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3 tips to succeed in Content Marketing

Content Marketing has been successfully implemented by big brands. Learn their secret to success. An excellent content marketing strategy requires a combination of elements. It is the same as curating a mouth-watering dish with fresh ingredients. Team Script Consultants, shares 3 key ingredients to content marketing success. 1. Quality content is key   Photo credit: […]

Why are videos important in your content marketing strategy?

Videos are an essential feature of an effective content marketing strategy. Find out how to optimise the use of videos to gain more customers.   Video marketing is increasingly becoming essential for business owners to gain market share. Studies suggest that over 63 per cent of B2B marketers splashed out on video marketing efforts. It comes […]

How to write a good testimonial to boost sales?

We share some tips on writing a good testimonial to improve your website performance and sales. A good testimonial can help promote your company or product without sounding contrived or pushy. A testimonial, after all, is an instance where a neutral party—usually a client—endorses your product or service. Compare this to a straightforward sales pitch […]

How can you increase your profits with Content Marketing?

We tell you how you can increase your profits and brand awareness with content marketing. It is time to use Content Marketing to increase your profits. As part of your marketing strategy, you may have tried all the pillars of increasing your outreach. Like popup ads, television commercials and other advertising messages. However, you have […]

4 Interactive Content Marketing Ideas

We share some tips on including interactive content marketing ideas in your marketing plan. Today’s content marketing landscape has begun to hit a saturation point. You can easily get distracted by the noise and clutter. With so much content, it has become increasingly difficult to stand out on words alone from the mass of ‘white […]