3 Methods To Keep Your Brand Relevant

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Beyond having a strong company history and brand message, brands have to remain dynamic and adapt to an ever-changing marketplace. There is a need for brands to reinvent themselves in order to match consumer needs over time. This is a delicate balance between being flexible in your content marketing strategy while remaining recognizable to consumers in order to preserve brand equity.

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We’ll Show You 3 Ways To Keep Your Brand Relevant As It Ages.

1. Be A Cultural Anthropologist

Just as how a cultural anthropologist have in depth knowledge on human cultures, similarly brands have to understand how changing cultural contexts creates new trends in consumer behaviour in order to maintain success.

With over 130 years of experience, here’s how Quaker Oats endured decades of changes in food trends.

Quaker Oats bar

Photo credit: Quaker Oats

Beyond the classic hot oats, Quaker Oats have come up with a wide array of oat bars that caters to the needs of urban city dwellers who are constantly on the go.  From the Chewy® 25% Less Sugar bar for the health conscious to the ultimate marriage of Granola with iconic Girl Scouts® Thin Mints, there’s a Quaker product for every consumer.

Moreover, Quaker Oats have “freshened up” their brand image, making it more attractive to consumers by revamping their logo.

Photo credit: Time

With a more defined jaw line, the beaming Quaker Oats brand ambassador “Larry” loses a couple of pounds and looks about 10 years younger and healthier. This makeover was a reflection of modern consumers’ urge to maintain a healthier lifestyle and a brand effort for consumers to associate the contemporary logo with “energy and healthy choices”.

Quaker Oats have effectively taken the timeless classic oats and transformed it into a successful household brand that will remain relevant for years to come.

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2. Be Inquisitive

Be Inquisitive

Photo credit: aptmags

The last thing you want to do is to just ride on your brand’s history and assume that you know what current consumers are looking for. Asking for consumer feedback is a great way of showing that your company still cares about the needs of their target audience as the brand consistently strives to remain relevant in a dynamic marketplace.

Photo credit: The Telegraph

Founded in 1886, Coca-Cola had since launched a new slim line 105 calorie can that reflects current concerns of rising obesity rates. This emphasis on smaller portion aligns with Coca-Cola’s Sustainability Project where Coca-Cola has consistently made efforts to address consumers’ health concerns. It’s important to utilize all channels to gather consumer insights which could ultimately translate into brand relevance.

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3. Be Buzz-Worthy

Photo credit: allthingsprivatepractice

From events, social media contests or engaging brand narratives, these are the various ways for you to generate buzz and maintain brand awareness.

Let’s take a look at the golden pairing of weaving in a brand narrative with easily likable cat videos.

With over 25.5 million views, Purina Friskies’ video campaign with BuzzFeed has gone viral since its release in 2014. Featuring the idiosyncrasies of felines that all cat lovers know and love, Purina Friskies has effectively generated buzz through storytelling.

Ultimately, age old brands are not doomed to stagnation if you strategically adopt these methods.

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