle of a buyer’s journey, from awareness to purchase. Generally, content marketing helps in the following four areas:

Content Marketing is Important to Raise Awareness

Content marketing is crucial to help raise awareness that there is a solution—in the form of your product or service—to customers’ problems. By creating content that caters to their pain points, companies can build brand awareness of issues that fall within their scope of expertise. And, ultimately bolster their image as industry leaders and improve their bottom line.

This can only be achieved by building your content based on the personas of your target audience. As, it enables you to define its characteristics, current user state, and how its needs and objectives may evolve throughout a buyer’s journey. QLtech has found out that 63% of marketers build their content strategies based on this approach as it is a great way to improve their revenue. 

This finding is further supported by the study conducted by Microsoft.  They have found that 48% of surveyed customers in the United States expect brands to create customer-centric marketing content. And, that would significantly enhance their journey in discovering new products or services that fit their consumption behaviours. Content marketing also helps enhance your digital visibility—garnering 434% more search engine-indexed pages to a business website.

Content Marketing is Important to Promote Your Product/Service

After successfully raising brand awareness, companies can utilise content marketing as a great avenue to introduce your product and service. Customers who are aware of the solution would perform research to educate themselves. And, content marketing informs them whether your product is the one that matches their needs. More specifically, content marketing builds trust in a way that is unparalleled to other marketing techniques. The Content Marketing Institute denotes that 61% of surveyed American consumers are influenced to make a purchase after reading recommendations on a blog post.

But there is a caveat that comes with this approach, however. The authenticity of the content matters more in order to retain steady engagement to your product-focused content. Marketing Week finds that 71% of brand executives dislike custom content that resembles a sales pitch. In other words, while your content needs to be equipped with the necessary information that promulgates your product or service. It needs to come from a genuine place of helping customers solve their problems. Highlighting your product’s benefits to address your customers’ specific issues is far more important to encapsulate better leads.

Content Marketing is Important to Help Your Customers Compare Price Points against Competitors

Content marketing should justify that customers are getting your high-quality products at a fair price. And, nudging them into deciding to buy your product. Assisting your customers in making an informed decision after their comparative research across similar products from competitors is just half the battle. The other half is to convince them that your offering can give them the benefits that they seek at a reasonable price point. 

This is where your content plays a major role. It helps in highlighting the economic advantages of what you offer. Use this opportunity to push further the unique selling point that only your company can deliver. According to Corporate Executive Board, 64% of consumers can establish greater affinity with a company that they perceive sharing common values with them. This is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss since content marketing. It can increase your conversion rates six times higher than any other methods. Successfully communicating this key point can lead to better sales.

Content Marketing is Important to Retain Customers in After-Sales

Due to its cost-effectiveness, content marketing is among the popular marketing tools, It helps different brands, from small to large businesses, have inducted into their long-term strategies. This means that you are vying with other businesses to rake in better conversion rates via similar content-based promotion. But there is one aspect that most marketers fail to include in their content marketing strategy, which is documentation. 

This step is crucial to help you create a well-documented marketing strategy. It can be measured and evaluated for more consistent and replicable results. According to the Content Marketing Institute, around 63% of companies have not yet established a documented content strategy. This one aspect of content marketing can serve as an excellent tool to retain better audience engagement and measurable marketing ROIs.

Your content geared to after-sales may discuss a wide array of topics. As long as it focuses on the audience activities that may come after they have acquired products or services from you. Nevertheless, they generally centralise on the following areas: better maintenance, nifty tips on troubleshooting, and product optimisation.


Although content marketing plays an integral role in business success, not many marketers are able to execute it to a greater effect thoroughly. According to research from Zazzle Media, 65% of marketers find it challenging to produce engaging content. Over 62% and 60% of them are incapable of measuring the ROI of their campaigns and produce consistent content, respectively.

This problem can be addressed in two ways. One way is to restructure the current content marketing approach with a more robust focus. And the other way is to create a better budget allocation for the new strategy. At least higher than the current average of 26% from the overall marketing budget in the industry.

The other way is to outsource your content marketing needs to external writers. Because they have understood the evolving needs of customers across sectors over the years. Outsourcing content marketing is also useful to introduce fresh ideas to your new content strategy. It can improve your ability to recognise the current market from different perspectives.

Script Consultants is among many agencies that you can reach out for better content strategy. We take pride in delivering exceptionally high-quality copy that strikes a balance between meeting your target audience’s needs and your company’s marketing objectives. We have undertaken a wide range of copywriting and content marketing services across all media platforms. Book a free consultation with us today by dropping us an email at enquiry@script.com.sg!



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