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How Can You Increase Your Profits With Content Marketing

How Can You Increase Your Profits With Content Marketing?

Increasing the profit of your business is one of the main thing which every business owner works for. Here in this article we…
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digital marketing Trends 2020 you should leverage after covid-19

Business is not as usual; your marketing strategy shouldn’t be too!

With extensive COVID-19 lockdowns, business continuity in marketing is even more critical. Team Script shares what it means for your business. The Coronavirus pandemic…
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COVID-19 Marketing Trends That You Should Take Notice Of

Media consumption behaviour during the lockdown has driven some interesting COVID-19 marketing trends. Find out what it means for your business and what…
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convert website traffic to customers

How to Kick Start On-Site Conversion With Website Traffic?

Script shares top hacks on how to kick start on-site conversion with website traffic. Converting website traffic into customers demands a proper strategy…
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6 Rules About Google Ads For Beginners (Part 1)

Learning to appreciate text ads on Google ever since. Take it from someone who has created a Google Ad - It's not as…
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Content Marketing Trends: A 2017 Forecast

 Start planning  - These trends are set to define the coming year. New year, new goals; As the year comes to a close,…
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Tip of the Week: Twitter Hashtags 101

How to use hashtags right & maximise your tweet's potential. A symbol once found in our phones (but which many have no idea…
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Business Jargon: 15 Terms That Really Annoy People

Because nobody actually knows what those outdated buzzwords mean. "Our company is taking actionable steps, leveraging on our core competencies to disrupt the…
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Anatomy of An E-Newsletter (Infographic)

Put together a smashing E-newsletter with our infographic guide. Emails are dying? Not for a long stretch. Those who predicted its demise are…
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Tip of the Week: Business Writing 101

Write effectively and clearly with these guidelines.  From memos, emails to even presentations, writing is an essential aspect of every business. As formal…
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