Unilever Food Solutions - Brand Building & Lead Generation

Unilever Food Solutions – Brand Building & Lead Generation

Project Aim:

Unilever Food Solutions gave us this project and the aim of this project was to create a positive brand image of unilever food solutions and do brand building for them.

Along with this we had to generate quality leads for them using content marketing and Google ads.

Project Deliverables

The process of building a positive brand image is not a 1 day or 1 week task. It requires constant updates on website in the form of blog contents and building a social media presence.

This is why we created a content calender and made sure to create and update fresh SEO optimized content in the blog section of unilever food solutions’ website. This helped us in reaching to more potential audience organically.

We also created google ad copies to generate leads for unilever foos solutions.

Project Achievements:

We successfully crafted a series of SEO optimized articles on topics like, Food Business, Chef Inspirations, trending recipes and much more to attract the audience from both organic and social means.

Here is a glimpse of what we crafted for Unilever Food Solutions.

Articles We Created For Unilever Food Solutions

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