Three tips to master influencer marketing

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Influencer marketing can increase your campaign reach, especially with the millennials. 

It’s no secret that influencer marketing can help you garner new and loyal community. Having amazing content is vital, but even the best intentions won’t work out if no one is listening. New brands often face a common problem – the need to build the right audience in order to effectively execute marketing strategies and solidify their reputation. 

Here is where influencer marketing comes into play. As seemingly larger-than-life personas, they put forth a mix of approachability and popularity that appeals to the masses.

Influencer marketing plays a unique role with the ability to promote products and/or services to select target segments in a real-life context. 

There has been a rising demand for influencers, as brands are lured by their seemingly powerful hold on followers. Studies show that people are more likely to trust and make purchase decisions based on the recommendations provided by these individuals.

However, this shift is also met with rising doubts about its effectiveness. Are companies getting any concrete returns through appointing these ‘ambassadors’? And if so, does that justify cost in terms of what these talents are able to do for the brand?

Though it may seem like the right thing to do in keeping up with the times, companies must map out a solid strategy before executing. Here are three tips that brands should take note of when embarking on an influencer marketing campaign. 

1 . Set research based influencer marketing goals 

Research your influencers thoroughly before embarking on an influencer marketing campaign.

Before delving into any marketing effort, the brand itself has to determine who they would like to target. Even so, this doesn’t stop at market segmentation; companies must do their homework on what exactly makes their key consumers tick. For example, it is one thing to target the younger millennial population, but what are the interests or activities that appeal to them?

Understanding the various components that make up the psyche of the general target population helps brands formulate a strategy that will be able to incorporate their product or content in relevant manner. Similarly, it paves the way towards selecting the right influencer with the correct niche audience for the campaign objectives. 

2 .  Choose relevant influencer marketers 

Choose relevant influencers rather than going with the popular ones.

Of course, it is only natural to gravitate towards influencers with legions of fans at their fingertips. Having access to a sizeable audience is important for increasing exposure, but a relevant advocate for your cause is more crucial than follower count.

Ultimately, the purpose of influencer marketing is to promote content in a non-invasive, experience-driven way. Selecting the right influencer with attributes that align to the brand makes creating a content story an easier process. When the talents themselves are familiar and believe in the brand story, they will be able to create organic material that is honest and genuine, establishing trust in their audience for the brand.

Always remember that the people who regularly keep tabs on these influencers aren’t mindless believers. Whilst there is an undeniable allure towards engaging a much more popular but probably irrelevant figure, a disjointed content campaign will only raise suspicion, which may hurt the reputations of both the individual and the company.

3 . Plan your influencer marketing campaign in phases

Plan your influencer marketing campaign in phases

Screengrab from I Love Peel Fresh SG’s Facebook page

Many of these influencers build their success by creating unique content that inspires and informs. One advantage of collaborating with these personalities is tapping on their ability to shape branding objectives as part of their lifestyle, helping companies promote content or products in a way that doesn’t come off as overly ‘sponsored’.

In spite of their boundless creativity, it is unwise to give free rein for content creation. Case in point: Marigold Peel Fresh’s marketing campaign receiving flak for employing influencers in a misleading manner. Each influencer’s interpretation of what they think might engage their audience might differ from the original intention of the product. Brands should act as final gatekeepers before approving any content produced in collaboration, so as to ensure a realistic, accurate message.

Influencers can definitely help boost an emerging brand’s level of exposure, but as with all strategies, this only addresses a facet in the entire process. Incorporating influencer marketing with other tools such as social media management and advertising would result in a better, well rounded strategy that will hit all the right spots.  

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