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Top 4 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Some common Content Marketing mistakes might be setting back your marketing efforts. Content marketing mistakes can sadly cost your brand dearly. Content marketing may seem like a deceptively easy and profitable marketing strategy. It’s also easy to make mistakes that’ll cost you time and money. Here at Script Consultants, we’ll show you the top content […]

Understanding Content Marketing Metrics II

Last week, we covered five points on how to understand content marketing metrics. Here’s part two! Content Marketing metrics help you make the best out of your campaign strategy. With these terms handy, you will be able to optimize your content plans. Are you ready to capture the largest audience possible? 1. Content Marketing Metrics 6: […]

Understanding Content Marketing Metrics (Part 1)

Find out how to set up your Content Marketing metrics and achieve them.  Publishing content without having any achievable Content Marketing Metrics is like trying to ride a bicycle without wheels.  You will never know why your posts are a hit or a miss, nor will you be able to hammer out a more successful strategy. […]

What is the perfect time to post on Social Media?

What if we told you that timing social media post is more important than the content? Surprised to know that perfect timing social media post is more important than its content? Don’t be! Social media may be a deceptively simple way of extending the reach of your content marketing strategy. But, even with  excellent content, […]

3 Content marketing secrets to increase your web traffic

If you have failed to maximise your content marketing to increase the web traffic to your site, we share a few clever hacks to succeed.  Content marketing to increase web traffic is a proven digital marketing technique. Content creation is definitely one of the most critical aspects of online marketing. It is also an increasingly important […]

Three tips to master influencer marketing

Influencer marketing can increase your campaign reach, especially with the millennials.  It’s no secret that influencer marketing can help you garner new and loyal community. Having amazing content is vital, but even the best intentions won’t work out if no one is listening. New brands often face a common problem – the need to build the […]

3 tips to succeed in Content Marketing

Content Marketing has been successfully implemented by big brands. Learn their secret to success. An excellent content marketing strategy requires a combination of elements. It is the same as curating a mouth-watering dish with fresh ingredients. Team Script Consultants, shares 3 key ingredients to content marketing success. 1. Quality content is key   Photo credit: […]