What is Call To Action?

If you have ever handled social media or marketing of any kind, you might have come across this term “Call To Action” or CTA. Even if you aren’t in the marketing line, CTA is something that is applicable to all aspects of life and even relationships.

So what exactly is CTA?

According to the Business Dictionary, Call To Action or CTA are words that urge the reader, listener, or viewer of a sales promotion message to take an immediate action.

Here’s a scenario, you see a cute girl at the bar and went over to say Hi. Both of you hit it off really well and talked throughout the night. So what’s the next course of action? Naturally you’ll ask for her contact of some sort. Asking for her contact, or going to your Facebook on your phone to let her add herself is what we call Call To Action or CTA.

But what does CTA look like on a website? Script Consultants have got you covered by finding several companies and their CTA that has worked well for them.


Evernote is a company that deals with storage of notes, name cards and whatever that you need to take note of and remember. Evernote’s CTA is simple as it just provides a single button leading you straight to the sign up page.


Everyone knows Facebook. The social media has taken the world by storm and virtually everyone on the planet has an account. Facebook’s CTA is interesting as there is no FAQ page or any other pages. Their homepage is a sign up or login page, which means you need to create an account to access any further features.



Airbnb’s CTA is subtle as they placed their Sign Up and Login button as small and in the corner of the page. Instead they emphasized on the Title and Destination details. Although their sign ups aren’t as fast as Facebook or Evernote, Airbnb places more emphasis on its service rather than the outcome and that resonates with the customer enabling more people to sign up with Airbnb.

That concludes this article on what CTA is about and some examples of CTAs by famous companies around the world. The key to remember about CTAs is that it does not have to be obvious. As long as it prompts customers to take action to find out more or leave their details with you, then you have a strong CTA.

Have a company’s CTA that you want us to analyze? Comment below and we might just include that company in our next article.

Written by: (www.script.com.sg) Edited & Illustrated by: Script Consultants Pte Ltd



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