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How To Be Unique In The Food Industry

We continue to harbour a keen interest in Singapore’s exciting food scene. It seems that every other day a new eatery, restaurant, café, bakery or bar opens. The list of restaurants to check out is constantly growing. Our foodie friends have checked out the oh-so-hip-it-hurts establishments at Everton Park and Dakota Crescent, and have even rushed down after […]

Inbound VS Outbound Marketing

As the Internet continues to evolve, consumers are less likely to rely on television and billboard advertisements (a.k.a. outbound advertising) for information on products and services they want. An average person receives more than 2000 outbound marketing interruptions every day, but out of all these, how much does one remember? There are also more innovative […]

What is Call To Action?

If you have ever handled social media or marketing of any kind, you might have come across this term “Call To Action” or CTA. Even if you aren’t in the marketing line, CTA is something that is applicable to all aspects of life and even relationships. So what exactly is CTA? According to the Business […]

What you should include in a newsletter

In our previous article we talked about how a newsletter is an important communication tool for your business. Now let’s tap into the minds of the content gurus at Script Consultants to glean some content guidelines for ideas on how to make your newsletter informative, interesting and compelling so that your target audience—whether it is […]

So What Exactly Is A Newsletter?

Newsletter: Regularly distributed publication about one topic that is of interest to its subscribers. Depending on its target audience, a newsletter can serve numerous purposes such as releasing information, motivating performance, promote unity and improve morale. So why does your business or company need a newsletter? A newsletter can serve as a sales pitch. It […]

Psychology of Consumer Spending

Before we go into the psychology of consumer spending, let’s take a look at the story of a salesperson’s experience working at an all in one department store. One summer, a young man named Tom from North Dakota moves to Florida and goes to a big “everything under one roof” department store looking for a […]

Are Blogs the New Media?

The blogosphere has opened up the public discourse to a much wider and diverse audience. Bloggers now have enviable followers. Are they replacing the traditional media? Our team at Script Consultants debates this often since we have over two decades of collective journalism experience. There is no reason to mourn the death of traditional journalism […]