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The Power of Employee Generated Content (EGC)

Just as how user-generated content encourages an organic reach of your brand message, similarly, Employee Generated Content (EGC) brings out an authentic brand image by presenting an insiders’ perspective. This provides credibility that consumers are looking for as EGC reflects flexibility and a boldly transparent company that encourages their employees to tell their professional stories […]

Brand Storytelling For Beginners

Your brand is more than your product – It’s also about the experience. Brands and businesses exist for all sorts of things imaginable. But in a world with limitless options to choose from, what makes a brand stand out? How can consumers differentiate or remember one from many others? By Creating Amazing Stories and Doing […]

How To Write Emails That Sound Less Awkward

We know the pain of composing emails which will bring sales to your company and this can be done only when the emails you are writing sounds less awkward to your audience. Some people seem to have that effortless knack for writing smooth, professional yet not overly-stuffy emails that still get the job done. However, for many […]

Questions To Ask A Copywriter Before Hiring

Copywriting means creating content that is capable of driving some action from the target audience. Writing lengthy content may be an easy task but the writing just two lines that are persuasive, engaging and easy to understand can be a daunting task. Every business needs a copywriter that can convey the message to the consumers […]