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4 Interactive Content Marketing Ideas

Today’s content marketing landscape has begun to hit a saturation point. There is increasing noise and clutter. With so much content, it has become increasingly difficult to stand out on words alone from the mass of ‘white noise’.  Long gone are the days where written content can sufficiently captivate a target audience. Traditionally, content marketing […]

5 Types of Copywriters You’ll Meet (Part 2)

More copywriters and their crazy quirks. Last week, we introduced 5 types of copywriters and their unique, crazy working habits. In this second post, we looked deep into ourselves (and asked around more fellow copywriters) for 5 more unusual copywriter personality types! Have you encountered any of these writers below? The Secretary Description: These people are […]

5 Types of Copywriters You’ll Meet (Part I)

Copywriters and their quirks We copywriters are an eccentric bunch. While it can be universally agreed that we all live and breathe writing, how we go about getting the job done is a different story.  It may be the result of our own personalities, projecting certain quirks and habits onto our work; Or perhaps, it might […]

Finding The Right Place To Write

Where should you go (or avoid) when the writing itch hits? If you are a writer, chances are that you might find it difficult to put pen to paper every now and then. At times, it’s because you’re uninspired; Other times, it’s the lack of motivation that’s holding you back. Whatever the reason, writer’s block […]

Tip of The Week: What Is Musical.ly?

Proving how you don’t need a good voice to get known ‘musical.ly’. Have you ever burst into full-on, lip-syncing mode and wished you caught that dramatic moment on camera? Or maybe dreamed of showing off your acting and singing skills without your parents cramping your style? With 60 million users and counting, Musical.ly has done just that; […]