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Psychology Effects To Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts

4 Psychology Effects To Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts

Have you ever found yourself wondering how to get people's attention? How to get them interested in your content? What about getting them…
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Persuasive Writing

Persuasive Writing: The Psychology behind Great Copywriting

Team Script explores how persuasive writing can help you create better prospects for conversions and, ultimately, better sales. The greatest thing about copywriting…
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Social-selling 101: mastering the art of marketing through LinkedIn Messenger

Did you know that social-selling through LinkedIn could help you see a 45% increase in your sales opportunities? Read on to find out…
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Social marketing 101: the art of selling on social media

Long-gone are the days of a salesperson merely picking up the phone to call a sales prospect. Sure it still exists, but it…
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Tip of the Week: Psychology of Facebook Sharing

Sharing is caring - For ourselves and for others Previously, we covered some psychological explanations as to why people 'like' content on Facebook.…
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